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Want a few examples , how the immoral white invader made the Hindu self loathing ?

Today if you go to Indian literary fests you can hear BIG BROTHERs stooges running down Bharatmata and praising their white masters who pay them a monthly salary .

They will piss on Hindus idols and cry “ See Hindus idols are useless they cant hit back” . 

One such man developed kidney problems within a week.  The waitress had to make him VC of an university so that his dialysis bills come free.

Such people will never piss on the statue of a man on a cross or some holy books of single messiah religions .

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 When you enter the Indian Parliament Building in New Delhi , you come face to face with a 7000 year old Sanskrit verse:

Ayam Nijah Paroveti Ganana Laghu Chetasaam
Udaara Charitaanaam tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

“Small and narrow-minded people look at the reality in terms of ‘this is yours and this is mine’; for those of higher consciousness the whole world is a family”.

In India before the Muslim and Christian invaders came, almost the entire country was vegetarian, but for the people on the coastline who ate fish.

Today 42% of Indians are vegetarians-- the rest being Muslims , Christians, Sikhs etc.   This is a large number of people as India has 1200 million people.   This vegetarianism and Ahimsa ( non-violence ) is the reason why Hindu India never attacked any country in its history.

Vegetarian benefits?--
They are happier people
The live longer
They sleep better.
They have clearer conscience.
Lesser crime.
Their health while alive is better-- lesser diseases
They can think clearer (lesser toxins/ fibre in food )
They look better ( lesser obesity )
Lesser BO and MO
Women in menopause suffer less

Some ignoramuses say, they vegetarians are NOT as strong as the meat eaters-- OK--which one of you wants to fight with an elephant , and prove yourself?

Hinduism is a spiritual code based on dharma.

Dharma broadly means righteousness.  Hindusim has core values like integrity, ethics, compassion , fairness, transparency, respect , tolerance for culture, sense of responsibility, spirit of inclusion etc .

We temper all technical judgments by the need to support and maintain human values. Human acts without conscience which creates conflict is called Adharma.  Dharma governed by human conscience is 'the path of righteousness', the way of 'correct', 'appropriate', 'decent', or 'proper' behaviour. 

Dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one's life. Consumption of food, sleep, fear, and enjoyment of sex are common to man and animal.  But, 'Dharma' is a special attribute of the conscious man . Bereft of 'Dharma', man is equal to anima1.

Few Yamas and Niyamas  - Moral and Ethical Ideals of Hindus
 Ahimsã (non-injury)            Don't harm others by word, deed or thought.
 Mitãhãra      Refrain from overeating and consuming meat.
 Shaucha (purity)    Observe purity of the body, mind and intellect.
 Hrî (remorse)         Be modest and show remorse for misconduct.
 Santosha (contentment)    Don't be a slave to the senses. Seek joy and serenity in the Self.

When the white Christian man first stepped into India in 1498,  India was the world’s richest country.  

India held 40% of the world's GDP.  India and China together held 58% of the world's GDP in 1498.  These are conservative estimates by the white man himself , like how Alexander defeated Porus.

When the British finally left in 1947, India was converted to one of the poorest countries on the planet.

In such a short time they built roads, railway, harbors , airports and bridges to rob India blind. 

After that these immoral beggars dressed up as kings and had the temerity to ridicule us as beggars.

"Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu nirã-maya-ah;
sarve bhadrani pashyantu mã-kaschit dukha-bhak bhavet.
Om, shãntih, shãntih, shãntih."

"Oh Lord, may all [entire mankind] be happy; may all be healthy; may all experience prosperity; may none (in the world) suffer. May peace, peace, peace be unto us and all the beings of the world." Brihadãranyaka Upanishad 5000 BC

Referring to the above prayer, Arthur Schopenhauer says, "I know of no more beautiful prayer than that of the Hindus...'May all that have life be delivered from suffering!'

Manu wrote, "Non-violence, truth, non-coveting, purity of body and mind, control of senses are the essence of dharma". Therefore dharmic laws govern not only the individual but all in society.

Manu further writes, "Nonviolence, truth, non-coveting, purity of body and mind, control of senses are the essence of Dharma".  Dharma thus is a code of conduct that is intended to secure both worldly joys and supreme happiness.

Manu calls upon man to use his conscience If man listens to his conscience he will not commit the sin.

Manusmriti says that ahimsa is the foremost among the dharmas that are common to all. It is included in the yoga of mind control. Ahimsa means much more than non-injury or nn-violence ; it implies not doing harm to others even by thought or word.

From ahimsa Hinduism imparted to the world the practice of vegetarianism: 

7000 year old Yajurveda dictates -"Do not injure the beings living on the earth, in the air and in the water."

Sanatana Dharma respects the planet along with its flora and fauna. It is the only religion which advocates vegetarianism.

Manu wrote that polluting the environment was a punishable offence. In Manu’s laws a person could be ex-communicated from society for mindless felling of tress or killing of animals, the way the English speaking white man shot the buffalo and exterminated the Indian American , or how the Australian Aborigine race was exterminated..

The whole idea of Vaastu was to construct something without disturbing the flow of nature and interrupting natural flow of energy. It is about peaceful co-existence and comfort. Vaastu is about  living  in harmony with nature ( includes flora and fauna ) ,  grateful for her natural bounties.

 It tells us not dominate and harass other living beings, have inherent grace and know your “duties”.. That human beings are just but a link in this symbiotic chain of life and consciousness

Ahimsa, “non-injury” or the absence of the desire to harm, is regarded by Indian thinkers as one of the keystones of our ethics.  Jews who have been kicked on their heads all over the world, all over time,  have never been persecuted in India / Kerala over the millenniums. 

Hebrew religion and Hinduism co-existed, only because Hindus are tolerant . They absorbed the  inherent greed and clannishness of a quintessential Jew , without retaliation or retribution. While the rest of the world targeted the Jews throughout the ages.  If you read the Jewish Talmud, you will know why.

In Sanatana Dharma Rita is the principle of cosmic truth and order.

In the 7000 year old Rig Veda there is a remarkable insight on the notion of Rita, the inflexible law of universal order and harmony whereby all disorders and chaos is restored to equilibrium.

Rita is, in essence, the ordering principle of nature which gives to everything from the vast galaxies, down to the nucleus of an atom, their nature and course. A man who follows the ordinances of nature ( universal laws ) can be described as one who acts according to the "Dharma of Ṛita".

India is widely recognized at the last place on earth where spirituality still exists. Even the western thinkers agree that  a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human race.

At this supremely dangerous moment in human history the only way of salvation for the mankind is an Indian way – Arnold Toynbee

In times of confusion and crisis regarding what is right and what is wrong, one's own conscience is the sole guide.
"In times of doubt, O, son of Kunti [Arjuna], one must decide using one's own good sense”-  Bhagawat Gita

Patanjali Yoga sutra (1.33) -- Mind becomes purified by cultivating feelings of maitri ( friendliness, lovingness) which is a feeling towards others when others are happy,  Karuna ( compassion or mercy) feelings towards others when others are suffering,  mudita (gladness or good will) towards where there are good things happening and upeksha (indifference, neutrality or acceptance) where there is bad things are happening or bad behavior from other people.

Dharma fosters a climate of social and spiritual responsibility. Dharma is not a set of rules that restrict your way of life or cramp your style. Dharma puts things in their proper place, allows your perspective and creates and maintains balance. 

A Hindu considers life a divine pilgrimage from "unreal to real, darkness to light, and death to immortality."  Being on this road of pilgrimage, a Hindu has no intention to hurt anyone. He is thoroughly convinced that whatever he does in this life will come back to him in the next life.

Thus he must do good and be good now, as he will have to come back again and again in this world until all karma scores are settled. This is why a beggar with just a loin cloth as his property does NOT attack anybody on the streets , like in countries where Christianity rules.

In Muslim countries they are plain scared of losing their neck or limb.  It is NOT morality which deters them-- just raw fear of severe painful retribution.  This is like you wife makes bed tea for you , because she is afraid of getting slapped -- NOT out of love.
Let the sastras be your authority in deciding what you should do and what you should desist from doing. Having understood what is ordained by the Sastras, you should act accordingly. Bhagawat Gita 16-24

As per Christianity, every man is a sinner till he is saved by Jesus. Christian salvation is the so called solution to the problem of Eternal Damnation caused by Original Sin.

But that problem does not exist within the Hindu dharma traditions.  Why should you be saved when you have NOT been condemned in the first place. You have a clear conscience and you have NOT stitched up anybody.

Imagine someone asking you if you have been pardoned from your prison sentence, and you wonder what effin’ prison sentence.  You have no sin hooks on your body dragging you to eternal hell which has to be unhooked by the Lord (PBUH ).

Christianity's fundamental tenet is that that every human is born a sinner and remains so until he surrenders himself to Jesus Christ.

Hinduism is the religion of bliss. It considers the Right of Happiness to be the highest fundamental right of all humans. 

As an essential prerequisite for the Right to Happiness, the Rig Veda unequivocally declares that all human beings are equal.

The Vedas and Upanishads were the primordial source of Dharma, a compendious term for all Human Rights and Duties, the observance of which was regarded as essential for securing peace and happiness to individuals and society.

Christian priesthood claims superiority and entices the poor and vulnerable of other faiths to conversion with immoral sops.  This type of sops is what a pedophile uses on 4 year old girls—first give a lollipop to suck on, and then later something else.. 

It is NOT allowed to exploit human vulnerability as per Hindu dharma.

Dharma has attributes like  rationality, sense of duty, justice, peace, truthfulness, hospitality, kindness , respect, compassion, non-violence, rectitude, humanity, spirituality, fairness , patience, self restraint , tolerance, ethics, service to others, right to life , natural justice, virtue, morality, bonafide work and philanthropy.  Dharma thus truly symbolises universal values of humanism and forms the basis of global ethics.

Tadrisho ayam anuprashno yatra dharmaha sudurlabaha
Dushkamha pralisankhyatum tatkenatra vysvasyathi
Prabhavarthaya bhutanam dharmapravachanam kritam
Yasyat prabhavasamyuktaha sa dharma iti nischayaha

It is most difficult to define Dharma. Dharma has been explained to be that which helps the upliftment of living beings. Therefore, that which ensures the welfare of living beings is surely Dharma.  The learned rishis have declared that that which sustains is Dharma.-- Bhishma to Yuddhistra -Mahabharata

Dharma is universal, it applies to all whether they belong to any religion or not.  It is a code of conduct for all human beings for all time to come.  It is eternal and unalterable just as you cannot alter the property of fire of burning and of water of flowing.

The goal of dharma is to raise the quality of life , ensure spiritual awaking and fulfill humanity’s destiny. To be a Hindu, you don’t need any certificate from any temple, church or mosque or praying house . 

You need not recite any verse.  You need not believe in any particular God or book.  You simply have to have a conscience and be honest to yourself. 

Can anybody be a Muslim if he outrightly rejects Quran? Can anybody be a  Christian if he outrightly rejects the holy Bible ? 

Can any Muslim in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia say in public to other muslims that he wants to convert to Christianity, and still hope to be alive the next day? 

As long as a Muslim in in minority he wants a SECULAR government.  But soon he will procreate like mice ( if conversions by force are NOT happening ) and then as soon as he is in majority he wants SHARIA Islamic government with religious police to enforce .

But yes, one can be a Hindu even if he outrightly rejects the Vedas.

Scientists have found out today that Vedic mantras  have therapeutic and psychological benefits even when recited without understanding them. For Sanskrit emanated from the DNA of seers.

Hinduism’s goal is to provide a nurturing platform for all.  Hinduism allows different options to all of us at all times to choose what is naturally best for us and progress from there. 

Hinduism existed when division of humans on basis of religion was non-existent. Hinduism is a ‘celebration’ of ‘being human’. Hinduism, is a synonym for ‘being human’.

Vedic provisions forcefully declare equality among all human beings. They impresses that just as no spoke of a wheel is superior to another, no individual can claim to be, or regarded as, superior to others. This was the grand concept of equality in India.

Dharanat dharma mityahu dharmo dhara-yate prajaha
Yat syad dharanasamyuktam sa dharma iti nischayaha

Dharma sustains the society.  Dharma maintains the social order.  Dharma ensures well being and progress of humanity.  Dharma is surely that which fulfills these objectives-  Lord Krishna to Arjuna Karna Parva, Mahabharata

धारणात् धर्मं इत्याहुर्धर्मो धारयती प्रजा: - महाभारत १२.१०९.११

Righteousness is that which nurtures the subjects and in turn the society. - Mahabharat 12.109.11

The 7000 year old Chandogya Upanishad (3.17.4) includes ahimsa in its list of virtues.

This vulgar presumption considers that man is a sinner and suffers from defects , and all the authority to emancipate him has been given to the Prophet is ridiculous.   So that man is bound to accept the greatness of the Prophet and serve him without question?

At least once each year every Hindu must make a pilgrimage to a holy place, near or far. This is a time when all worldly matters are set aside and God becomes the  central and singular focus of life.

Dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one's life. Hindus  onsider dharma the very foundation of life.

Prithivim dharmana dhritam
The world is upheld by dharma- Atharva Veda 5000 BC

Dharma is like a cosmic norm and if one goes against the norm it can result in bad karma. So, dharma affects the future according to the karma accumulated. Ethics is the supporting structure of Hinduism.  Within its framework of good conduct lie the joys of spiritual living and the depths of God consciousness.

All Mankind is One Family- Rig Veda 5000 BC, 1.164.46

Hindu dharma has no founder, the word Sanatana implies that it always existed.  Dharma is anything that upholds or sustains a positive order. Hindus consider that loyalty to one's moral values is the highest loyalty, and of all the losses, loss of one's character and conscience are the worst. 

Morality proceeds from the inner spirit of man. In Hindu dharma , one's motive is as important in the performance of an action as the action itself. Harmlessness to all life on earth is of the highest morality . 

Hindus place greater emphasis on the attitude of the mind rather than on postulation of the elaborate theories of what is right and what is wrong as in other religions (like the ten commandments ).  The purity of the heart is important.  Sanatana Dharma is not restricted to Indian boundaries but it is universal.

Hinduism is not just mere faith. It is the union of reason and intuition that cannot be defined but is only to be experienced.  When we live in accordance with the divine law of dharma, we are in harmony with truth and move toward spiritual advancement.

Since Christianity and Islam were born they have filled the earth with violence, drenched the soil with blood again and again . They have destroyed  civilizations, and sent whole nations to despair.

The world is now coming back to the mother of all religions Hinduism—the west call as PAGAN.   

Hindusim is 110 centuries old, while Christianity is 20 centuries old and Islam is 14 centuries old. This is the only religion without fundamentals or lack of compulsions.

Sanatana as “eternal moral order” encourages Hindus to seek truth wherever it might be found, each individual must realize this truth through his or her own systematic effort.

You don’t have to live in India to be a Hindu. You could be a Catholic living in England, as long as you have a conscience, live in harmony with nature ,  grateful for her natural bounties, do not dominate and harass other living beings, have inherent grace and know your “duties”.. You must understand that human beings are just but a link in this symbiotic chain of life and consciousness.

Four qualities that keep a person the path of dharma are purity, compassion, austerity and truth- Bhagawad Purana.

'आनृशंस्यं परो धर्म:

Compassion itself is ultimate Righteousness (Mahabharat 3.373.76)

Anumantaa vishasitaa nihantaa krayavikrayee,   Samskartaa chopahartaa cha khadakashcheti ghaatakaah-  Manusmrithi 5.51

Those who permit slaying of animals; those who bring animals for slaughter; those who slaughter; those who sell meat; those who purchase meat; those who prepare dish out of it; those who serve that  meat and those who eat are all murderers.

Breehimattam yavamattamatho maashamatho tilam,  Esha vaam bhaago nihito ratnadheyaaya dantau maa hinsishtam pitaram maataram cha-  Atharvaveda 6.140.2

O teeth! You eat rice, you eat barley, you gram and you eat sesame.  These cereals are specifically meant for you.  Do not kill those who are capable of being fathers and mothers.

Ya aamam maansamadanti paurusheyam cha ye kravih,   Garbhaan khaadanti keshavaastaanito naashayaamasi-   Atharvaveda 8.6.23

We ought to destroy those who eat cooked as well as uncooked meat, meat involving destruction of males and females, foetus and eggs.

Anago hatya vai bheema kritye,  Maa no gaamashvam purusham vadheeh  - Atharvaveda 10.1.29

It is definitely a great sin to kill innocents. Do not kill our cows, horses and people.

Aghnyaa yajamaanasya pashoonpahi-   Yajurveda 1.1

“O human! animals are Aghnya – not to be killed. Protect the animals”

Pashunstraayethaam-    Yajurveda 6.11

Protect the animals.

Dwipaadava Chatushpaatpaahi-   Yajurveda 14.8

Protect the bipeds and quadrupeds!

Meat eaters have always been looked down in Vedic literature.  They have been known as Rakshasas, Pisacha and so on….All these words are synonyms of demons or devils that have been out-cast from the civilized human society.    

Yajna never meant animal sacrifice in the sense popularly understood.   Yajna in the Vedas meant a noble deed or the highest purifying action.

 Agne yam yagnamadhvaram vishwatah pari bhuurasi, Sa id deveshu gacchati-   Rigveda 1.1.4

 O lord of effulgence! The non-violent Yajna, you prescribe from all sides, is beneficial for all, touches divine proportions and is accepted by noble souls.

The Rigveda describes Yajna as Adhvara  or non violent throughout.  Same is the case with all the other Vedas.    

The white invader injected poison into the Sanskrit verses using their arm twisted ( vulnerable ) stooges whom they took to England.  

Not complying meant no return passage on a Rothschild ship , getting BURIED after death ( NO cremation ), which was unthinkable for a Hindu.

The white invader used MEDH to befuddle.  The biggest accusation of cattle and cow slaughter comes in the context of the Yajnas that derived their names from different cattle like the Ashwamedh Yajna, the Gomedha Yajna and the Nar-medh Yajna.   Even by the wildest stretch of the imagination the word Medha would not mean slaughter in this context.

Imam ma himsirekashafam pashum kanikradam vaajinam vaajineshu--- Yajurveda 13.48

Do not slaughter this one hoofed animal that neighs and who goes with a speed faster than most of the animals.

 “Listen to me, O king of kings, as I tell you this, O sinless one, there is absolute happiness in abstaining from meat, O king. He who practices severe austerities for a century, and he who abstains from meat, are both equally meritorious. This is my opinion. (Mahabharata 115.52-53) 4000 BC

Ghrtam duhaanaamaditim janaayaagne maa himsiheehYajurveda 13.49
Do not kill cows and bulls who always deserve to be protected.

Aare gohaa nrhaa vadho vo astuRigveda 7.56.17
Cow slaughter is a heinous crime equivalent to human murder 

Sooyavasaad bhagavatee hi bhooyaa atho vayam bhagvantah syaama,  Addhi trnamaghnye vishwadaaneem piba shuddhamudakamaacharantee  - Rigveda 1.164.40

The Aghnya cows – which are not to be killed under any circumstances– may keep themselves healthy by use of pure water and green grass, so that we may be endowed with virtues, knowledge and wealth.

Aghnyeyam saa vardhataam mahate soubhagaayaRigveda 1.164.27
Cow – The aghnya – brings us health and prosperity

“That wretched man who kills living creatures for the sake of those who would eat them commits great sin. The eater’s sin is not as great. That wretched man who, following the path of religious rites and sacrifices as laid down in the Vedas, would kill a living creature from a desire to eats its flesh, will certainly go to hell. That man who having eaten flesh abstains from it afterwards acquires great merit on account of such abstention from sin. He who arranges for obtaining flesh, he who approves of those arrangements, he who kills, he who buys or sells, he who cooks, and he who eats it, [acquire the sin of those who] are all considered as eaters of flesh. [Therefore] that man who wishes to avoid disaster should abstain from the meat of every living creature. (Mahabharata 115.44-48)  4000 BC

Suprapaanam Bhavatvaghnyaayaah-   Rigveda 5.83.8
There should be excellent facility for pure water for Aghnya Cow

Yah paurusheyena kravishaa samankte yo ashwena pashunaa yaatudhaanah,  Yo aghnyaayaa bharati ksheeramagne teshaam sheershaani harasaapi vrishcha--  Rigveda 10.87.16
Those who feed on human, horse or animal flesh and those who destroy milk-giving Aghnya cows should be severely punished.

Vimucchyadhvamaghnyaa devayaanaa aganmaYajurveda 12.73
The Aghnya cows and bulls bring you prosperity

“Bhishma said: That man who wishes to increase his own flesh by the meat of another living creature is such that there is none meaner and more cruel than he. In this world there is nothing that is dearer to a creature than his life. Hence, one should show mercy to the lives of others as he does to his own life. Forsooth, O son, flesh has its origin in the vital seed. There is great sin attached to its eating, as, indeed, there is merit in abstaining from it. ( Mahabharata 116.11-13) 4000 BC

Maa gaamanaagaamaditim vadhishta - Rigveda 8.101.15

Do not kill the cow. Cow is innocent and aditi – that ought not to be cut into pieces

Antakaaya goghaatamYajurveda 30.18

Destroy those who kill cows

Dhenu sadanam rayeenaamAtharvaveda 11.1.34
Cow is fountainhead of all bounties

Aa gaavo agnamannuta bhadramakrantseedantu
Bhooyobhooyo rayimidasya vardhayannabhinne
Na taa nashanti na dabhaati taskaro
aasaamamitro vyathiraa dadharshati
Na taa arvaa renukakaato ashnute
na samskritramupa yanti taa abhi
Gaavo bhago gaava indro me achhaan
Yooyam gaavo medayathaa
Maa vah stena eeshata maaghanshasah--  28th Sukta of 6th Mandal,  Rigveda 5000 BC-

  Everyone should ensure that cows are free from miseries and kept healthy. 
 God blesses those who take care of cows. 
 Even the enemies should not use any weapon on cows 
 No one should slaughter the cow 
 Cow brings prosperity and strength 
 If cows keep healthy and happy, men and women shall also keep disease free and prosperous 
 May the cow eat green grass and pure water. May they not be killed and bring prosperity to us.

The purchaser of flesh performs himsa (violence) by his wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the killer does himsa by actually tying and killing the animal. Thus, there are three forms of killing. He who brings flesh or sends for it, he who cuts of the limbs of an animal, and he who purchases, sells, or cooks flesh and eats it-all of these are to be considered meat-eaters.-    Mahabharata, Anu. 115:40

Agne yam yagnamadhvaram vishwatah pari bhuurasi Sa id deveshu gacchati

O lord of effulgence! The non-violent Yajna, you prescribe from all sides, is beneficial for all, touches divine proportions and is accepted by noble souls.- Rigveda 1.1.4

ghrtam duhaanaam aditim janaayeti | . . . eshu lokeshwanam maa himsaareeti ||.
The one who provides ghee is aditi.  She is not to be harmed.- Shatapatha Braahmana

Na mamsam Raghava bhunkte, na chaiva madhu sevate, Vanyam suvihitam nityam bhaktamsnati panchamam.

“ Sri Rama does not take meat or honey. He partakes everyday of wild fruits and boiled (wild) rice fully sanctioned (for an ascetic) in the evening.”  Valmiki Ramayana, Sundarakanda, Skanda 36, Sloka 41 -4300 BC

"You must not use your God-given body for killing God's creatures, whether they are human, animal or whatever." (Yajur Veda, 12.32)

“There is nothing, O delighter of the Kurus, that is equal in point of merit, either in this world or in the next, to the practice of mercy to all living creatures. (Mahabharata 116.19) 4000 BC

Having well considered the origin of flesh-foods, and the cruelty of fettering and slaying corporeal beings, let man entirely abstain from eating flesh. - Manusmriti 5.49

 “Having no ill feeling for any living being, in all manners possible and for all times, is called ahimsa, and it should be the desired goal of all seekers.”-  Patanjali Yoga Sutras (2.30)

“ What necessity be said of those innocent and healthy creatures gifted with love of life, when they are sought to be killed by sinful wretches living by slaughter? Therefore, O King, know that the discarding of meat is the highest refuge of religion, of the celestial region, and of happiness. Abstention of injury [to others] is the highest religion. It is, again, the highest penance. It is also the highest truth from which all duty emanates “. (Mahabharata 115.21-23) 4000 BC

"By not killing any living being, one becomes fit for salvation." (Manusmriti, 6.60)

“If there were nobody who ate flesh, then there would be nobody to slay living creatures. The man who slays living creatures kills them for the sake of the person who eats flesh. If flesh were not considered as food, there would then be no destruction of living creatures. It is for the sake of the eater that the destruction of living entities is carried on in the world. Since, O you of great splendor, the period of life is shortened by persons who kill living creatures or cause them to be killed, it is clear that the person who seeks his own good should give up meat altogether. Those dreadful persons who are engaged in the destruction of living beings never find protectors when they are in need. Such persons should always be molested and punished even as beast of prey”. (Mahabharata 115.29-32) 4000 BC

Do not injure the beings living on the earth, in the air and in the water. - Yajur Veda- 5000 BC 

One is dearest to God who has no enemies among the living beings, who is nonviolent to all creatures.--- Bhagavad Gita 4000 BC

By not killing any living being, one becomes fit for salvation.-  Manusmriti, 6.60

Anago hatya vai bheema kritye,  Maa no gaamashvam purusham vadheeh

It is definitely a great sin to kill innocents. Do not kill our cows, horses and people. Atharvaveda 10.1.29

He who injures harmless creatures from a wish to give himself pleasure, never finds happiness in this life or the next.  Manu-samhita 5.45

“Hence a person of purified soul should be merciful to all living creatures. That man, O king, who abstains from every kind of meat from his birth forsooth, acquires a large space in the celestial region. They who eat the flesh of animals who are desirous of life, are themselves [later] eaten by the animals they eat. This is my opinion. Since he has eaten me, I shall eat him in return. This, O Bharata, forms the character as Mamsah [meaning flesh] of Mamsah [me he, or “me he” will eat for having eaten him]. The destroyer is always slain. After him the eater meets with the same fate. (Mahabharata 116.32-35) 4000 BC

Non-injury, truthfulness, freedom from theft, lust, anger, and greed, and an effort to do what is agreeable and beneficial to all creatures - this is the common duty .  Srimad-Bhagavatam

You must not use your God-given body for killing God's creatures, whether they are human, animal or whatever.-  Yajur Veda, 12.32

 “The highly wise seven celestial Rishis, the Valakshillyas, and those Rishis who drink the rays of the sun, all speak highly of abstention from meat. The self-created Manu has said that the man who does not eat meat, or who does not kill living creatures, or who does not cause them to be killed, is a friend of all creatures. Such a man is incapable of being oppressed by any creature. He enjoys the confidence of all living beings. He always enjoys the praise of the pious. The virtuous Narada has said that that man who wishes to multiply his own flesh by eating the flesh of other creatures meets with disaster. ( Mahabharata 115.9-12) 4000 BC 

Having well considered the origin of flesh and the cruelty of fettering and slaying of corporeal beings, let one entirely abstain from eating flesh.- Manu Samhita

They who kill men or slay cows should be outlawed and ostracised (Rig I.16-114).

