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First play the video above-- to get the feel about what follows-- this is a story which beats PAPILLON by miles.

This is a true story.

Leave the music of the video running, as you read this long post.

This is the amazing heart warming story of a German naval ship Captain of SMS.Emden, Capt Karl Von Muller, the greatest wartime sea Captain EVER, renowned for his daring valor and chivalry to the losers, during the First World War..

Probably the Captain of the German ship Graf Spee, Capt Hans Wilhelm Langsdorff , of the Second World War, will come a close second.

These honorable and resourceful men knew the meaning of "bravery without brutality".

All the while surviving on coal and provisions seized from enemy ships, the Emden delayed troop movements, sank two warships, held up twenty-one British merchantmen, sending sixteen to the bottom, abducted four colliers, shelled Madras, causing a huge oil fire, and made a daring hit-and-run raid on Penang.

Capt Müller's valor and noble spirit  was instantly recognized not only in Germany and among neutral nations but also by the British themselves, who regarded him as the quintessence of "the gallant enemy." His ship swiftly turned into a legend whose aura was enhanced by the courtesy and fortitude of its crew to those they captured and by their skill in military piracy. 

When the Emden was finally over-whelmed by the insurmountable odds against her, the whole world including allied newspaper and media expressed relief that gallant Capt Müller had survived!

This is in stark contrast to the evil soldiers of the post world wars, who kill thousands of children from a safe distance, so that they can have "their way of life".

These are the type of people the victors of these world wars have painted black. History will be re-written in this Internet age. It is the right of the world citizen to know the truth.

The flames of the First World War was fanned by Winston Churchill ( whose mother Jennie Jerome ) belonged to the Jewish Rothschild family-- hell bent on creating a state of Israel in Palestine.

Let me start from the beginning--

SMS Emden , the most feared ship on this planet, could hold 400 sailors , and had a length of 118 metres with a top speed of 23 knots ( about 43 kms/ hr ) .  She was the last German cruiser to use reciprocating engines, with steam .  Emden's twelve boilers were heated by burning coal. 

The Emden raided Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean early in the war, sinking or capturing thirty Allied merchant vessels and warships.

 Emden left Kiel on 12 April 1910, transited the Kiel Canal, and entered the open sea.  She was not destined  to see fatherland Germany ever again. She acquired the nickname "Swan of the East" because of her graceful lines.

In May 1913, Emden received her last commanding officer, Korvettenkapitän Karl von Müller-- a quiet and enigmatic soul.  The grace and chivalry of Captain von Müller during his command would earn him the respect of both friend and foe.

Capt Muller monitored the radio daily. On 29 June 1914, word came that Archduke Ferdinand of Austria had been assassinated by a Serbian. He was perceptive enough to feel that  a major world war was brewing, with Churchill as the First Lord of British Admiralty working as a  Rothschild stooge. 

So, when news came from Europe that WW1 was imminent, he, did not want to be boxed up in harbor , and immediately took capacity bunkers of coal. He was determined not to let history repeat itself.  

He slipped out of  Tsingtao on 31 July 1914 and was at sea , as soon as news of the beginning of World War I was received on 2 August 1914.

On 4 August, the lookout of Emden spotted a merchant vessel's stern running light. After twelve shots across her bow, the Russian vessel Rjasan stopped for the Emden's search party. Capt Muller was told that there were a lot of frightened female Indian Hindu passengers aboard. Chivalry forced him to return back to Tsingtao escorting the Russian ship.

Captain von Muller, revealed a daring plan to the German Admiral Von Spee, to leave one light cruiser in the Far East to prey on the enemy's commerce, and so divert attention from Spee's escaping fleet.
Captain von Muller himself would take the Emden into the Indian Ocean to maintain German presence, and do his bit to add glory of the Fatherland.

Taking along the collier Markomannia "with a full load of first-class coal," the Emden detached from the fleet on 14 August 1914.  In 1914, the Indian Ocean was frequently referred to as a "British lake" because of British domination of the surrounding ports .

Capt Müller built a dummy fourth smokestack on the ship’s superstructure to resemble the British cruiser HMS Yarmouth. 

On 28 August 1914, Emden then slipped through the narrow strait between Bali and Lombok into the Indian Ocean, her collier several miles astern in her wake.

On 10 September, the Emden began to prey upon the hundreds of unescorted British and Allied merchant ships. Most of the captured British ships were quickly sunk, either by fire from Emden's guns or by placing explosive charges deep in their hulls. Captain Müller was always gentlemanly to the captains and passengers of the ships he captured, and he made certain that every captured British sailor was treated well and kept safe.

