Thursday, September 27, 2012



 Above , what is oozing out is NOT mayonnaise! Could it be Vanilla ice cream? Wanna taste ? 

 I just saw this in the newspapers--


JNU students question action over 

non-veg  food festival

New Delhi, September 26, 2012, 

Several Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students are questioning the suspension of one of the members of the New Materialists group for planning a beef and pork food festival on 28th Sept 2012, on the campus.

Show-cause notices were also issued to three more members of the group a week ago.

“How can a mere announcement of the festival be enough reason for suspension,” wondered Neelima, research scholar of a language course.

 Are students going to college to study, or play religious divide politics.  Why create deliberate discord. 

To set the record straight-- I love sausages.  But nowadays even on the ship I buy only Chicken sausages.


On my ship, every time the Filipino crew requisitioned for Pig blood, Pig intestine, Pig liver , Pig head – I would quietly strike it off from the victualling list , as a veto measure.

However last Christmas , despite the swine flu I got a sucking pig for the party. With lot of gusto they stuffed the carcass with China grass and slow roasted it over special coal. I was lovingly offered a plate of slices . It tasted good , but I also got an abscess on the gums which took me 2 weeks to heal.

So what are the good and bad points of pigs?

In the novel ANIMAL FARM, George Orwell selected a pig for the role of Napoleon. Correct choice I may say— for a pig is a very smart animal.

Recently I saw a TV show on Animal Planet , where a smart little pig nicknamed “ mud slinger “ did several tricks which had everybody in splits. Most of these tricks required a great deal of intelligence.


So let me list the good points—

-- The DNA of a pig is similar to that of a human being. Human DNA when injected into pig cells become embryos. People with insulin-dependent diabetes usually inject themselves with pig insulin. See video below.  This is why viruses who latch on as parasites find it easy to get transferred to human cells. Viruses cannot survive on their own,I hope you know that.

-- A pig is biologically similar to a human being and hence used by zoology students for dissection. Even the heart is similar where the left side pumps blood to the body while the right side pumps blood to the lungs. Pig fetus in placenta receives nourishment from the via the umbilical cord. They can have dreams.

-- Pigs are very intelligent and respond to their names and commands. Their oinks, snorts, squeals and grunts as a response can be interpreted. They have emotions and hence can get highly stressed , burnt out and depressed.

-- Pets can be toilet trained and is a essentially clean animal.

-- Pigs love music and is computer savvy.

-- Pigs can see in semi colour unlike other mammals who see in black and white.

-- They are compassionate creatures.

-- They have a good sense of direction , smell and don’t get lost easily.

Muslims , Hindus and Jews do NOT eat pigs.

 When the pig is NOT cared for well , and had to survive in adverse circumstances it can turn into a filthy creature. Pariah and stay dogs eat feces—however a well bred dog from a good home will reject it.

Let me list the bad points of ill bred pigs . You may be very surprised and stop eating pork. It is better to know all this.

Take a pork chop keep it outside the fridge for a couple of hours and then pour some coke on it. You will be surprised to see Trichinosis spiral worms and maggots crawling out stimulated by the sugar and phosphoric acid of Coke.

Pigs are inflicted by more than more than a hundred diseases and dozens of different parasites and worms. Some of these parasite eggs cannot be killed by ordinary cooking, salting or vinegar.

-- Like humans they get influenza. Since their lungs are small, this affects exhalation . Toxins in the body cant get expelled. Lung inside pork sausages can cause H1N1 flu and inflammatory disease to humans..

The moment the pigs get pneumonia the farmers pump antibiotics into them , douse them with insecticides and sell them in the market for culling, for as long as the pig is ambulatory and self powered , it is NOT against the law..

-- Pigs do not have sweat glands and cant sweat out toxins.

-- Pigs eat vegetables, but if they don’t get proper choice food , they will eat flesh even if it is rotting, its own bacteria laden feces , rotting flesh with maggots, cancerous growths of other pigs and even its own piglets. Such pigs cannot be killed even by snake bite.

-- Pigs digestive system is like humans. But it just takes about 5 hours for food to be defecated. This must time is NOT enough for the toxins to be eliminated and hence the flesh of the pig is laden with parasites and disease causing germs. Some of these worms can even invade the human brain causing convulsions , epilepsy , hysteria etc and has to be surgically removed. Pork is hence toxic.