“That man who seeks to multiply his own flesh by (eating) the flesh of others has to live in this world in great anxiety, and after death has to take birth in indifferent races and families. High Rishis given to the observance of vows and self-control have said that abstention from meat is worthy of praise, productive of fame and Heaven, and a great satisfaction itself. This I heard formerly, O son of Kunti, from Markandeya when that Rishi discoursed on the sins of eating flesh. (Mahabharata 115.34-36) 4000 BC

Flesh-eating, drinking, gambling and adultery, all, destroy and mar the mental faculties of a man (Atharva VI.7-70-71)

Protect both our species, two-legged and four-legged. Both food and water for their needs supply. May they with us increase in stature and strength. Save us from hurt all our days, O Powers! -  Rig Veda 10.37.11. VE, 319

Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun the use of meat. Having well considered the disgusting origin of flesh and the cruelty of fettering and slaying corporeal beings, let him entirely abstain from eating flesh.  -Manusmriti 5.48-49

ashvam naa himseeh |
A horse is not to be harmed - Yajurveda. 13/42 -5000 BC

“Flesh cannot be had from grass or wood or stone. Unless a living creature is killed it cannot be procured. Hence is the fault of eating flesh. The celestials who live upon Svaha, Svadha, and nectar, are given to truth and sincerity. Those persons, however, who are for satisfying the sensation of taste, should be known as Rakshasas [flesh-eating demons] pervaded by the quality of Darkness. (Mahabharata 115.24-25) 4000 BC

gaam maa himseeraditim viraajam ||
The cow is aditi. She is not to be harmed in any manner.  -Yajurveda. 13/43 

Breehimattam yavamattamatho maashamatho tilam,   Esha vaam bhaago nihito ratnadheyaaya dantau maa hinsishtam pitaram maataram
O teeth! You eat rice, you eat barley, you gram and you eat sesame. These cereals are specifically meant for you. Do not kill those who are capable of being fathers and mothers. --Atharvaveda 6.140.2

Anumantaa vishasitaa nihantaa krayavikrayee,   Samskartaa chopahartaa cha khadakashcheti ghaatakaah

Those who permit slaying of animals; those who bring animals for slaughter; those who slaughter; those who sell meat; those who purchase meat; those who prepare dish out of it; those who serve that meat and those who eat are all murderers.- Manusmrithi 5.51

Ya aamam maansamadanti paurusheyam cha ye kravih,   Garbhaan khaadanti keshavaastaanito naashayaamasi  

We ought to destroy those who eat cooked as well as uncooked meat, meat involving destruction of males and females, foetus and eggs. Atharvaveda 8.6.23

Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun the use of meat. Having well considered the disgusting origin of flesh and the cruelty of fettering and slaying corporeal beings, let him entirely abstain from eating flesh.” (Manu-samhita 5.48-49)

 “He who purchases flesh, kills living creatures through his money. He who eats flesh, kills living beings through his eating. He who binds or seizes and actually kills living creatures is the slaughterer. These are the three sorts of slaughter through each of these acts. He who does not himself eat flesh but approves of an act of slaughter, becomes stained with the sin of slaughter. (Mahabharata 115.38-39) 4000 BC

“The sins generated by violence curtail the life of the perpetrator. Therefore, even those who are anxious for their own welfare should abstain from meat-eating.” (Mahabharata, Anu.115.33) 4000 BC

 When one’s food is pure ( devoid of meat ) , one’s being becomes pure – Chāndogya Upaniṣad 7.26.2

LISTEN, I AM NOT IN THE HABIT OF PROVIDING PROOFS  - when CHOOTS ask me for proofs my usual answer is to them is "FU#K OFF!"  -  


In Vedic sacred Sanskrit texts  the cow is a symbol of the divine bounty of the earth and ALL the ancient scriptures prohibit the slaughter of cows.   The slaughter of any animal goes against the principle of ahimsa. 

The white invader imported Gandhi from South Africa to secure Ahimsa for themselves , to save their own deceitful white asses .

Ahimsa is not causing pain to any living being at any time through the actions of one's mind, speech or body.-   Sandilya Upanishad 5000 BC

The Maharishis saw life as the very stuff of the Divine, an emanation of the Source and part of a cosmic continuum.  They held that each life form, even water and trees, possesses consciousness and energy.   

Nonviolence, ahimsa, the primary basis of vegetarianism, has long been central to the religious traditions of India- especially Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.  Religion in India has consistently upheld the sanctity of life, whether human, animal or, in the case of the Jains, elemental.

There is no greater sinner than that non-vegetarian man who seeks to increase the bulk of his own flesh by the flesh of other beings

The word GAU also means the Earth and the yajna dedicated to keep the Earth the environment clean is called Gomedha Yajna.  To keep the food pure or to keep the senses under control, to keep the earth free from pollution is called Gomedha Yajna . 

The cremation of the body of a dead person in accordance with the principles laid down in the Vedas is called Naramedha Yajna - and this has NOTHING to do with human sacrifice, as poison injected by the white invader .

Burial grounds must be situated on top of an impervious soil layer —or disease borne organic and inorganic contaminants will percolate into an under ground aquifer. For reasons still poorly understood, corpses don't invariably decompose into potting soil as many assume.  

Instead, the fat tissue, usually in the presence of moisture, sometimes turns into a solid, soap like substance that makes the cadaver look like something you'd find in a wax museum ( adipocere ) . The grave should be shallow enough to allow microbial activity similar to that found in composting.

Below: Hollywood movie showing Hinduism as a religion which allows human sacrifice 

The white invader used one of their stooges Rajendralal Mitra  (1823-1891) to do false propaganda that human sacrifice went on in Hindu temples even before the white invader arrived in India and that it went on since Vedic era. 

They rewarded this desh drohi by calling him the “ first Indologist of Indian origin” , and the father figure of the Indian Renaissance.   He was further rewarded with the post the first Indian president of the Asiatic society  in 1885.

The white historian rewarded another desh drohi Ram Sharan Sharma ( 1919 -2011 ) for saying that Rajendralal Mitra was right.  They made him a senior fellow at the School of Oriental  Studies, University of London.   

RS Sharma called for the addition of the Ayodhya dispute and the 2002 Gujarat riots to NCERT school syllabus calling them 'socially relevant topics' to broaden the horizons of youngsters.   

Below: The face of a traitor.

The waitress used RS Sharma to prove that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna never existed and that Ram Sethu bridge was just a natural formation . He was on the side of Muslims during the Babri Masjid dispute . 

RS Sharma wrote that the FAKE DASAS existed and had gone on and on about FAKE Tulsidas writing Ramcharitamanas at Ayodhya , "though it was NOT a place of worship" ( sic ).  He supported the view that Lord Ram abandoned his pregnant wife Sita.

When RS Sharma died 3 years ago all the Rothschild historians praised him to the skies at a function organised by the Indian Council of Historical Research “eminent” (sic) historians Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, and their ilk paid rich tributes to Sharma.  

Capt Ajit Vadakayil says- “ Trash all RS Sharma’s ulterior motives books which showed India in poor light ”

Everything dark, primitive, savage and forbidden in Hinduism has been INJECTED/ PLANTED by the white invader  .

Hinduism is so modern that Albert Einstein got his Nobel prize by lifting 100% from ancient Hindu texts penned 7000 years ago .    

The hollywood movie INTERSTELLAR has lifted wholesale from ancient Vedas.

Punch into Google search-


It is the internet age - it is payback time !

Below: If you are not shell shocked by the video below, you have NOT understood it  . Ancient Indians were the first to understand it .

Hindu vedic rituals require breaking of the coconut at Yagnas.   It is form of bloodless sacrifice.  We Hindus do NOT do blood sacrifice nor we have done it in the past .  

The liquid spilt is electrolytic plasma.  The water has a divine quality as it contains lauric acid found in mothers milk and is also identical to human plasma.

Below: Breaking coconut with conscious INTENTION.

While breaking the coconut the devotee must INTEND as per the vedic traditions. This is to tune our self to the quantum level energy matrix, this energy is transferred to our DNA.

Below:  These are NOT dead cows -- these are broken coconuts .

In quantum physics terms -- it causes a " butterfly effect " . When you utter OM before a Sanskrit Mantra it opens out a “wormhole”.   

Potential is only manifested when we provide the frequency information through our intentions— concept of MIND OVER MATTER.

Human intention can create quantum fluctuations in the ZERO POINT FIELD , a vast unharnessed energy source . We resonate in Zero Point Energy —human intention can influence the universe. Consciousness, is a form of EM energy, that focused thought (with intent) can achieve extraordinary things . Human perception occurs because of interactions between the subatomic particles of our brains an the quantum energy sea. We literally resonate the Cosmos. 

The quantum field or pure consciousness is influenced by intention. Scalar waves from your mobius supercoil DNA couples with intention and consciousness. Intentions enhance the body’s natural flow of scalar energy produced by DNA. Your DNA can send and receive powerful data through the universal network of ether.. 

In the quantum holographic DNA-wave biocomputer theory, DNA is a self-calibrating antenna working by phase conjugate ( scalar waves and phase conjugation) adaptive resonance , capable of both receiving and transmitting quantum holographic information , stored in the form of diffraction patterns-quantum holograms. 

Intention is like the tuning fork which causes other forks to resonate to the same frequency. Our intentions create our reality. As proved amply by the double slit experiment the consciousness of the observer brought the observed object into being. Nothing in the universe existed as an actual thing independently of our perception of it.

Mind and matter are both made of the same basic stuff. The difference has to be found in the composition of vibration or ripples. Matter belongs to larger and slower waves, which implies that it possesses less energy of the absolute. Mind is made out of much finer ripples, which indicate that it contains more of the consciousness of the absolute.

Scalar waves allow for information transfer across the universe, connecting every atom with every other atom and since these waves travel at super luminous speeds they could be the explanation of the non-local effects that were predicted in theory and empirically discovered in quantum physics. 

Our universe is NOT a bunch of single individual parts of atoms, molecules, planets and stars that only maintain contact by separate forces such as gravity acting upon them. Quantum entangled particles keep their coherent relation eternally and are not bothered by any distance separating them whether it be a few millimetres or the distance of a galaxy. 

Scalar waves are information carrying waves rather than energy waves. which are linked to human consciousness and are created by human thought and emotions. They are the interface between the mental and the physical world although we must keep in mind that in reality there is no duality between them. Scalar waves encode the information of space and time into a timeless spaceless quantum shorthand of interference patterns.

Little did IDIOT Charles Darwin know , that Biology is a quantum DNA process. 

All the processes in the body including cell communications are triggered by quantum fluctuations, and all higher brain functions and consciousness also appears at the quantum level.  

IDIOT Isaac Newton’s modern physics has set mankind back by many centuries.

All R supari fed Indian historians has been crying from the roof tops that ancient Indians ate beef.  What is their extreme interest in this subject , that they froth over it and insist that this issue must be printed in the NCERT text books ?

The word GAU ( cow ) has multiple meanings in the Vedas , it is a holy thing. It could be the humped cow, holy waters, llife giving sun rays , Vedic Sanskrit verses , holy rishis or even bountiful mother earth. Throughout the Vedas the cow is referred to as  "aghnya."

AGHNYA  means "not to be killed or violated" and is used for cows and for life sustaining waters in the presence of which oaths were taken.