The British Admiralty did not learn of the Emden's presence until 14 September, at which time it stopped all British shipping on the Colombo-Singapore route. This caused panic among the British and Allied shipping offices in the Indian Ocean. Insurance rates for merchant ships skyrocketed, shipping companies could not afford to leave harbour. It was a source of much embarrassment to the British and other Allies that a single German cruiser could effectively shut down the entire Indian Ocean.

Several warships from the British Australian and Far East squadrons, as well as a few French, Japanese and Russian cruisers, were dispatched to hunt down the Emden, but von Müller eluded them all.  Some captains of British merchant ships, seeing the Emden approach, would salute her, mistaking her for the Yarmouth. 

Instead, the Emden would fire a shot over the bow, hoist the German naval ensign, and signal "stop at once – do not wireless." And even if the enemy Captain did wireless, disregarding express orders to the contrary, Capt Muller did NOT allow retribution.

On the night of 22 September 1914, SMS Emden quietly approached the city of Madras.  There was some Hindu festival going on , as the lights were bright.

After entering the Madras harbor area and observing for a moment with his searchlights,( taking help from an Indian doctor Chempakaraman Pillai on board.)--

Müller gave the order to engage at 9:30 pm, Emden opened fire at 3000 yards on the several large oil tanks within the harbor which belonged to the Burmah Oil Company. 

Within the first 30 rounds, the oil tanks were in flames. 

The action lasted half an hour, until 10:00 pm, by which time the British shore batteries had begun to respond. 

However, Emden slipped away unscathed. In all, 125 shells were fired by the Germans., it was a severe blow to British morale and thousands of people fled the city. 

Madras was the only Indian city to come under attack by forces of the axis Powers during World War .

Emden then sailed south coasting the east coast of Ceylon. He took in some meat and fresh provisions for his crew off Trincomalee .

Müller then steered towards Minicoy in the Laccadive Islands, where, between 25 and 29 September 1914, he sank six more Allied ships.   HMS Hampshire and the Chikuma, of the Imperial Japanese Navy were frantically searching for Emden in the Laccadive Sea.  They were, however, unsuccessful, as their elusive prey had, by the time they arrived, slipped away to the Maldives.

Capt Muller to the ship to Diego Garcia and dropped the anchor on 5 October. He then spent the next ten days having the ship's keel cleaned off barnacles which was reducing the speed and causing excess coal consumption. He gave his crew some morale boosting shore leave. 

He overhauled his guns and machinery and got ready for further action. Emden went back to Laccadive Sea area around Minicoy, and bagged ten Allied ships. The world Allied shipping was again suspended. 72 allied Naval ships were pressed into action to deal with one single raider ship,  by a fuming Churchill.

On October 18, Müller stopped the Blue Funnel steamer Troilus on its maiden voyage from China to Rotterdam with a cargo of rubber, copper, and tin. Troilus proved to be the raider's most valuable prize, but Emden now carried so many prisoners that when it captured yet another British freighter, St. Egbert. Capt Müller chose not to destroy it but to use it as a means of getting rid of his prisoners.

In the morning of 21 October 1914, Emden set course for the Nicobar Islands, where he coaled for greater strike range.

Off Ceylon, Emden again found good hunting.  In the last days of September the raider captured six prizes, including a collier, Buresk, filled with high-quality Welsh coal.  The crew of Buresk would scuttle their own ship, later.

From the Nicobars, Captain Müller set sail for the British port of Penang in British Malaya. On the morning of 28 October 1914, Emden entered the harbour at top speed, still disguised as a British cruiser with the fake fourth smokestack. 

During what became known as the Battle of Penang, she raised the German flag once inside the harbour and launched a torpedo at the Zhemchug, a veteran of the Battle of Tsushima, followed by a salvo of shells which riddled the Russian ship. 

A second torpedo, fired as the Emden turned to leave, penetrated the forward magazine, causing an explosion that sank the ship.  The captain of the Zhemchug Baron Cherkassov was ashore at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, Georgetown,  having a tete e tete with his mistress during the attack.  

The poor Captain got a bird's eye view of the whole fireworks from his hotel balcony and with a sinking heart. What could be worse for a ship Captain?   He was subsequently demoted , stripped off his nobility and imprisoned for 3.5 years.  