-- Pork eating gives you the tape worm larva which can grow in the small intestine to 3 metres in length causing weakness , anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency..
-- Pork has excessive fat and uric acid with very little muscle building material. Indigestion, Gall stones, Hypertension and heart attack is the result.

-- If you examine their free for all sexual habits , you will be disgusted. They have longest period of orgasm , among mammals. Finally excessive pork consumption of meat eating non-herbivorous types ( in deserts ) can cause your DNA to mutate.

-- Pig feces contain hundreds of coliform bacteria and microbial pathogens . Pigs with abscessed pus oozing hoofs take in all these bacteria from their sty , and some of them just lie on their side and can hardly walk.

Above is a worm peeping out after eating under cooked pork and pig liver -- dont believe?  OK, here is another one below-. Be my guest --eat plenty of Pork Sorputel like the Goan Christians, and never pass an IIT entrance exam.

Still dont believe--see the worm LIVE in the video below!

An abscess is a pocket of pus with no drain. Some animals have a ready made drain at their hooves. When you see pus here ( so called foot and mouth disease )-- you can rest assured that the whole flesh is polluted.

Culture is that complex whole -- which is a potpourri of language, ideas, beliefs, customs, codes, institutions, tools, techniques, art, rituals, knowledge, morals ,law, habits , folktales , values, conventions, ceremonies etc  --- snowballed by man as a member of the society.

The use of culture depends upon an ability for rational or abstract possessed by humans alone.

Animals dont have it.

Culture could be a logical construct, or a psychic defense mechanism or even an abstraction from behaviour.

Once established, culture has a life of its own, in a cause and effect yin-yang relationship--

It flows down through time from one generation to another. it is the most highly developed means of promoting freedom from worry and continuity of life, in a series that began with the simple reflex.

Man's immediate prehuman ancestors had societies, but they did not have culture.

It can cause a person to die of hunger, though nourishment is available, because some foods are branded unclean by the culture. This was proved with the Afghan Pathans taken POW by USA and incarcerated in Guantanamo Cuba..

---and it can cause a person to disembowel or shoot himself to wipe out a stain of dishonour.

Culture is stronger than life and stronger than death. culture triumphs over death and offers man eternal life.

Wife lending among the eskimo might be practiced as a gesture of hospitality, a way of cementing a friendship and promoting brotherhood in a unforgiving and dangerous environment, and thus may acquire the status of a high moral value. This is for survival.

Cultures themselves must NEVER EVER be evaluated or graded as higher and lower, superior or inferior.

A culture is a time tested means to an end-- the culture ( or way of life ) of the more highly developed nation is “imposed” upon the less developed peoples .

Now-a-days it is fashion -- to use word culture mindlessly like corporate culture, computer culture, or alien culture , -- here it is CULTURAL --- not culture.

In anthropology and sociology we apply culture clashes, culture shock, and counter- culture (like eating from same plate--)

In a nutshell -- RESPECT CULTURE—don’t ridicule culture—

Are you listening you self righteous sponsors of the JNU PORK FU#KIN’ FEST?

Put on your head phones and listen to Acherontas - Elixir of the Ancient Ones, IN FULLVOLUME.



  1. hello sir
    very good article.
    i have posted a link to my article on beef

    if you agree with this article then please allow the comment to post; it will surely help to spread a good message.

  2. sir just wanted to ask what are your views on chicken and mutton and are eating those bad for health?

  3. hi manwani,

    i eat mutton and chicken.

    basically you van eat any herbivorous animal ( avoid pig )-- animals which eat leaves and grass .

    mutton is RED meat-- dont eat too much.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Captain
      I Have been a hunter/warrior type personality all my life (I am 55-60 yrs old), a meat eater,
      this summer I became acquainted with the work of a "spirit hunter" who was able to track an animal by his energy trails (for lack of a better word), I was very interested in this, being a life-long hunter, and a martial arts practitioner, being a student ofzen and meditation,
      I also started studying Anna Breytenbach, an inter-species communicator who talks to animals,
      I began to ask THE CREATOR to open my eyes to the world around me, and to let me have ears to hear and eyes to see; be careful what you ask for-in the ensuing weeks I became much more aware and receptive to the world and people and animals around me, I became much more emotionally connected to living things around me, I cried several times over the intensity of this, once listening to the story of a close friend who shared her experience as a rape victim-I became so overwrought upon hearing her story, it was like I was right there, with her, feeling her terror (and I have worked around pain, suffering and trauma all my life as a medic, and am not used to feeling like this); I have had several experience like this since, I have become much closer to THE CREATOR and it changed my life in many ways, I now pray with my meditation,
      I look at animals as sentient beings now, that feel pain, love, play, create wonderful music, and are very much like us in may ways; I have NO desire to hunt or injure another creature, I have since learned our bodies seem to be made to eat fruits and vegetables, long intestines vs the short intestines that most carnivores have; I am in the process of ending meat eating,
      I have asked GOD to remove the addiction for meat from me;
      Good Captain can you share what you think the morality of eating meat is to you Sir, and your perspective as a native of India, the land where spirituality was born (perhaps)
      Thank you