The Rig and Sama Veda call the cow "aghnya" and "Aditi", ie. not to be murdered (Rig 1-64-27; 5-83-8; 7-68-9; 1-164-40; 8-69-2; 9-1-9; 9-93-3; 10-6-11; 10-87-16). They extol the cow as un-killable, un-murderable, whose milk purifies.

the mind and keeps it free from sin. Verse 10-87-16 prescribes severe punishment for the person who kills a cow.  The  Atharva Veda recommends beheading (8-3-16) for such a crime; the Rig Veda advocates expulsion from the  kingdom (8-101-15).

Of course Vedic literatures are replete with stories of Kings who hunted animals regularly.  This was maily to contain the menace of violent animals.  They did NOT kill cows.  

This allowed the sages to meditate peacefully in the forest and write verses which would benefit  the whole of human society. Secondly, it honed the fighting skills and prowess of the ruling class.  This enabled them to protect innocent citizens from enemies.

The white invader used a Sanskrit Pandit Taranath to inject poison into his translations to prove that ancient Indians ate beef.   Pandit Taranath was hired by hired by Rothschild stooge German Max Muller h for Rs. 10,000 in 1866.  

He confused cow fat ( tallow ) with ghee.   Our own greedy pundit let Bharatmata down .  

Taranath's Sanskrit dictionary Vachaspatyam    deliberately gave WRONG meanings to make the Vedas poison injected.   It worked for sometime as hardly any Hindu questioned the integrity of a Hindu Sanskrit scholar.  Max Muller poison injected  the Vedas and he translated from the dictionary of the Hindus. 

Panini created a special sutra to establish the rule that goghn will only mean the receiver of a cow (andwill not be used in any other sense).  Pandit Taranath ignored Panini's injunction and wrote that "goghn" means "the  killer of a cow."    

Tarananth similarly converted the ashvamedh yagna from 'ritual of the horse' to the "killing of the  horse."  Ashwamedham was a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE sought by an emperor ( for lasting peace ) so that he could send soldiers back to their families .

Max Muller made sure that R rewarded Pundit Taranath with a kings ransom.  In 1866, Lt. Governor Sir Cecil Beadon sanctioned ten thousand rupees for two hundred copies of his dictionary.   

This was a fortune in those days,as the headmaster of a vernacular primary school received a salary of just 10 rupees a month.  Today,  those ten thousand rupees is the equivalent of 60 lakh rupees.

Babur in his letter of 935 hijri advised Humayun to stop cow-slaughter. Akbar in his firman of 1586 forbade cow slaughter. Aurangzeb did not eat meat. Akbar and Aurangzeb always used Ganga water for drinking and in their kitchen. 

In (XI.116) Manusmriti has  prescribed penance for killing a cow. In (XI.96) Manusmriti says that flesh is food of Pisachas & Rakshasas.  In (V.45 to 54), killing of animals and eating of flesh has been prohibited in Manu Smriti.  (V.54) says that totally avoiding eating flesh is a great reward (punya).

The West now wants to eat Indian Vedic HUMPED cow as their own cows are diseased.  The white race is literally up shit creek without a paddle because they ate HUMPLESS cow ..   

They come to India as tourists with VISA ON ARRIVAL and go back with flasks containing frozen Vedic cow embryos.


Punch into Google search-

"Brahmins sacrificed herds and herds of animals and gorged themselves on their meat. The Buddha saved such herds when they were being taken to the sacrificial altar, " – all this is poison injected by the white invader. 

He concocted cock and bull stories of powerful Hindu emperors getting sick and tired of BAAAD   BAAAAD Hinduism and converting to GOODIE GOOD Buddhism /Jainism.

Punch into Google search-

Good time to digress----

Just in case the Christian white man and the Muslim is getting cocky about this White Invaders introduced ( by deceit ) animal sacrifices in Hindus temples.

The world's second largest sacrificial slaughter of animals 300,000 at Gaghimai Nepal is far behind  the white Christian’s THANKSGIVING and the BAKRI EID of Muslims. 

While the Hindus do NOT eat the meat, these Christians and Muslims eat them. 

The white Christian in western cities do NOT slaughter the turkeys in their nice grassy back yard.   It is done by Muslims using the HALAL method while reciting verses from Koran.

Halal slaughter involves cutting the trachea, the esophagus and the jugular vein and letting the blood drain out while saying, ‘Bismillah allahu akbar’ – ‘in the name of Allah the greatest,’.

Hindus refuse to eat such Halal meat as it tortures the animal by allowing it to bleed slowly and painfully to death.

Every year we know how many million turkeys the white Christian man eats on a single day. 95% of them eat turkey on this day and of course on Christmas.   Can they imagine christmas without meat ?  
Or can a Muslim imagine a festival without meat ?  Then why get sarcastic with Hindus who are vegetarian?

Last year 47 million turkeys were slaughtered in the U.S. for Thanksgiving this year.  None of these Christian kind souls ever pause to consider how their turkey was actually raised and killed. 

Confined in the thousands to stinking, ammonia-swamped warehouses, many turkeys today are genetically bred to grow so fast that their heart and legs can't keep pace with their ballooning bodies. 

Many suffer heart attacks and leg collapse.  The body weight of turkeys increases 310 times between birth and slaughter...Their genetics are crazy due to hormone injections .  

Every year, the president of the United States ceremonially "pardons" a turkey, giving the animal a reprieve from slaughter. 

Thanksgiving is "one of the worst days of the year to be a turkey," President Obama jovially noted in his 2011 turkey pardon.  He continued that Liberty, the turkey he pardoned, is probably "the luckiest bird on the face of the earth."  

Not quite, Mr. President.  Most pardoned turkeys tend to drop dead in under a year because of their grievous body structure.  

In the United States, turkeys and chickens are not even protected under the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, even though they constitute 97 percent of farm animals slaughtered every year.



In Halal Slaughter, they cut the neck to allow the blood to drain out but do not cut the spinal cord which means the animal spends his last moments dying in SEVERE AGONIZING PAIN .


Below: These are the people who come to India as tourists and ridicule vegetarian Hindus as savages.

How many Americans would eat a turkey at Thanksgiving if they had to kill it themselves ? This year, 1.7 billion Muslims, or close to a quarter of the world population, celebrated Eid-al-Adha, the largest Islamic holiday of the year, with the "sacrifice" of 105 million cows, goats and sheep.  

Just as Thanksgiving is often called Turkey Day, Eid-al-Adha is often called Bakra Eid, which translates to Cow Feast or Goat Feast.   

While Eid slaughter is often decried as barbaric, Thanksgiving slaughter isn't, even though the only difference between the two is who wields the knife -- the consumer or the worker.  

Muslims tend to purchase the requisite cow, goat or sheep, and kill the animal themselves in their grubby backyards with small children holding down the animal .  

Rich yanks purchase turkeys that were killed behind closed doors by largely Mexican, underpaid, exploited workers in American slaughter plants.

Below: SECULAR politics!

A lot of stories are circulated in the BENAMI media about human and children sacrifice in Hindus temples.    

I ask the Modi  govt this—next time a sacrificed body is found near a Hindu temple, there must be a check list to follow.  

Check if any body parts like kidneys are missing .  

This NONSENSE has been going on for some time and it is high time we stopped it.

Punch into Google search-

There was a Chitpavan Jew – nay- Brahmin by the name of BL Apte who produced FAKE Sanskrit verses from Vedas— really ridiculous ones— totally incongruent to Vedic style of verse.

“The guest were entertained with the flesh of cows, killed on the occasion (Rig. 10.85.13) ( SIC !).

What else they were served Mr Apte ? — 

dig into your POISON INJECTED Rig Veda deeper—   hey, what about shit on toast    -   nay chappati ?    BLOODY CHOOT !

The Chitpavan Jew does NOT know the verse below -

antakaaya goghaatam.

Death sentence for the one who kills the cow.- Rig Veda  30/18- 5000 BC

What the BENAMI media has NOT reported bout the Noida murders ( 31 children included ) is that the kidneys and liver of the no so decomposed corpses were missing.   

The servant Surinder Koli claimed that he ate it.  

Like how a UPA politician AbhiSEX claimed that termites ate some important court documents .

The Gadhimai animal sacrifice Hindu festival that is held every five years at the Gadhimai temple of Bariyarpur, in Bara District, about 160 km south of the capital Kathmandu , Nepal ( near the Indo-Nepal border ) started yesterday on 28th Nov 2014, and ends today on 29th Nov 2014. 

This festival was started by the white invader exactly 260 years ago.   The white invader gave a cock and bull story that King Pratap Malla( died 1674 AD )  lost his son and the queen was overwhelmed by grief.   

Then the king decided that every family which had a member died in the past year would take part in Gai Jatra ( animal sacrifice )  so that the queen would realise she was not alone to be struck by the tragedy.   

King Pratap Malla of Malla dynasty of Nepal, was the ninth king of Kantipur.  

This is a big LIE..

This event involves the world's third largest sacrificial slaughter of animals (after Christian Thanksgiving and Islamic Id).   

In 2009, 500,000 animals were killed during the Gadhimai festival and most often thee animals went from India – smuggled on board trucks .  

This time in 2014, only 5000 animals were killed at Gadhimai Jatara .   

In 2019, I  predict NONE will be killed and whoever kills will  be in prison for a long time .

The heads of the sacrificed animals will be buried in a huge pit while the animal hides and skin will be sold to traders who have contracted to buy them.    More than 80 percent of Nepal’s 27 million people are Hindus.  

Gadhimai is the Hindu goddess of power created by the white invader.   In 2009, many Indians traveled to Nepal just for this month-long festival, Gadhimai, where 5 million people attended.

Some persons contended that if animal sacrifice is stopped, "there will be unjust interference with the religion of the people, who sacrifice animals”. Sorry, Hinduism does NOT condone this slaughter.

The Indian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001, states "animals [are] not to be slaughtered except in recognized or licensed houses.  During Eid most of the slaughter is done in back yards .


Compassion must be the basic tenets of any religion .  If this is missing , then that religion must be banned in India.   Animal sacrifice is NOTHING but a social evil..

The manner in which the animals are handled, transported and killed for animal sacrifice also typically violates India's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, its Transport of Animals Rules 1978 and the Slaughterhouse Rules 2001 making it a punishable offense.

In 2009, it was NOT possible for so many carcasses to be eaten in a country like Nepal where most are vegetarians . These carcasses were just left to rot.

The entire Western media has thrown in TANTRA into this white invader started animal sacrifice ritual at Gandhimai  Nepal .   Sorry Tantra has NOTHING to do with all this  .

Here is a quote from a white Aussie newspaper . These white skinned reporters with CRIMINAL DNA are converting sunrise to sunset . These are the descendants of the people who exterminated the aborigines with SMALL POX GERM INFESTED BLANKETS  .

QUOTE : Tantric Hinduism, in which specialists engaged in sexual ­rituals and acts of violence to ­secure power or salvation, was the mainstream religion across the Indian subcontinent for a millennia until the 15th century when it was phased out in favour of the current non-violent ­religion  :UNQUOTE

So the white invader saved India and Hinduism , right?



It is the Internet age and such IMMORAL LIES can no longer be sustained - and we do NOT want to be saved / freed by deceitful white man  .

For my western readers who want to know what TANTRA is –

Punch into Google search –




Two very important features for developing a psychological profile of an offender are his signature and his modus operandi. The signature may be the way a rope is tied around a victim's hands or the particular way the victim is tortured.

Modus operandi (MO) refers to the particular method of operation of the killer, including the object of the crime, the means, the time, and so on. The MO can change, but the signature usually doesn't.

Every psychopath serial killer leaves behind a SIGNATURE- it is a pathological need . Jack the Ripper, left a gruesome signature-- the ripping of the bodies of his victims.

The signature aspect, or calling card, is the unique, personal expression or ritual demonstrated by the offender while he is committing the offense and is based on the offender's fantasies.  When a signature is left, so is an aspect of the offender's personality.

The signature aspect is different from the modus operandi  because it is conduct that goes beyond the necessary behaviors needed to commit the crime.  It is driven by the killer's fantasies and needs to be done in order for the killer to gain satisfaction from his crime.  A modus operandi may evolve, but a signature aspect remains constant.

Some psychopaths enjoy taunting the police with letters describing their crimes and indicating where they could find his most recent victim's body.  

Serial murderers represent perhaps the most serious and morbidly fascinating image of criminality. They're modern-day bogeymen.  They commit horrific acts of violence and indulge in strange and perverted acts with their victims. The concept of evil comes quickly to mind when thinking of their deeds.

So we have a psychopath named R who left behind a DASA signature for all his back dated FAKE creations of the BHAKTI movement to divide and rule India .

R left behind a JATARA signature for the animal and human sacrifices he introduced in Hindus temples using his FAKE Mutts and FAKE Shankaracharyas.

Want a few examples of JATARA signatures ?