They keys of the magazine were ashore taken by an Officer to a bordello for safekeeping . A party of sixty Chinese prostitutes were on aboard at the time of the attack and the crew were busy doing jigi-jigi ! .  

The toll?  89 killed 143 wounded.

As quickly as Emden had arrived, she turned around and made good her escape. The French destroyer Mousquet chased Emden. Once out to sea, the Emden turned on the lone French destroyer and opened fire,  quickly sinking her. Her sister ships, Pistolet and Fronde were in hot pursuit too , but soon lost contact.  

Thirty-six French survivors from Mousquet were rescued by Emden, and when three died of their injuries, they were buried at sea with full honours. Two days later, the remaining Frenchmen were transferred to a British steamer, Newburn, which had been stopped by the German ship, but not attacked, so as to enable them to be transported to Sabang, Sumatra, in the neutral Dutch East Indies. The French sailors were safely ashore the following day, the grateful British captain  mailed a thank you letter to Captain Müller.

In this period, Emden was arguably the most hunted ship in the world, and yet Müller managed to elude the combined efforts of highly capable battleships , the Japanese cruisers Yahaghi and Chikuma, the Russian Askold and the British Hampshire and Yarmouth HMS Gloucester, HMS Weymouth,RMS Empress of Russia and SS Empress of Australia.

Germans treated them with courtesy. The master of one prize told newsmen: "The German officers were very polite. I may say extraordinarily polite. Before we left…for Colombo, they all wished us a pleasant journey."

Captain von Müller now took his ship through the Sunda Strait towards the Cocos Islands, where he planned to destroy the Eastern Telegraph Company wireless station at Direction Island, thereby crippling Allied communication in the Indian Ocean.  This station was co-ordinating the attack on his ship, using sighting reports .

From there he aimed to make for Socotra and raid Allied merchant shipping on the Bombay-Aden route. However, this was not to be.

72 Allied warships were frantically combing the Indian Ocean in the search for the Emden . Emden had sunk or captured 30 Allied ships, and totally disrupted Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean over a period of three months.

In London the first lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, frothed from his mouth, got roaring drunk with an inserted Opium suppository for good measure,  and  fired off a passionate memo "The escape of the Emden from the Bay of Bengal is most unsatisfactory, and I do not understand on what principle the operations of the four cruisers Hampshire, Yarmouth, Dupleix and Chikuma have been concerted….Who is the senior captain of these four ships? Is he a good man? If so, he should be told to hoist a commodore's broad pennant and take command of the squadron which…should devote itself exclusively to hunting the Emden."

She reached Direction Island on 9 November 1914.  Müller decided to send a landing party ashore under First Lieutenant Helmuth von Mücke to destroy the station's radio tower and equipment. Fifty seamen with rifles and machine guns were sent ashore. The British civilians, aware of the gallant conduct of the Emden's captain and crew, did not resist. 

The Emden's landing party even agreed not to knock the radio tower down over the island's tennis court.  But in the extra time spent to facilitate this request , they double crossed the Germans and shot off a ham message . It was too late , and personal retribution was not the Emden style.

The Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney, was dispatched to reach Direction Island at 9 th Nov 1919 at 0630 hours   from an Australian troop convoy en route to Colombo. Being a mere 55 miles north of the Island, she arrived there in about two hours.

Shortly after 9 a.m., the lookout of Emden reported a ship to the north. They recognized the four funnels, and the Germans knew they were in trouble.

Müller signaled frantically for the shore party to return. When it was slow to respond, the raider cast of the collier Buresk, raised anchor and steamed out of the harbor at about 9:30 AM to engage the Australian cruiser.

The larger and stronger armoured Australian light cruiser, HMAS Sydney was commanded by Captain John Glossop. Sydney had longer range and better guns and could do 3 knots more than Emden. Emden could neither outfight its opponent nor escape. Capt Muller realised that he was out-gunned and that he did not have the option to flee. 

His only hope of survival lay in getting close enough to the enemy to mount a torpedo attack. Captain von Muller's tactic of approaching the Sydney at full speed and firing everything he had at her, until he was close enough to launch torpedoos, was to no avail. Captain Glossop used his ship's superior speed to hold off from the Emden and let his gunners do their work.

The fight went on for nearly an hour and a half.,  Emden herself suffered serious damage, being struck over 100 times by shells from Sydney. Emden's main gunners were ashore on the island. 