  4. Thank you sir for your quick response luckily I just eat chicken that to very seldom once in 2 or 3 wks.

    Your article on pork was full with insight its proven that dal,soya and ghee are better sources for protein and even SUSHIL KUMAR INDIAN SILVER MEDALIST IN WRESTLING is I believe 1st wrestler at Olympic stage who is pure vegetarian when asked by news reporter on how he gets energy without eating meat he said that homemade desi ghee is more than sufficient for him and that he will like to keep his vegetarianism intact rubbishing all white man claims that meat is necessary for wrestlers.

    We Indians especially us hindus are lucky enough that we do not have over dependency on eating meat and that we have good veg cuisine intact unlike the other religions/cultures enabling us to fight the nutrition problem as we have alternate sources of protein which are better than meat coz the so called experts encourage processed meat which is full of chemicals and almost zero nutrition(which these experts deny).

    You might find this ironic but 1 of my engineering college friend who happens to be a Muslim got admission in a top engineering college in blore (located on outskirts of blore) but instead he opted to come to the engineering college which I go to (considered the worst college in Mumbai and most of the time only 1% of students clear their semester exams without any KT) simply because he eats meat daily and in that particular area of blore meat was not readily available as it was outskirts and most of local population there were hindu tamil's plus cllg hostel mostly made veg food.

    Sir I laud your courage and reading your blog made me understand why marx hated capitalism (although communism is equally bad coz its run by humans who by nature are commit sins)and a host of other issues.

    Your blog brings freshness into minds which otherwise have been served AND made to believe the same old crafted lies from the useless history textbooks.

  5. hi manwani,

    the strongest animal is vegetarian-- ELEPHANT!

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. hi capt.
    is it true that MAGGIE contain pig fat???

  7. hi tirthesh,

    In October 2008 Jewish multinational company Nestlé aired an advertisement meant to make ch@@ts out of Bangladesis on British TV.

    The advert made false claims that the noodles would "help to build strong muscles, bone and hair".

    All hell broke loose and the Brits got terribly upset.

    How much can you trust such a company who makes Maggi noodles?

    Studied in Phillipines showed Salmonella and pig fat.

    Glycerin can be made from pork or beef or vegetable fat.

    capt ajit vadakayil


    The human body is a STATE (the highest of all consciousness). REMEMBER a state. We have arrived from the world of trees; animal’s insects etc and karmas (of every birth) continued helping us to evolve our consciousness. Human form is the highest before we attain Buddhahood or Nirvana or whatever you may like to say. After the NIRVANA there is no further birth and you free yourself from the cycle of life and death. So we have three stoppages (1. Low consciousness (animals, insects, trees) 2. Evolved Consciousness (Human Being) 3. Superconciousness (All those who attained the state of SAMADHI).

    Gratifying senses through flesh eating reduces your level of consciousness. The obvious question is why so much hankering for non-vegetarian food? A general response is that blame it to my taste buds. It’s a surface response. In deep it’s the COLLECTIVE CONCIOUNSESS locked in your mind which comprises animalistic habits from your previous births. The desire to eat flesh is deeply rooted in your hidden animalistic behavior. It (flesh) becomes an excuse and your hidden memory (that ones you were an animal) surfaces up (though you are totally unaware and your mind will reject this idea) on the conscious plane which tries to catalyze the journey back to home (the world of animals insects etc) because everything in the existence wants to be in the state of inertia. Those who live an unconscious and daft life with “eat drink and be merry” attitude have not the slightest of hint what subtle forces are acting on them. Such act (Flesh eating) delays your further progress of the journey towards higher consciousness. BEWARE!!