Gandhimai  jatara
Tirupati Gangamma  jatara
Kandhen Budhi  jatara
Bali jatara
Peddagattu jatara
Sammakka Sarakka jatara
Yellaramma jatara
Neeramanavi Yellamma jatara
Edupayala jatara
Poleramma jatara
Bonalu Or Mahankali jatara
Mahankali jatra  
Sammaka Sarraka jatara
Sulia jatara
Kayar jatara
Durajpalli jatara
Pachali Bhairav jatara
Medaram jatara
Kandhen Budhi Jatara
Sammakka Sarakka jatara
Doddamma jatara
Sri Rachappaji  jatara
Durgambika devi  jatara
Gai jatara



Today there are only animal sacrifices.

Since our R psychopath is the EMPEROR OF ALL PSYCHOPATHS he also created cock and bull stories for every Jatara.    

Some of these jataras like Gangamma jatara has more than 10 such cock and bull stories – after all Tirupati was a very famous and ancient temple..

Punch into Google search -

Wanna hear some BULLSH#T Gangamma stories created by the white invader over BRANDY AND CIGARS to make Hindus look like monkeys ?

QUOTE:  Gangamma is the incarnation of Shakti.  It is at Diguvapalli, Chowdepalli(mandal), Chittoor (District), near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, her temple is dedicated to the sister of Venkateswara.  The temple is located 153 km from Bengaluru, 20 km from Madanapalli.   Centuries ago the tribals Boyas and Yelikas lived in the forest area around the hillock. They stood up and resented the repressive and automatic rule of the Nawabs.  They retaliated against the Muslim soldiers and chased them.  The Golconda Nawab rushed additional troops to crush the revolt.  Boya tribals could not withstand the onslaught of the Muslim army and fled into the forest and prostrated near the hillock and prayed Almighty to save them.  The spirit of the Goddess Shakti descended from the hillock, shielded the tribals and crushed the Nawab's army.  Local people say that the Shakti has tied the heads of soldiers to banyan tree branches. In the event of victory Boyas built the Gangamma temple, which saved them against evil force. The local goddess Gangamma is revered as the younger sister of Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala and hence the festival assumes enormous significance: UNQUOTE

QUOTE :  Sri Thathaya Gunta Gangamma is Grama Devatha of Tirupati town. Once upon a time when Tirupati and surrounding areas are ruled by “Palegondulu”, harassment on women was enormous - they use to rape and harass any woman seen. During this time, in a village “Avilala”, the Goddess Gangamma was born and grew into a most beautiful women. When the Palegondulu want harm Goddess Gangamma, she with her grace and power tried to kill him. Palegondulu, fearing her, hid in a remote place. To take him out of hiding, the Gangamma planned “Ganga Jathra” where the people in Tirupathi do vichitra veshadarana and curse Gangamma for a period of 7 days. On the seventh day, the“Palegondulu” comes out of hiding and is killed by Goddess Gangamma for the “LokaKalyanam” (well being of all people) :UNQUOTE

QUOTE:  A Palegar (local chieftain) ruling the Tirupati region, was known to sexually assault young women, while an angered Adiparashakti takes birth as Gangamma, taking a vow to slay him to protect women. The Palegar goes into hiding and Gangamma dons various guises to find him out. To symbolize the legend, devotees even today visit the temple in various guises such as ‘Banda Vesham’, ‘Bairagi Vesham’, ‘Thoti Vesham’, ‘Dora Vesham’, ‘Mathangi’, ‘Sunnapu Kundalu’, ‘Perantala Vesham’ and ‘Sapparalu’ during the nine-day event.  Priests made the traditional huge clay idol of the goddess at the temple's portico and later smashed it into pieces at the auspicious moment.  Devotees then clamour around to get the clay smithereens, which they consider as sacred, to be either preserved in the ‘Puja' room or consumed by mixing it in water.  Cows, goats and fowls are sacrificed at a corner of the temple. some women came draped with neem leaves, as a fulfilment of a vow ( giving a PEEK A BOO view of their private parts ): UNQUOTE

QUOTE:   The local chieftain “Palegadu” - athug - used to seduce beautiful women.  As per his commands, newly-wedwomen were forced to spend their first wedded night with him.  Thewomen prayed to Goddess Jaganmatha who took birth as Gangamma, at Avilala village, near Tirupati. When she grew up, the chieftain cast his lustful eyes on her.  Palegadu insulted Gangamma, by pulling her hand in full public view when the latter rejected him.  When She showed her frightening “Viswaroopam” to him, to escape death, the chieftain fled. The age-old practice for devotees visiting Tirupati is to first visit the Goddess before undertaking the trek up the Tirumala hills. The annual ‘Gangamma jatara' -- the festival celebrated by fisherwomen accompanied by their family members to offer prayers to the goddess of water to bless them with a safe and happy fishing season  ( fishermen are roped in ). Fishing Boat Operators' Association president P.C. Appa Rao said the ‘Gangamma jatara' was an annual ritual to seek the blessings of goddess Gangamma for good catch during the new season and to ensure safe voyage : UNQUOTE

QUOTE:   One year a guru by name Tirupati Tatacharya was passing by the village. He was the only one available for the villagers at the time. But then he was a guru. They found it impossible to kill a learned man as a sacrificial animal.  Tatacharya found out about the moral dilemma faced by the villagers. He told the villagers that he would meet the goddess on his own and sort it out. The fateful day arrived. Tatacharya on his part asked all his disciples to assemble and continuously chant the famous and all powerful Ashtakshari mantra.  He for himself prepared two hot iron rods that had the conch and discus shapes on their edges. Conch and discus (Shanku and Chakra) are two holy symbols associated with Lord Vishnu and his Vaishnavite devotees. As the jaatara was in progress, the goddess appeared. As usual she took control of one of the devotees and demanded that her food be presented in front of her.  Tatacharya appeared in front of the goddess and took out the hot iron rods to plant the symbols on the goddess. The goddess, initially tried to run away, but she failed in her attempts because of the affects of the Ashtakshari mantra being chanted by the disciples of Tatacharya. Tatacharya tried to plant the symbols on shoulders but missed and planted the symbols on the back instead, perhaps below the neck. The goddess submitted herself to Tatacharya and fell on his feet and sought his forgiveness. Tatacharya accepted her as his disciple and moved her to Tirupati and established a temple for her on the outskirts of Tirupati. :  UNQUOTE


--for 7 days and on the seventh and final day, when he heard people hurling abuses against the Goddess, the Palegondulu came out of his hiding hole .  TEEE HEEEEEEE !

QUOTE : During the festival period, devotees clad in various 'vesam' (disguise), criss-cross the streets of the temple town shouting filthy words as part of the tradition to drive away evil forces and offer prayers to different folk goddess in the temples. Smearing sandalwood paste all over the body, the devotees wear glittering clothes and cover their heads with jasmine garlands. To smoke the bad sexual predator him out of his hideout the  people in Tirupathi do vichitra veshadarana and curse Gangamma USING FOUL LANGUAGE for a period of 7 days. On the seventh day the “Palegondulu” comes out of the hide and is killed by Godess Gangamma for the “LokaKalyanam”. The males, children and youth, traverse the streets dancing and singing lewd songs and hurling abuses at others and at her. You can spot scores of males dressed up as women daintily walking down the streets alone, in groups or in procession with drums and band, and visiting her in her twin temples. QUOTE

All this CROSS DRESSING where male devotees visit the temple in the guise of a woman, by draping saris, wearing bangles and flowers is all started by the IMMORAL white invader— on the irrelevant 2nd Tuesday of May.

Use of FILTHY VULGAR language was encouraged by the white invader. They used Muslims and ATHEISTS to initiate this.

In Kerala the oldest place of worship on this planet , the Kodungallur temple has a bharani festival where the FAKE white invader created Kanchi Mutt exported Tamil low caste people to sing FILTHY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SONGS  –  


All foul rituals created by the white invader .  

They throw bloody chicken entrails into the inner sanctum on to the idol.   

Jesus Christ studied in Kodungallur university .

Punch into Google search -

Since PM Narendra Modi came to power in mid May 2014, this blogsite has reminded him on his website to stop this annual desecration at Kodungallur temple.  

Narendra Modi who promised to give back dignity to the Hindus as a pre-poll promise , has NO time for all this.    

Below:  Buddha on the topshelf !  Wikipedia says his religion is Hindusim !! Lord Buddha is not accepted by the followers of the Vedas, because he does not accept the authority of the Vedas,  Lord Buddha was a mortal who declared himself as God. Recently Zakir Naik came on TV and said that he asked Triple Sri if he was God- and got no answer ! I believe Zakir Naik.

He is busy playing to the galley praying to Gandhi , BR Ambedkar and EVR Periyar moment he spots a camera.   

PM Narendra Modi is busy dancing with the same people who created all these foul practices , and he gets terrible excited when these EVIL white men praise him to the skies .

BALI in Hindusim means “an offering of gratitude “ rather than an “animal sacrifice”.   

In Kerala we call Shraddh to a dead father as Bali.

Sir John Woodroffe published a commentary on the Karpuradistotram where he writes that the sacrificial animals listed in verse 19 are merely symbols for the six enemies, with "man" representing pride.

The white invader has tried his best to convince  Indian Hindus  to give up their faith on the grounds that their fundamental holy books – the Vedas – contain all the inhuman elements like denigration of women, meat-eating, polygamy, casteism and above all – beef eating.   

Whoever still remain as Hindus must feel very proud.  They have withstood the sword and the Jaziya tax of the Islamic invader. The cowardly Indians converted to Islam. 

The Hindus have withstood the deceitful sops of the white Christian invader, the greedy Indians converted to Christianity  .

However, they lacked the pre-requisite understanding of Shiksha (Phonetics), Vyakarana (Grammar), Nirukta (Philology), Nighantu (Vocabulary), Chhanda (Prosody), Jyotish (Astronomy), Kalpa and so on that are critical for correct interpretation of the Vedas.

Taittiriya Brahman says: `Verily the cow is food' (atho annam via gauh) – only an idiot will say that this alludes to BEEF and NOT milk.


All this Taittriya stuff is POISON injected by the white invader . The white man wrote over brandy and cigars that Yajnavalkya's ( 700 BC ) insisted on eating the tender (amsala) flesh of the cow . TEE HEEEE !

Wanna know this cock and bull story to divide North Indians and South Indians ?

Yagnavalyka was a pupil of Maharishi Vaishampayana in his gurukulam. He was the son of Maharishi Devaratha and Sunanda Devi .

Once Vaishampayana ( disciple of Veda Vyasa ) neglected to attend a critical meeting was slapped with a sanction called Brahmahathi (sin equivalent to killing a Brahmin) .

To get rid of this Brahmahathi dosham , Vaishampayana had to do some religious ceremonies. He wanted his disciples to bear this burden . The proud Yagna Valkya told his guru, that he himself can do the needful easily , and hence why involve his disciples ?

Vaishampayana got very angry at these words . To add insult to injury Yagnavalkya offered to do the perform the penalty all by himself and he could spare all the pupils and the guru from dissolving the dosha burden. 

This made the guru even more angry as this he construed as supreme arrogance and a posture unbecoming of a disciple.

Vaisampayana ordered Yajnavalkya to give back all the Vedic learning and wisdom that he acquired from him dismissed him from his gurukul.

leave his school immediately. Yajnavalkya followed the orders of the professor and discarded all the learning, which immediately evaporated into the solar dimension. And he became poorer in his knowledge and hence in powers and luster. 

Yajnavalkya followed the orders of the maharishi and mentally discarded all the learning, which immediately evaporated into the akasha And he immediately became poorer in his knowledge and hence in powers.

The guru could see his pupils aura shrink instantly as he absorbed all the aura into his own . So our man Yajnavalkya underwent this process at midday and became ignorant— USKA BAARAH BAJ GAYA !.

He prayed to Goddess Saraswathi .

Yajnavalkya approached the Sun God and implored him to teach him more than what he lost and more than what a human like his Guru knew.

The Sun God agreed to teach and asked him to follow him in the form a horse during his continuous travel across the skies and learn. Yagna Valkya had to face the sun god’s chariot and traverse in reverse with the same speed .

Thus Yajnavlakya became a Vajasaneya, one who learned as a horse and a branch formed called Vajasaneya sakha.

This Yajurveda learned by Yajnavlkya as a horse from the Sun God is called SuklaYajurveda and the earlier one that was learned from Vaismpayana was Krishna Yajurveda.


They have injected poison in many ways -- when Yajnavalkya vomited out his knowledge , other disciples ate the vomit like absorbed it like Tittiri birds and hence the branch that came from those disciples is called Tittiriya sakha. . 

The white historian wrote that Adi shankaracharya ( actually born 4000 years ago—but kicked forward in time by 2800 years ) followed the Taittiriya Shakha.


The Yajurveda has been split into white and black and the shattered into splinters again – and different parts of India follow different systems—all part of a GRAND DIVIDE AND RULE.

For example the Krishna ( black ) Yajurveda has many parts followed by various parts of India. The FAKE mutts have assisted in this.