The ventilation blowers were knocked out, along with the steering gear and the bridge telegraph. Capt Muller still tried his best to manoevere by using his twin screws. The guns could not get ammunition.

Captain von Muller, unable to bring his torpedoes to bear, his ship a veritable slaughter-house, and his guns impotent, forced himself to order the ship run aground on be closest reef off North Keeling Island so that the wounded might live without drowning. 

The Emden was now incapable of fighting, and lay a helpless wreck on a coral reef, heavily listed to port , at 1115 AM on 9th Nov 1914..

At this point, Sydney left the scene to pursue the collier Buresk , which had just cast off from Emden while bunkering at anchor.

The Germans aboard the Buresk stared in consternation at the charging Sydney, and at the smoking, fireblackened hulk that had once been the silvery Emden.  They could cheat the British out of the pleasure of recovering a war prize.  

Thus, even as the British ordered them to surrender, they were busy scuttling the Buresk. The small arms were thrown overboard, the secret papers burnt, and the wireless station destroyed. 

Meanwhile two boats were cleared and provisioned for the the remaining crew in case the Sydney showed her mean ness and  refused to take the Buresk's crew aboard her. Thus, Capt Glossep found himself with a few mangy lifeboats in tow instead of a war prize.  This took away some of his glow, and it was said that he cursed and swore on the bridhe , at the Germans for their trick .  

He could NOT fire as the Buresk communicated that they had British cooks on board. Churchill got roaring drunk again with a Opium suppository up inside, and ordered that no mercy shall be given to Emden.

Returning at 1630 hours to the beached cruiser, Sydney's commander, Captain John Glossop, in a most disgraceful and foul manner , re-opened fire, taking out all his personal pent up frustrations on Capt Muller.

This type of mean Kangaroo down under retribution style ( raping the dead and wounded ) would be repeated again in the Second World War.   Punch into Google search NO GLORY AND HONOUR , SINKING OF BISMARK- VADAKAYIL.

Yes, this is true. Till now you have been reading victors version of history and kangaroo court verdicts,  right? Punch into Google search RUDOLF HESS , A HONOURABLE MAN- VADAKAYIL.

Fires and dead men were everywhere, and the crackle of the devouring flames was only-matched by the anguished cries of the bloodied wounded, the maimed with bones protruding , and the dying.  The decks were awash with blood.

Capt Glossop did NOT allow his conscience to overtake his criminal DNA and  mean nature, as he ordered salvo after salvo on to the totally disabled and listed Emden at 4 PM.   2/3 of Emden was lying on the reef, and there was no way she could shoot back.  

As salvo after salvo hit, the firmly grounded Emden was reduced to a blitzed and twisted mass of blazing metal .

Sydney had always shot at Emden from " beyond Emden guns range " -- even if Emden wanted to shoot back there was NO way this could be done.   Only a torpedo from Emden meant any danger to Sydney, and this could NOT be done in this grounded position , as was obvious to even a child.

Finally, as an Aussie sailor on Sydney noted later "The mutilation of the dead and splattered blood and bone fragments was beyond belief."

War criminal Capt Glossop's own men on Sydney were glaring at him accusingly, at this ( Churchill initiated ) heinous war crime with white faces.  

Some young sailors were crying .

Capt Von Muller noted that he did NOT have a flag mast , as the area was burning, and quickly arranged a white hospital bedsheet to flutter.

Sydney then instead of attending to the wounded on Emden as per seagoing traditions and code of conduct in war, steamed to Direction Island to check out the wireless equipment. What a disgrace.

He then decided to lay off and approach Emden the next afternoon at 1300 hrs on 10 th Oct 1914.

Captain von Muller tried to organize the survivors into rescue parties so that the wounded could be brought up on deck for transfer to the island. In rough weather the breeched buoy broke. He gave permission to everyone on deck to swim to the island. During that night Surgeon Schwabe, who had swum to land, succumbed to his wounds

After a disgraceful delay of 21 hours, where in wounded men on Emden either bled to death or developed gangrene,  the Aussie Captain and crew of Sydney after a hearty breakfast and lunch came back and sent two boats with an officer to the Emden with the information that the commander of the Sydney was ready to take aboard the survivors of the Emden's crew. 

At high water Emden was flooded to within two feet of the upper deck and waves were crashing on deck, washing away the diffusion from the caked red blood.

Glossop later said that he "felt like a murderer" for ordering the last salvoes, but had no choice under the circumstances. Even today the BULLSHIT history written by the victors state that Sydney went hunting for the Buresk, and then it was too dark to approach Emden with boats.