    Secondly, when a butcher is about to kill an animal it’s (the animal’s) consciousness shrinks. Yes those who can’t speak like the so called humans; they too have feeling and instinct. They do understand why a man holding a knife is heading towards them. Have you ever felt the painful beg for life which a goat does through her chocking and heart wrenching bleat? Fear takes over and spread throughout and this dead body is consumed just for the sake of taste. The flesh part goes to your physical body but the fear becomes the part of your subconscious. You are accumulating more FEAR and WEAKNESS in your being!!
    Third and quite obvious is the effect of Law of karma or Third Law of Newton. Get this in the gut of your Gut; there is no escaping the consequence of your actions. If you kill someone (In this case animal, for the flesh) then don’t cry like an idiot and dumb emotional fool when you lose your near ones. You may bang your head (till it bleeds) on the feet of your ISTHAM but of no help even buttering in MADHURAM VANI goes in vein. Only that person who has attained the state of NO MIND does not get affected but it is impossible to conceive the idea that such a person will ever kill, even if it’s an animal. In short your bad actions will continue making SAMBANDHAM with your entire life which will result in a mess.

    If not early, everybody should try to give up this flesh eating habit at least in phase wise manner. But still if you can’t let me give you a better option. Eat human flesh. Don’t puke or Errrrrrrrrr!!..

    Be a cannibal and enjoy the most delicious meat. This is what you are striving for, right?

    I will end up quoting an Indian Mystic “Deoraha Baba”.

    “ Dekh samay ka pher ye kaisa
    Ghar ka Murda Pani mein
    Pani ka Murda Ghar mein.”

  9. I am horrified to look at the ill effects of eating uncooked pork.

    I am 46 years of age and eat non vegetarian meals max occassionally, viz four times in a month.
    I eat marinated salami, frankfuters & ham about 1/4 kg maximum three times a year. Do you consider this okay eating habit.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ashish Raje

    1. hi ashish,

      if you eat good brands like VENKYS probably it is ok.

      indian pigs are no good.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. I bring to your kind notice some interesting excerpts of an article regarding PIG.

    Ashish Raje

    The pig is considered to be the most intelligent animal on Earth, why pig skin
    can be grafted directly onto humans in burn cases, and why pig heart valves can be used in humans with little difficulty. Cancer
    drugs and other chemicals are often tested on pigs.

    Human genetics were mixed with those of the wild boar to create the domesticated pig. This animal was served daily to the Bluebloods as a method of temporarily maintaining their human form
    until they could use an actual human in a sacrificial ceremony.

  11. i want to knw if maggi contains pig fat as ther aint any strong proof yet..

    1. hi sft,

      when i first ate maggi 2 minute chicken noodles ( costing 2 rupess a pack ) i could taste pork lard in it.

      nestle will NOT dare to admit it.

      nowadays there is NO pig fat .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. is maggie actually non-consumable fr veg?

    1. hi sft,

      nestle will NOT dare , they will get sued and the company will come down.

      people are aware .

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Captain ji,

      It is now :)..

    3. Hats off capt... Your a seer..

  13. Hi Vadakayilji,

    Your post asusual AWESOME.

    by Rajiv dixit on meat eating .

  14. Dear Capt Ajit sir,

    One of my friend's friend is affected with H1N1 and admitted to Columbia Asia now and in serious condition, with 8 months pregnant. Is there any way you can suggest ways to make her and the baby safe apart from the normal medicines and help to rejuvenate her total liquid feeding as of now in semi-conscious state ?
    RN Murthy

    1. hi rm,

      follow doctors advise.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Thanks a lot...will do...:-)

  15. hi sb,

    avoid shell fish in the summer months.

    no harm in eating river fish is the water is NOT contaminated with chemicals..

    virgin coconut oil smells good and is tasty. it has limited shelf life as it gets oxidised and becomes rancid.

    fresh virgin coconut oil tastes and smells better than ghee.

    dont ever allow people who have in their NASEEB to eat only stale rotten prawns to tell you how YUCK fresh prawns are .

    on chemical tankers when we carry veg oils we pad the tank with NITROGEN to remove all oxygen

    try making coconut oil at home.


    if you stay in a cold dark country-you can follow the video below -



    VIRGIN coconut oil reverses brain diseases .




    capt ajit vadakayil

  16. Captain,

    I'm am going to begin weekly podcasts from Makar Sankranti next year. I use your knowledge a lot (amongst others but they'r mostly sold out sources who may have m go points by mistake). Is it ok to reference you when I speak? I as because I can't parrot you without referencing.

    Arjun Nair