Example?- There are four recensions of the Krishna Yajurveda:
Taittiriya saṃhita-- originally of Panchala
Maitrayani saṃhita- originally of the area south of Kurukshetra
Caraka-Kaṭha saṃhita -- originally of Madra and Kurukshetra
Kapiṣṭhala-Kaṭha saṃhita-- of the southern Punjab and Bahika

The white invader gave bull that Lord Rama’s clan follows the Shukla Yajurveda branch—to DRIVE A WEDGE between Krishna/ Rama followers..

The Vajasaneyi Samhita ( Shulka Yajurveda –white ) has forty chapters or adhyayas, containing the formulas used with the following rituals:

1.-2.: New and Full Moon sacrifices
3.: Agnihotra
4.-8.: Somayajna
9.-10.: Vajapeya and Rajasuya, two modifications of the Soma sacrifice
11.-18.: construction of altars and hearths, especially the Agnicayana
19.-21.: Sautramani, a ritual originally counteracting the effects of excessive Soma-drinking
22.-25.: Ashvamedha ( poison injected with queens having sex with a dead horse’s phallus )
26.-29.: supplementary formulas for various rituals
30.-31.: Purushamedha
32.-34.: Sarvamedha
35.: Pitriyajna
36.-39.: Pravargya
40.: the final adhyaya is the famous Isha Upanishad.

The Shukla Yajurveda has two branches: Vajasaneyi Madhyandiniya & Vajasaneyi Kanva.
Vajasaneyi Madhyandiniya is originally of Mithila and Vajasaneyi Kanva is of originally Kosala.

Sri Shukla Yajur Veda originally had 15 Sakhas out of which only two Sakhas or branches, called Madyandina and Kanva Sakhas are available at present . 

The Vedic rituals of the Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, the second biggest temple in India, are performed according to the Kanva shakha ( Shulka ) .

Madyandina Saha was used by the north India fake mutts while Kanva Sakha is used in South India’s FAKE mutts. Today even Zakir Naik quotes from Yajur Veda to ridicule Hindus.

Adi Shankaracharya had taken the original YAJUR VEDA from the Kerala namboodiris and deposited it in the librarby of the original Sringeri Mutt 4000 years ago--.

The North India ( white ) versus South India ( black ) divide by an immoral DIVIDE introduced by the white invader.

They even made Yagnavalkya , an avatar of Vishnu.

So what are the splinter groups?

Madhyandina Yajurveda: for North India- Pakistan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat , Maharashtra ,, West Bengal, Assam, Nepal. This branch includes Madhyandina Samhita, Madhyandina Shatapatha Brahmana, Ishavasya Upanishad and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

Kanva Yajurveda: for Nepal, HP, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Orissa party has a different text.

Charaka Yajurveda: for Maharashtra, adjacent parts of Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh. They now follow Maitrayani YV shakha, as the white invader took texts away .

Maitrayani Yajurveda: for Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan
Kathaka Yajurveda: Kashmir, Punjab and HP

Charayaniya Katha Yajurveda: for Kashmir.

Kapisthala Katha Yajurveda: for Punjab and, Gujarat.

Jabala Yajurveda: Maharashra and Gujarat

Taittiriya Yajurveda: South India . The Taittiriyas are splintered into numerous sub-schools. 

Baudhayana and Apastamba were found all over South India , Hiranyakeshins in Konkan and Western Maharashtra. The Vaikhanasas around Tirupati and Chennai. The Vadhulas in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Agniveshyas, in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Kauthuma Shukla Yajurveda: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal (tradition has been revived recently).

Ranayaniya Shukla Yajurveda: Orissa, Maharashtra, Karnataka ,Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Jaiminiya/Talavakara Shukla Yajurveda: Kerala and Tamil Nadu Brahmins.

Shatyayaniya Shukla Yajurveda: Tamil Nadu.

Gautama Shukla Yajurveda: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh.

Bhallavi Shukla Yajurveda: Karnataka.

Other Shakhas of Yajurveda: A text called 'Yajurvedavriksha' gives the geographical distribution of more than 100 Shakhas of Yajurveda.


The white invader even introduces different pronounciations – for example the North Indian Brahmins pronounce the syllable as .

The white invader introduces difference in TIME. The Shukla Yajurvedis are classified into two groups called the Madhyandins and the Kanavas. These IDIOTS perform Sandhya Vandana at noon. 

Well, I am getting cynical and this is NO good.

Generally the Krishna Yajurveda includes the Brahmana prose discussions mixed within the Samhita, while the Shukla Yajurveda has separately a Brahmana text, the Shatapatha Brahmana.

Shukla Yajurveda is also known as Vajasaneya Yajurveda, because it was evolved in great rapidity by Sun who was in the form of a horse through his manes .The rhythm of recital of these vedas is set to the rhythm of the horse gallop . 

In Sanskrit, term "Vaji" means horse. Yajnavalkya divided s Vajasaneya Yajurveda again into fifteen branches, each branch comprising hundreds of Yajus Mantras.

According to the Mahabhasya of Patanjali, there were 21 shakhas of Rigveda, 9 of Atharvaveda, 101 of Yajurveda , and 1000 varieties of chanting of Samaveda. 

Only 20 or so Shakhas of the Vedas are extant now, we do possess names of most of the lost Shakhas of the Rigveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda.

Fragments of many of the lost shakhas are also available as quotations in ancient works. For the Samaveda, we do not have more than 40 names extant.

Imagine the damage done by the VULGAR white invader to Hinduism.

The immoral white invader did NOT even leave the 6000 year old Ayurvedic text  Charaka Samhita UN sodomised.    He INJECTED POISON  over brandy and cigars , that Ayurveda prescribes BEEF as a medicine for various diseases.   And the LARD of the beef is prescribed for debility and rheumatism.  


Hey, I have just sprouted long ears !!

The white invaded tom tommed that Buddha rejected animal sacrifice when none existed.  Buddha criticized Ashwamedha horse sacrifice as a bad practice.  

Well sorry to tell Buddha and his white invader sponsors this  —





Asura King Mahabali of Kerala did the Ashwamedha yagam and made the devas terribly nervous .

Below: The richest and most beautiful nation on this planet KERALA was never captured by foreign forces due to the Kalari martial arts tradition .  The French branch of Rothschild gave rockets and long range cannons to Tipu Sultan to blast the Kerala temple vaults ( gold ) , and for the first time Kerala came under alien rule .  Today the Italian waitress and hey chamcha Salman Khurshid are trying to establish that "freedom fighter" Tipu Sultan invented rockets (sic !).

And all these stories of Hindu kings like FAKE Ashoka getting disillusioned with BAAAD BAAAD Hindusim ( due to human / animal sacrifices ) and converting to GOODIE GOOOD Buddhism are cooked up stories by the immoral white invader over brandy and cigars.  

Ashoka never existed.

Punch into Google search -

The white man tom tommed that Adi Shankaracharya prevented Hindus from converting to Buddhism by reviving Hinduism.

Sorry, Adi Shankaracharya was born in 2000 BC ,  before Buddha.

Islamic historians have documented that Babur, the first Mughal emperor, in his will to his son Humayun, advised him to respect the cow and avoid cow slaughter if he wished to rule peacefully.

The white invader has managed to sustain animal sacrifice ( caru ) in Bali . Dutch East India Company established themselves in Bali in 1602.  

Today single Western women love to go to Bali ( alone ) to have sex with  'Kuta Cowboys',  gigolos.  Bali is also a head office for white pedophiles from all over the world. 

In 19 February 2013, government officials announced measures to combat pedophilia in Bali.  

These displaced pedophiles are now afforded VISA ON ARRIVAL by the Narendra Modi Govt  -- a darling govt of the Zionists. 

If BRICS has to break down it will be India under Narendra Modi who will break it down.

The white invader let his imagination run riot.  He even arranges an annual sacrificial slaughter of up to –hold your breath- turtles in Bengal.   The Bengal universities has all R stooge vice chancellors who allowed animal sacrifice in university campuses on Mahanavami after the morning puja .  If they do NOT comply they stood to lose their cushy jobs.

In Jewish ritual, every Kosher sacrifice required sanctification (ḥakdashah), and was to be brought into the court of the sanctuary (haḳrabah).   The animal cannot have a blemish or broken bones.   The four stages of Jewish sacrifice slaughter (sheḥiṭah), receiving the blood (ḳabbalah) carrying the blood to the alter (holakah) sprinkling the blood (zeriḳah).

These are the guys who show FAKE horror to the non-existent animal sacrifices in Vedic literature.  

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was an Opium drug runner , who did massive damage to Hinduism.

Punch int Google search  -


Let a white tourist ask any Hindu to respond spontaneously to this question:  What are the two most holy things in your religion?  

Chances are the first two responses will be the holy Vedas written down in 5000 BC and the HUMPED vedic cow.

We have been cheated off our HUMPED vedic cow which gave nutritious A2 milk.   The switch was made by Kerala Syrian Jew nay Christian Verghese Kurian from my hometown Calicut.   Kurian is the darling of your BENAMI main stream media - they call him the father of the WHITE REVOLUTION .

Today we Indians get only toxic A1 milk of HUMPLESS cows .  

The white men now drinks A2 milk of our HUMPED Vedic cows .

Our PM Narendra Modi cant stop singing the praises of his GUJJU Amul milk factory and his GUJJU milk marketing federation which churns out only TOXIC A1 milk of western HUMPLESS cow . 

Modi saab you are now the PM of India - NOT the CM of Gujarat .   High time to leave GUJJU stuff behind .

Punch into Google search -

The urine of HUMPED vedic cow can prevent and cure lots of diseases . This is why we Indians hold the vedic HUMPED cow as holy .

Punch into Google search -

We Indians are NOT stupid to kill our cows .

Ever since we started using western artificial chemical laden fertilisers , our lakes and water bodies have started dying.

Punch into Google search –


The immoral white invader painted Manu as an EVIL man to drive fissures into Hinduism, to DIVIDE AND RULE . 

The white man poison injected Manu Smriti. 

Here is a small example - Ch 5 which deals with food.

"To perform sacrifices Brahmins may kill sanctioned animals and birds, as also to feed their dependants ... for at the ancient sacrifices of seers and the Soma offerings ... the sacrificial cakes were prepared with the meat of permitted animals and birds." (5.22-23)

´He may eat meat when it is sacrificially consecrated, at the behest of Brahmins, when he is ritually commissioned according to rule...(5.27).

´There is no fault in eating meat ... that is the natural activity of creatures. (5.56).



Manu Smriti is one of the foremost documents on Hindu dharma. 

The white Christian invader injected poison into this noble and graceful document, for immoral purposes of “divide and rule” and conversions of disgruntled Hindu low castes  into Christianity.

They injected falsehoods that Manu wrote that Shudras  ( low caste dalits ) are made from the feet of god,  while brahmins ( upper caste ) have been made from the head,  the Kshatriyas ( warriors ) from the arms and vaishyas ( skilled labour and traders ) from the thighs.

Absolutely ridiculous things were injected by the vulgar white man with the help of stooges like BR Ambedkar and EVR Periyar-- like   -

” If a shudra listens to the Vedas molten lead should be poured into his ears “ .

Hey you white CHOOTS - why not molten copper up his a$$hole.

Why this partiality to lead ? 


Prithee ?


Swami Vivekananda gave in to the white man and announced in writing that ancient Hindus used to eat meat. 

He wrote:- 
"You will be astonished if I tell you that, according to the old ceremonials, he is not a good Hindu who does not eat beef. On certain occasions he must sacrifice a bull and eat it."   -The complete works of Swami Vivekananda, Volume 3, Pg 536 

Capt Ajit Vadakayil tells this   - When Swami Vivekananda did NOT understand Hinduism, or when he could NOT even translate the Nasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda properly - what do you expect ? 

I leave it here  -- we need some Hindu heroes , right ?  See I am forced to tell  this . If the Gadhimai animal slaughter did NOT take place yesterday ( 5000 animals ) I would not even be revealing this . 

Why do you think I started this blog site ? 

Today I have revealed 2.2% .

Above : This video was taken yesterday ! 

Can we expect Modi to even say a word on TV condemning this animal sacrifice in Hindu temples ?

- for we Hindus are now confused , if Narendra Modi is indeed a Hindu at all -- never mind all his high profile Ganga aartis !

Or will Narendra Modi continue praying to BR Ambedkar and Gandhi the moment he sees cameras around ?

So all this is ACCHE DIN for Hindus , right ?



"There was a time in this very India when, without eating beef, no Brahmin could remain a Brahmin;"

Aitareya Brahman of the Rigveda as follows:

"6. …Turn the animal's feet northwards. Make its eyes go to the Sun, dismiss its breath to the wond, its life to the space, its hearing to the directions, its body to the earth. In this way the Hotar (priest) connets it with these world. Take of the entire skin without cutting it. Before opening the navel tear out the omentum. Stop its breathing within (by stopping its mouth). Thus the Hotar puts breath in the animals. Make of its breast a piece like an eagle, of its arms (two pieces like) two hatchets, of its forearms (two pieces like) two spikes, of its shoulders (two pieces like) two kashyapas (tortoises), its loins should be unbroken (entire); make of its thigs (two pieces like) two shields, of the two kneepans (two pieces like) two oleander leaves; take out its twenty-six ribs according to their order; preserve every limb of its in its integrity. Thus he benefits all its limbs. Dig a ditch in the earth to hide its excrements.