The Emden lost 134 killed and 65 severely wounded. The Sydney lost 4 killed and 12 wounded.
The boarding survivor Germans did not moan, nor whimper nor malinger.

Captain von Muller was the last to leave as was proper for the commanding officer of a defeated vessel. Meanwhile he made sure that the guns were made unserviceable by throwing overboard the breech-blocks and destroying the sights, the torpedo-director was thrown overboard, and all the secret papers that had not been already burnt were destroyed. He ordered fires to be drawn in all boilers, and all the engine and boiler rooms to be flooded.

Capt von Muller then resigned himself to waiting aboard the wreck until the Sydney returned.

Historians Writer and Sellick record the extraordinary scene when von Muller, with a guard of honour, was piped aboard the Sydney:

Capt John CT Glossop greeted him on the gangway, shook his adversary's hand firmly, he would not meet Capt Muller’s steely eyes.  

In a gesture of conscience that made every onlooking eye moist, Capt Glossop suddenly put his arm around Capt von Muller's shoulder, and led him to his own cabin.  He proved that he was human and NOT an animal.

The surviving German crew, were transferred to the SS Empress of Russia and taken to Colombo

The Emden remained aground on North Keeling Island until 1960 when a Japanese scrap metal company salvaged the metal from the vessel. 

The remains have slipped back down the reef, where they now lie in 8 metres of water.

Today the remains of Emden has been declared an historic shipwreck.

A few years ago I touched the gun of Emden erected at the southeastern corner of Hyde Park in the city of Sydney--below . I guess it altered my DNA programming a bit.  A police officer looked on--he did NOT stop me.

On the 11th of November, after taking aboard the petty officers and men from North Keeling Island, the Sydney proceeded to Colombo. On the 15th the Sydney reached Colombo, where all the wounded were landed and placed in hospital, and all the other survivors of the Emden's crew were distributed among various steamers of the convoy, to be taken to Malta.

The island too has a juicy history.

In 1814, a Scottish merchant ship Captain named John Clunies-Ross stopped briefly at the islands on a trip to India. He laid claim to the island by nailing up a Union Jack and planning to return and settle on the islands with his family in the future.

However, a playboy Englishman named Alexander Hare had better plans. He hired a captain, coincidentally Clunies-Ross' own brother, to bring him and a harem of forty young attractive Malay women to the islands where he hoped to set up his own private harem . 

When Clunies-Ross returned two years later with his wife, children and mother-in-law in tow, and found Hare already ensconsed on the island and living with a private harem, a feud grew instantly between the two men.  Clunies-Ross' eight virile sailors, "began at once the invasion of the new kingdom to take possession of it, women and all".

After some time, Hare's women wanting some better quality and quantity in bed , began deserting him, and zoomed in on the young sailors, who needed no Viagra.  Heart broken , our man Hare left the island; he died in Bencoolen in 1834.  Hare , at your old age did you expect to chain the hearts of 40 young women?

This reminds me of a sailor's joke:
An old Captain who could NOT get a hop, decided to seek professional medical help.  The doctor examined him.  The wise doctor then sat down and rasped " When you want a hop, all you need is to drink a lot of rusty water, and then hang a magnet around your neck!"

Prize log of the Emden

Date (all 1914) /   Belligerent ship /     Tonnage/    Flag/    Cargo   /  Fate
4 August/         Rjasan/ Unknown/  Russian/  General   Taken to Tsing-Tau
10 September /Pontoporus/ 4,04/9   Greek/  Coal     Captured by HMS Yarmouth
10 September / Indus/   3,393/   British/ General          Sunk
11 September / Lovat/   6,10/2   British/ Ballast Sunk
12 September / Kabinga/           4,657/   Britis/h             Released 14 September
13 September  /Killin/   3,512/   British/ Coal     Sunk
13 September / Diplomat/         7,615/   British/ General            Sunk
12 September / Dandolo/                      Italian / General            Released
14 September / Trabboch/         4,014//   British/ Ballast Sunk
14 September  /Clan Matheson/            4,775/   British/ General            Sunk
18 September / Dovre/              Norwegian/                  Released
25 September  /King Lud/        3,650/   British/ Ballast Sunk
25 September  /Tymeric/           3,314/   British/ Sugar   Sunk
26 September  /Gryfevale/        4,437/   British/ General            Released
27 September  /Buresk/ 4,350/ British/ Scuttled after capture by HMAS Sydney
27 September / Riberra/            4,147/   British/ Ballast Sunk
27 September  /Foyle/   4,147/   British/ Ballast Sunk
27 September  /Djocja/              Dutch/  Empty Released
16 October     / Clan Gran/t      3,948/   British/ General            Sunk
16 October      /Benmohr/         4,806/   British/ General            Sunk
16 October      /Ponrabbel/        4,73/     British/ Dredger           Sunk
18 October      /Troilus/ 7,526/   British/ General            Sunk
18 October     / Fernando/ Poo              Spanish/                        Released
18 October     / St Egber/t         5,526/   British/ General            Sunk
19 October      /Exford/ 4,542/   British/ Coal  Captured by RMS Empress of Asia
19 October     / Chilkana/          5,146/   British/ General            Sunk
28 October     / Glenturret/                    British/ General            Released
28 October     / Russian cruiser Zhemchug/ 3,103/  Russian/ Sunk by Torpedo
28 October      /Mousquet/ 300/ French/ Destroyer/ Sunk by gunfire
30 October     / Newburn/ British/ Released with survivors from Mousquet
9 November   /Ayesha/ 97/ British/ Schooner/Used for escape – Sunk

When the news of the shameless and vicious assault on a helpless Emden reached the Aussie public, via the grapevive, it was suggested in all seriousness that Captain von Mueller should be given a public reception on his arrival in Australia, to atone !   

All wanted to have a glimpse of this gallant modern day Lochinvar kinght who had a code of honour for himself.  Was he not outstandingly scrupulous in his treatment of captured crews and passengers, and did he not take  great  pains at personal risk, to avoid civilian casualties ?. 

All remembered how this handsome man in smart uniform went back to Tsingtao with a ship of Indian ladies at great risk.  Emden’s  adventures won the admiration not only of their enemies,  but of the whole world.  He aroused the imagination of all genteel ladies. They were ready to swoon whole sale in his arms.

It is estimated that she inflicted four million pounds' worth of damage to British trade. Yet there was throughout the Empire an admiration for the Emden and Capt Von Muller. 

Her commander, Captain Karl von Muller, combined cunning with audacity to a remarkable degree; the odds against him were tremendous, and he invariably treated the passengers and crews of captured merchantmen with the greatest possible respect and courtesy.

Emden's greatest impact may have been psychological.  Emden's strict adherence to the laws of war stood in marked contrast, to the rest of WW1

Müller had the Iron Cross First Class bestowed upon him by Kaiser Wilhelm II.  

In fact, every officer serving on the Emden was awarded the Iron Cross First Class and 50 crewmen were given the Iron Cross Second Class.

As men to suffix the word 'Emden' to their names (an inheritable honour); the honour is remembered to this day in the form of the numerous 'X-Emdens' amongst German citizens still extant.

As Kaiser Wilhelm II also awarded the Iron Cross to the ship herself (the 'great'.) 

Ever heard of a ship winning a medal? 

On October 8, 1916, Müller was separated from the rest of the Emden crew prisoners and taken to England where he was interned at a prisoner of war camp for German officers located at the Midlands Agricultural and Dairy College (now the Sutton Bonington Campus of the University of Nottingham)

In 1917 he led an escape of 21 prisoners through an underground tunnel, but was recaptured. From a corner of a hut inside the POW camp at Sutton Bonington, located in what today is the campus of the University of Nottingham agricultural science college, the prisoners had dug a shaft about four feet deep and then tunneled more than 120 feet under the electrified barbed wire fences and a private road, to the outside world, under Capt Muller’s leadership.

The tons of earth that had been dug out had been scattered all over the prison grounds quietly. They had fashioned civilian clothes from old blankets and discarded pieces of material. They had squirreled away provisions, made maps, even a home-made compass.  

Capt Muller was one of the 22 fugitives who emerged out of a tunnel into a turnip field and scattered in small groups across the nearby farmland, triggering a massive manhunt that involved the military, police and special constables, a contingent of the Royal Naval Air Service from RAF Cranwell, Boy Scouts, farmers, gamekeepers and even women.  It took only one week to round up all the prisoners.

To a man they gave up without a fight, most of them too cold, tired and thirsty to carry on, most of them were disabled due to malnutrition and cramps. The majority were found within a few miles of the camp, hiding out in ditches and woods.  

Capt von Muller and his comrades were tried by the British at Derby Assizes. Among the charges was the theft of blankets belonging to King George V. 