7. Present the evil spirits with the blood."

[Aitareya Brahman, Book 2, para 6 and 7]

Subsequently, the same Aitareya Brahman instructing on how to distribute different parts of the sacrificial animal says,

"Now follows the division of the different parts of the sacrificial animal (among the priests). We shall describe it. The two jawbones with the tongue are to be given to the Prastotar; the breast in the form of an eagle to the Udgatar; the throat with the palate to the Pratihartar; the lower part of the right loins to the Hotar; the left to the Brahma; the right thigh to the Maitravaruna; the left to the Brahmanuchhamsi; the right side with the shoulder to the Adhvaryu; the left side to those who accompany the chants; the left shoulder to the Pratipasthatar; the lower part of the right arm to the Neshtar; the lower part of the left arm to the Potar; the upper part of the right thigh to the Achhavaka; the left to the Agnidhra; the upper part of the right arm to the Aitreya; the left to the Sadasya; the back bone and the urinal bladder to the Grihapati (sacrificer); the right feet to the Grihapati who gives a feasting; the left feet to the wife of that Grihapati who gives a feasting; the upper lip is common to both, which is to be divided by the Grihapati. They offer the tail of the animal to wives, but they should give it to a Brahmana; the fleshy processes (maanihah) on the neck and three gristles (kikasaah) to the Grahvastut; three other gristles and one half of the fleshy part on the back (vaikartta) to the Unnetar; the other half of the fleshy part on the neck and the left lobe (Kloma) to the Slaughterer (Shamita), who should present it to a Brahmana, if he himself would not happen to be a Brahmana. The head is to be given to the Subrahmanya, the skin belongs to him (the Subrahmanya), who spoke, Svaah Sutyam (to morrow at the Soma Sacriice); that part of the sacrificial animal at a Soma sacrifice which beloings to Ilaa (sacrificial food) is common to all the priests; only for the Hotar it is optional.

All these portions of the sacrificial animal amount to thirty-six single pieces, each of which represents the paada (foot) of a verse by which the sacrifice is carried up…"

"To those who divide the sacrificial animal in the way mentioned, it becomes the guide to heaven (Swarga). But those who make the division otherwise are like scoundrels and miscreants who kill an animal merely."

"This division of the sacrificial animal was invented by Rishi Devabhaaga, a son of Srauta.  When he was departing from this life, he did not entrust (the secret to anyone).   But a supernatural being communicated it to Girija,the son of Babhru.    Since his time men study it."

[Aitareya Brahman, Book 7, Para 1, Translated by Martin Haug]



Yajna never meant animal sacrifice in the sense popularly understood.    Yajna in the Vedas meant a noble deed or the highest purifying action.

However in The 'Practical Sanskrit English Dictionary' by Chitpavan Jew nay Brahmin V. S. Apte (1890) gives the following meaning of 'Ashwa-medha'

"A Yajna in which a Horse is primarily sacrificed is called Ashwamedha. [Horse Sacrifice]"( SIC ! )

Check out the extent to which the white invader laboured over brandy and cigars !

QUOTE:  Vaisampayana said, 'Having cooked, according to due rites, the other excellent animals that were sacrificed, the priests then sacrificed, agreeably to the injunctions of the scriptures, that steed (which had wandered over the whole world). After cutting that horse into pieces, conformably to scriptural directions, they caused Draupadi of great intelligence, who was possessed of the three requisites of mantras, things, and devotion, to sit near the divided animal. The Brahmanas then with cool minds, taking up the marrow of that steed, cooked it duly, O chief of Bharata's race. King Yudhishthira the just, with all his younger brothers, then smelled, agreeably to the scriptures, the smoke, capable of cleansing one from every sin, of the marrow that was thus cooked. The remaining limbs, O king, of that horse, were poured into the fire by the sixteen sacrificial priests possessed of great wisdom.  BLAH    BLAH   FU#KIN' BLAH  - UNQUOTE 

Thus guests in ancient India were called 'goghna', because on their coming a cow was slaughtered to be served to them ( SIC !) .

"If a man wishes that a son should be born to him who will be a famous scholar, frequenting assemblies and speaking delightful words, a student of all the Vedas and an enjoyer of the full term of life, he should have rice cooked with the meat of a young bull or of one more advanced in years and he and his wife should eat it with clarified butter. Then they should be able to beget such a son."  POISON INJECTED BY THE IMMORAL WHITE INVADER IN  Brihadaranyak Upanishad 6/4/18 

Here is a verse attributed by the immoral white invader to Adi Shankarachrya :- "Odan' (rice) mixed with meat is called 'Mansodan'.  On being asked whose meat it should be, he answers 'Uksha'.  'Uksha' is used for an ox, which is capable to produce semen.  Or the meat should be of a 'Rishabh'.  'Rishabh' is a bull more advanced in years than an 'Uksha'."

The white invader did NOT spare the Pitru Paksha Shraadh .
QUOTE Bhishma said, "With fishes offered at Sraddhas, the Pitris remain gratified for a period of two months.  With mutton they remain gratified for three months and with the flesh of the hare for four.  With the flesh of the goat, O king, they remain gratified for five months, with bacon for six months, and with the flesh of birds for seven.  With venison obtained from those deer that are called Prishata, they remain gratified for eight months, and with that obtained from the Ruru for nine months, and with the meat of the Gavaya for ten months.  With the meat of the buffalo their gratification lasts for eleven months.  With beef presented at the Sraddha, their gratification, it is said, lasts for a full year.  Payasa mixed with ghee is as much acceptable to the Pitris as beef. With the meat of the Vadhrinasa the gratification of the Pitris lasts for twelve years. The flesh of the rhinoceros, offered to the Pitris on the anniversaries of the lunar days on which they died, becomes inexhaustible. BLAH   BLAH  FU#KIN” BLAH   -UNQUOTE 

QUOTE:  "And in days of yore, O Brahmana, two thousand animals used to be killed every day in the kitchen of king Rantideva; and in the same manner two thousand cows were killed every day; and, O best of regenerate beings, king Rantideva acquired unrivalled reputation by distributing food with meat every day. BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH "- UNQUOTE 

QUOTE :  Manu Smriti 5/35 mentions,  "But a man who, being duly engaged (to officiate or to dine at a sacred rite), refuses to eat meat, becomes after death an animal during twenty-one existences. BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH " UNQUOTE --   BAAAP  RE !

QUOTE :  "Cow meat is beneficial in curing breathing problems, Ozaena, Ague, dry cough, fatigue, diseases due to burns and marasmus.BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH "-[Charaka Samhita, Sutra Sthaanam, 27/79-80] UNQUOTE 

QUOTE : "A person of magnanimous heart who eats meat along with a wine named as 'Maadhveek', is quickly relieved of tuberculosis BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH .  Charaka Samhita, Chikitsa Sathaanam 8/165 UNQUOTE 

 QUOTE :  "Meat of a peacock, patridge, rooster, goose, swine, camel, donkey, cow and buffalo is beneficial for developing one's body. BLAH BLAH FU#KIN BLAH "  Charak Samhita Sutra 158 :UNQUOTE 

Quote : Acharya Ramanuja also has written a very famed commentary on the Brahma Sutras called 'Sri Bhasya'.   Commenting on the same Sutra 25 he writes,  "Scripture declares that the killing of sacrificial animals makes them to go up to the heavenly world, and therefore is not of the nature of harm. This is declared in the text, 'The animal killed at the sacrifice having assumed a divine body goes to the heavenly world'; 'with a golden body it ascends to the heavenly world.' An action which is the means of supreme exaltation is not of the nature of harm, even if it involves some little pain; it rather is of beneficial nature." BLAH BLAH FU#KIN’ BLAH : UNQUOTE

QUOTE :  "Yajna is good for everyone, and no one is injured. The animals who are sacrificed, also gain ultimate good. The ancestors say, "the animals that are sacrificed in the Yajna, obtain the higher worlds  BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH "  :   Rigveda 1/1/4 :UNQUOTE 

QUOTE In the Ashwamedha Yagna 600 animals were killed, and its finalé was the sacrifice of 21 cows. ( some bullshit Gopatha Brahma 1.5.7) UNQUOTE

QUOTE:  “He (the priest) consecrates him (the sacrificer) by sprinkling him with the fat gravy of the sacrificial animals, for the gravy of the animals means excellence … But that gravy is also the highest kind of food: with the highest kind of food he thus sprinkles him. There are hoof-cups (of gravy) for on hoofs cattle support themselves: he thus causes him to obtain such a support…BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH ”:UNQUOTE 

QUOTE :  Animal sacrifice in the Soma ceremony. We join the sacrificer’s wife and the adhvaryu priest after the animal has been"quietened" : “They turn the victim over so it lies on its back … the animal is then cut and when the omentum is pulled out it is heated on the cooking fire … then after the basting of the heart of the animal with clotted ghee … then portions are made from various parts of the body BLAH BLAH FU#KIN’  BLAH  …UNQUOTE ” (B 3.8.2-4) 

QUOTE :  At the ancient sacrifices of seers and the Soma offerings … the sacrificial cakes were prepared with the meat of permitted animals and birds. (Manu Smriti 5.22-23) “He may eat meat when it is sacrificially consecrated, at the behest of Brahmins, when he is ritually commissioned according to rule…” (5.27).  And “There is no fault in eating meat … that is the natural activity of creatures.” (5.56). BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH :  UNQUOTE 

QUOTE :  “He who desires food and wishes to grow fat ought to make his Yupa of Bilva wood. For the Bilva tree bears fruits every year; it is the symbol of fertility; for it increases (every year) in size from the roots up to the branches, therefore it is a symbol of fatness. He who having such a knowledge makes his Yupa of Bilva wood, makes fat his children and cattle.BLAH BLAH FU#KIN' BLAH : UNQUOTE - BR Ambedkar ( Modi's god ) 
( Yupa is NOT a sacrificial animal tether post - it is a Yagam flag post for Lord Vishnu's Garuda )

Saala, ghode ka paaya ban raha hai ! 


Imam ma himsirekashafam pashum kanikradam vaajinam vaajineshu

Do not slaughter this one hoofed animal that neighs and who goes with a speed faster than most of the animals.-  Yajurveda 13.48  5000 BC 

Ghrtam duhaanaamaditim janaayaagne maa himsiheeh

Do not kill cows and bulls who always deserve to be protected. Yajurveda 13.49

"O Agni, don't harm this our cow, the giver of thousands of comforts, the source of immense milk, yielding butter for the people.   Let the enemy whom we hate be harmed by you."  Yajurveda 13/48 

“For the brahmin, everyday was a beef-stake day.” (From Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s 1948 work “The Untouchables…)   


QUOTE “  That the Aryans of the Rig Veda did kill cows for purposes of food and ate beef is abundantly clear from the Rig Veda itself.   In Rig Veda (X. 86.14) Indra says: “They cook for one 15 plus twenty oxen”.   The Rig Veda (X.91.14) says that for Agni were sacrificed horses, bulls, oxen, barren cows and rams.   From the Rig Veda (X.72.6) it appears that the cow was killed with a sword or axe  .That the Hindus at one time did kill cows and did eat beef is proved abundantly by the description of the Yajnas given in the Buddhist Sutras which relate to periods much later than the Vedas and the Brahmanas. The scale on which the slaughter of cows and animals took place was colossal.   In the Samyuta Nikaya (111,1-9) we have another description of a Yajna performed by Pasenadi, king of Kosala.  It is said that five hundred bulls, five hundred calves and many heifers, goats and rams were led to the pillar to be sacrificed.   With this evidence no one can doubt that there was a time when Hindus-both Brahmins and non-Brahmins ate not only flesh but also beef.  Coming to Manu there is no doubt that he too did. not prohibit the slaughter of the cow. On the other hand he made the eating of cow's flesh on certain occasions obligatory.     ---UNQUOTE .  NARENDRA  MODIs GOD AND R STOOGE BR AMBEDKAR 

Manu Smriti V. 42. A twice-born man who, knowing the true meaning of the Veda, slays an animal for these purposes, causes both himself and the animal to enter a most blessed state.- BR Ambedkar invention .

Manu Smriti V. 39. Swayambhu (the self-existent) himself created animals for the sake of sacrifices; sacrifices (have been instituted) for the good of this whole (world); hence the slaughtering (of beasts) for sacrifice is not slaughtering (in the ordinary sense of the word). BR Ambedkar invention .

Manu did not regard the cow as a sacred animal. On the other hand, he regarded it as an impure animal whose touch caused ceremonial pollution.-  BR Ambedkar invention .