They were given a variety of short jail sentences, von Muller getting 58 days.

Such were the exploits of a ship and of the way in which her captain and crew conducted themselves, any person of any nationality would like to think that the personnel in their own navy were capable of emulating such fine behaviour - both in success and defeat, as was displayed in this particularly fine example.

Capt Von Muller was sent to the Netherlands as part of a humanitarian prisoner exchange. In October 1918 he was repatriated to Germany.

Müller was awarded the Pour le Mérite (or Blue Max) and finally promoted to Kapitän zur See. In early 1919, he retired from the Navy on grounds of ill health, and settled in Blankenburg.

He politely refused to write a book detailing his service and exploits--such was the honour of this great man.. He was elected to the state parliament of Brunswick (Braunschweig) on an anti-class platform as a member of the German National People's Party.

In the meantime, Lieutenant von Mücke had hoisted the Imperial German flag, declaring the island a German possession, and started making arrangements for the defence of the beach, installing machine guns and having trenches dug.  

He cut off the underwater cables as per order from Capt Von Muller.  Having witnessed the deadly  battle between Emden and the Sydney, he commandeered a sailing vessel, the 123-ton, three-masted schooner Ayesha, and gave the order to sail. 

Although she was old and falling into pieces , resourceful von Mücke had her repaired so well that, before sunset, all of the German landing party with their weapons boarded her and departed, navigating shallow and reef laden waters .

The yacht meant for 7 people had 49 souls on board.  His destination would be Padang, Sumatra without a single chart.  On 23 November 1914, the coast of Sumatra was sighted.  On the 25th, she began to pussy foot her way through the dangerous waters leading to the Dutch-controlled harbor of Padang. The neutral Dutch allowed the Germans some water, provisions, sails, and tackle--after some grand standing with rules, and bickering.

After three weeks they made a secret  rendezvous with, a German liner Choising of 1700-tons displacement. The Emden landing party climbed aboard carrying their ammunition and guns, and with a heavy heart sank the old but reliable lady Ayesha,  who had delivered the goods.

Though the story of the Emden should logically end here, it is interesting to note the courage and initiative of  Lt. von Mucke in bringing his men home to Germany.

The Choising took. them to the Red Sea where he eluded the British blockade and unloaded his men near Hodeidah, Yemen. They then took to camels and travelled through the desert . On the way they were ambushed by enemies and prize hunters and a few Germans sailors of Emden died. 

They went on the caravan trail  to Jeddah and then by boat to Elwesh where they took another caravan journey for five-days to El Ula . There their Syrian railway awaited them. 

They boarded the train and left for Constantinople, but their train slowed for nearly every station so that they could receive ovations from an admiring countryside. 

Finally, they reached the eastern side of the Bosphoros where they boarded a destroyer for the last leg of their escape. In Constantinople, they marched up a boulevard resplendent in their new uniforms accompanied by thousands of cheering Turks.  

Admiral Souchon, as the leading German Naval officer in the Ottoman Empire, awaited their arrival.  The German sailors stopped at attention before him, and Lt. von Mucke strode forward raising his sword.  He then lowered it and said, "Beg to report most obediently, Herr Admiral, landing corps of the Emden, 44 men, four officers, one surgeon.".  It was a sight for the sore eyes.

So, in June 1915, among the roses of Constantinople, ended an amazing  journey which had begun in November 1914 under the palms of the Cocos Islands in the Far East.

One Emden Officer Julius Lauterbach had a adventure of his own from the POW camp at Tangling Singapore, where he was held with the crew of SMS Emden..

There was an Indian soldier mutiny of the Indian 5th Light Infantry at Singapore on February 15, 1915 . In the confusion he and a few colleagues made themselves scarce . This mutiny was broken up by the Sikh police regiment of Britain. 

The Indians were all shot after the mutiny was suppressed . It took 6 days to crush the revolt .  Sikhs shot Sikhs.  

This mutiny was hatched and co-ordinated by the great Indian patriots Chempakaraman Pillai at Berlin ( who was on the ship at Madras ), Rash Bihari Bose and Aiyyappan Pillai Madhavan Nair at Japan, Shyamji Krishna Varma at London and Bagha Jatin in India.   These are great unsung Indian patriots, who were SUNK by the British, Gandhi and Nehru.