Manu had no objection to the eating of the cow's flesh.  Manu did not make the killing of the cow an offence. Manu divides sins into two classes (i) mortal sins and (ii) minor sins. Among the minor sins Manu includes:  XI. 60. Killing the cow-  BR Ambedkar invention .

According to Manu cow-killing was only a minor sin. It was reprehensible only if the cow was killed without good and sufficient reason. Even if it was otherwise, it was not heinous or inexplicable. The same was the attitude of Yajnavalkya.   All this proves that for generations the Brahmins had been eating beef. -  BR Ambedkar invention .

The Vedanta Sutra which proclaims the doctrine of oneness of life does not prohibit the killing of animals for sacrificial purposes as is evident from 11.1.28.  In the second place, if the transformation was due to the desire to realise the ideal of Advaita then there is no reason why it should have stopped with the cow.  It should have extended to all other animals.-- BR Ambedkar invention 

 The Brahadamyaka Upanishad upholds the doctrine of transmigration (vi.2) and yet recommends that if a man desires to have a learned son born to him he should prepare a mass of the flesh of the bull or ox or of other flesh with rice and ghee. - BR Ambedkar invention 

Buddhism was at one time the religion of the majority of the people of India. It continued to be the religion of the masses for hundreds of years. It attacked Brahmanism on all sides as no religion had done before.  Brahmanism was on the wane and if not on the wane, it was certainly on the defensive. As a result of the spread of Buddhism, the Brahmins had lost all power and prestige at the Royal Court and among the people. They were smarting under the defeat they had suffered at the hands of Buddhism and were making all possible efforts to regain their power and prestige. Buddhism had made so deep an impression on the minds of the masses and had taken such a hold of them that it was absolutely impossible for the Brahmins to fight the Buddhists except by accepting their ways and means and practising the Buddhist creed in its extreme form. After the death of Buddha his followers started setting up the images of the Buddha and building stupas. The Brahmins followed it. They, in their turn, built temples and installed in them images of Shiva, Vishnu and Ram and Krishna etc – all with the object of drawing away the crowd that was attracted by the image worship of Buddha. That is how temples and images which had no place in Brahmanism came into Hinduism. The Buddhists rejected the Brahmanic religion which consisted of Yajna and animal sacrifice, particularly of the cow. The objection to the sacrifice of the cow had taken a strong hold of the minds of the masses especially as they were an agricultural population and the cow was a very useful animal. The Brahmins in all probability had come to be hated as the killer of cows in the same way as the guest had come to be hated as Gognha, the killer of the cow by the householder, because whenever he came a cow had to be killed in his honour. That being the case, the Brahmins could do nothing to improve their position against the Buddhists except by giving up the Yajna as a form of worship and the sacrifice of the cow.  BR Ambedkar invention -nay- uska rangeen sapne !

That the object of the Brahmins in giving up beef-eating was to snatch away from the Buddhist Bhikshus the supremacy they had acquired is evidenced by the adoption of vegetarianism by Brahmins.    Why did the Brahmins become vegetarian? The answer is that without becoming vegetarian the Brahmins could not have recovered the ground they had lost to their rival namely Buddhism. In this connection it must be remembered that there was one aspect in which Brahmanism suffered in public esteem as compared to Buddhism. That was the practice of animal sacrifice which was the essence of Brahmanism and to which Buddhism was deadly opposed. That in an agricultural population there should be respect for Buddhism and revulsion against Brahmanism which involved slaughter of animals including cows and bullocks is only natural. What could the Brahmins do to recover the lost ground?  To go one better than the Buddhist Bhikshus not only to give up meat-eating but to become vegetarians- which they did.   BR Ambedkar invention -nay- uska rangeen sapne ! 

As the Buddhist Bhikshus did eat meat the Brahmins had no reason to give it up. Why then did the Brahmins give up meat-eating and become vegetarians? It was because they did not want to put themselves merely on the same footing in the eyes of the public as the Buddhist Bhikshus.----BR Ambedkar's delusions 

The brahmins wanted to oust the Buddhists from the place of honour and respect which they had acquired in the minds of the masses by their opposition to the killing of the cow for sacrificial purposes. To achieve their purpose the Brahmins had to adopt the usual tactics of a reckless adventurer. It is to beat extremism with extremism. It is the strategy which all rightists use to overcome the leftists. The only way to beat the Buddhists was to go a step further and be vegetarians.-- BR Ambedkar's delusions 

If you want to destroy a society, destroy its history and the society will get destroyed automatically. – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Dr. B.R.Ambedkar’s views on the Vedas:--

“Now the Brahmins have left no room for doubt, for they have propounded a most mischievous dogma which the Brahmins have spread among the masses, is the dogma of the infallibility of the Vedas. The Vedas are a worthless set of books. There is no reason either to call them sacred or infallible.  Nobody has had the courage to ask why these worthless books which contain nothing but invocation to tribal gods to destroy the enemies, loot their property and give it to their followers, have been made sacred and infallible. But the time has come when the Hindu mind must be freed from the hold which the silly ideas propagated by the Brahmins, are on them. Without this liberation India has no future. I have undertaken this task knowing full well what risk it involves. I am not afraid of consequences. I shall be happy if I succeed in stirring the masses”

SIR Ambedkar  had found out the hard way that Hinduism is so deeply rooted that it cannot be destroyed. 

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Aghnyaa yajamaanasya pashoonpahi
“O human! animals are Aghnya – not to be killed. Protect the animals”   Yajurveda 1.1

Sattva food ( devoid of meat ) increases the duration of life, purifies one’s existence and gives strength, health, happiness and satisfaction… Such foods are wholesome and pleasing to the heart           – Bhagavad Gita,  17.8

Vedic society was a strictly vegetarian society because a vegetarian diet is conducive to higher spiritual realization.    Meat eating is THE the greatest obstacles on the path of spiritual progress.  

White tourists come to India for liberation. They convert to vegans for a couple of weeks .  It is then they realize that bondage and liberation are states of mind.   They realize the state that liberates the spirit from the illusion of bondage and suffering.

Beyond the intellect is a subtler level from which our power of will arises. Human consciousness and human behavior are nothing but the states and activities of these various bodies of vibrating energy.  Toxic energies can also manifest as physical illnesses or defects.   

Meat is  toxic to the body. Their ingestion creates negative energies. On the other hand, fruits, vegetables, and grains are reservoirs of pure, basic life energies which are very light and malleable. 

These energies are easily assimilated into all our bodies and made to take on our specific, unique life vibrations and karmic patterns.  Being vegan facilitates spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness.

There is a true correlation between our food choices and violence in the world.  The only person who would disagree with that is a meat-eater.    

Since these meat eating, single holy book,  burial religions came , has this planet known any peace ?   
No chemical carcinogen is nearly so important in causing human cancer as animal protein.  Meat brings out negative qualities such as fear, anger, ingratitude , anxiety, aggressiveness.

“Mind consists of food. That which is the subtle part of milk moves upward when the milk is churned and becomes butter. In the same manner, the subtle part of the food that is eaten moves upward and becomes mind. Thus, mind consists of food” (Chandogya Upanishad 6.5.4, 6.6.1,2,5). -

Ahimsa  means kindness and non-violence towards all living things including animals;  it respects living beings as a unity, and includes the belief that all living things are connected.

This is very different from Illuminati agent  Gandhi’s ahimsa where he recruited 13 lakh Indian soldiers for the first World War ( to create the state of Israel ) and reminded his recruits to kill only the Germans and NOT the white invader who robbed India blind.

"What need there be said of those innocent and healthy creatures endued with love of life, when they are sought to be slain by sinful wretches subsisting by slaughter? For this reason, O monarch, know that the discarding of meat is the highest refuge of religion, of heaven, and of happiness. Abstention from injury is the highest religion. It is, again, the highest penance. It is also the highest truths from which all duty proceeds. Flesh cannot be had from grass or wood or stone. Unless a living creature is slain, it cannot be had. Hence is the fault in eating flesh... That man who abstains from meat, is never put in fear, O king, by any creature. All creatures seek his protection. He never causes any anxiety in others, and himself has never to become anxious. If there were nobody who ate flesh there would then be nobody to kill living creatures. The man who kills living creatures kill them for the sake of the person who eats flesh. If flesh were regarded as inedible, there would then be no slaughter of living creatures. It is for the sake of the eater that the slaughter of living creatures goes on in the world. Since, O thou of great splendour, the period of life is shortened of persons who slaughter living creatures or cause them to be slaughtered, it is clear that the person who wishes his own good should give up meat entirely... The purchaser of flesh performs himsa [violence] by his wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the killer does himsa by actually tying and killing the animal. Thus, there are three forms of killing. He who brings flesh or sends for it, he who cuts off the limbs of an animal, and he who purchases, sells, or cooks flesh and eats it—all of these are to be considered meat-eaters." (Mahabharata 13.115-4000 BC )

"Those sinful persons who are ignorant of actual religious principles, yet consider themselves to be completely pious, without compunction commit violence against innocent animals who are fully trusting in them. In their next lives, such sinful persons will be eaten by the same creatures they have killed in this world." (Bhagavata Purana 11.5.14)

"A person fully aware of religious principles should never offer anything like meat, eggs or fish , and even if one is a Kshatriya (warrior), he himself should not eat such things." (Bhagavata Purana 7.15.7)

अनुमन्ता विशसिता निहन्ता क्रयविक्रयी
संस्कर्ता चोपहर्ता खादकश्चेति घातका: ।।मनुस्मृति .५१

Meaning: One who promotes or supports non-vegetarianism, the butcher, one who sells or purchases meat, the one who cooks it, serves it or consumes it, are all destructive / vicious in nature.- Manusmriti

: अहिंसकानि भूतानि हिनस्ति आत्मसुखेच्छया
जीवंश् मृतश्चैव क्वचित्सुखमेधते ।।मनुस्मृति .५४

Meaning: One who slaughters non-violent, helpless animals for his own happiness never attains happiness when alive and even after death.- Manusmriti

यो बंधनवधक्लेशान्प्राणिनां चिकीर्षति
सर्वस् हितप्रेप्सु: सुखम्अत्यंतम्अश्नुते ।।मनुस्मृति .४६

Meaning: One who does not have a desire to shackle and slaughter animals, becomes the well-wisher of animals and acquires infinite happiness.  Manusmriti

Christianity refers to Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice, referring to him as ‘lamb’ many times. ‘Eid-ul-Adha’ honours the Sacrifice of Ismail, wherein the faith of Abraham was tested by asking him to sacrifice his son.  In Hinduism we have NO such sacrifice compulsions – PERIOD !

The white invader made the temple priests sacrifice goats with a with a single bite on its thorat.  It still happens at Durajpally, Warangal in Andhra Pradesh.    

In another Jatara in Andhra Pradesh people carry baby goats up a hill top , bite through their throats and pull out their tongues and then throw the suffering mutilated baby down the hill where it lies with thousands of others in vast pools of blood choking to death. The white invader started this FOUL sacrifice .

Narendra Modi promised to give dignity back to Hindus after 800 years of humiliation , as a poll plank  - we are still waiting !.  

I do hope Modi understands the meaning of dignity  .  

All we can see BJP doing is to fight daily with Muslims , for vote banks polarization ,  and Narendra Modi praising people who have insulted Hinduism every day of their adult lives, again for votes  .

“Abstention from cruelty is the highest Religion. Abstention from cruelty is the greatest self-restraint. Abstention from cruelty is the highest gift. Abstention from cruelty is the highest penance. Abstention from cruelty is the highest sacrifice. Abstention from cruelty is the highest power. Abstention from cruelty is the greatest friend. Abstention from cruelty is the greatest happiness. (Mahabharata  116.38-39) 4000 BC

“You must not use your God-given body for killing God’s creatures, whether they are human, animal or whatever” (Yajur Veda, 12.32).

Humped Vedic cow dung and ghee is a necessary ingredient for Agnihotra rituals whose main aim is to produce Nitric Oxide.  

People smirk when I say the West has lifted everything from the 7000 year old Indian Vedas after providing with a classical science veneer, right ? 

EVR Periyar, BR Ambedkar , Mahatma Phule , Dr Dabholkar  and their ilk had branded Agnihotra as a PAGAN superstition  .

In the field of medical research, N-O is being researched for its many benefits, including helping the body:

Maintain healthy blood pressure
Support normal triglyceride levels
Enhance healthy circulation
Promote artery health
Support cardiovascular and heart health
Improve exercise endurance and performance
Support sexual performance via improved circulation

Despite being a simple molecule, NO is an important biological regulator and is therefore a fundamental component in the fields of neuroscience, physiology, and immunology. 

It was proclaimed “Molecule of the Year” in 1992.   

Research into its function led to the 1998 Nobel Prize for discovering the role of nitric oxide as a cardiovascular signalling molecule.

Tremendous amounts of scalar energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A scalar energy field is created, one which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies. 

During the Agnihotra process the smoke gathers quantum particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and on a very subtle level neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed.

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Grace and peace !