Key leaders of the conspiracy, including Kartar Singh, Pingle, Kanshi Ram, Bhai Bhagwan Singh and others were arrested . Rash Behari Bose escaped from Lahore and in May 1915 fled to Japan.  Other leaders, including Giani Pritam Singh, Swami Satyananda Puri and others fled to Thailand.  Bagha Jatin and the rest of the Bengal cell went underground.

There followed a remarkable odyssey in which Lauterbach, by means of various disguises (an Arab merchant on one occasion),  false passports ( Swedish, Dutch and Belgian among others) and his merchant mariner's knowledge of the Far East in his head, traveled from Singapore to Padang to Cebu to Manila in a matter of six weeks.  With a 1,000-pound reward on his head, Lauterbach spent some of his eight-week stay in neutral Manila.  

He then caught a Japanese collier to Tientsin and moved on to Shanghai. To evade capture by the British he jumped into the river, with bullets whizzing the water around him.  Next Lauterbach stole the real passport of a U.S. Navy Lieutenant W. Johnson and used it to gain passage aboard an American ship to Nagasaki.  There were several posters offering 250,000 yen for Lauterbach's capture on display in Japan.

Making his weary way east to Honolulu and San Francisco, Lauterbach learned that his adventures were already in the newspapers. Nevertheless, disguised as a Dane, he reached New York by railroad and bribed his way aboard a Danish freighter at Hoboken, N.J., as a stoker.  His ship was intercepted off the Orkney Islands by a British armed merchant cruiser, but after five days of futile searching, she was released to resume her course to Oslo, Norway.  

From there, Lauterbach visited the German naval attaché's office in Copenhagen, and on October 10, 1915, he arrived home sweet home at Warnemünde.

Ever wondered about indefatigable human spirit?


Do they miss me at home, do they miss me
It would be an assurance, most dear
To know that this moment some loved one
Were saying, I wish he were here.

To feel that the group at the fireside
Were thinking of me as I roam,
Oh, Yes it would joy beyond measure
To know that they miss me at home
To know that they miss me at home.

When twilight approaches the season
That ever is sacred to song,
Does someone reflect my name
And sigh that I tary so long.

And is there a chord in the music,
That’s missed when my voice is away,
And a chord in each heart that awaketh
Regret at my wearisome day
Regret at my wearisome day.

Do they set me a chair near the table
When evenings home pleasures are nigh,
When the candles are lit in the parlor,
And the stars in the calm azure sky.

And when the goodnights are repeated,
And you lay them down to their sleep
Do they think of the absent and weep more
Or whisper goodnight while they weep
Or whisper goodnight while they weep.

Do they miss me at home , do they miss me
At morning, at noon or at night
And linger one gloomy glance around them
That only my presence can light

And joys less invitingly welcome
And pleasures less hale than before
Because one is missing from the circle
Because I am with them no more.
Because I am with them no more.

Jonathan Stager 110th Ohio Infantry to his wife. Submitted by Great Grandaughter Barbara (Stager) Henderson


It will bring tears into your eyes.

Grace and peace!



  1. Hello Captain,

    I have read quite a few of your blogs ( including this one ) and am really happy to know so much of our Sanatana Dharma.

    In one of your blogs, you have written about Dec 21, 2012. Even the Mayan Calender ends on that day. There is word going around that this is day when Kalki Avatar will be born, or will start his work on Earth. Is this true ?? Or at least, will the cleansing of the world from these germs ( terrorism, human suffering, corruption ...bla bla..) start on this day ?

    I am very curious to know because all around, we find only Congress, their undue appeasement of Muslims at the cost of Hindus, appeasement of Pakistan ( & in a way the terrorists ), rampant corruption... when will this end and my motherland will be free of all these pests ??


  2. hi shankar,

    21st Dec 2012 , is about denizens of planet earth upgrading their DNA from 2 strand (97% junk ) to 12 strand, full use .

    On Dec 21st 2010 the ecliptic of the sun will cross the milky way galactic equator , or the midpoint of our galaxy, opening a cleansing cosmic energy channel, to raise the planet to higher vibrations.

    Science will accept cosmic consciousness and Freemason stooge Darwin who knew nothing of DNA, will be consigned to the dust bin of history.

    This signifies the end of Kaliyug and the start of Satyayuga.

    This is symbolized by Lord Kalki , or Lord of the cosmos , riding a white horse Devadatta, sword in hand to kill the evil minds which dominate the present world, divorcing classical science from quantum spirituality.

    Future races will have clearer minds , and cannot be oppressed by holy inquisitions , spread by disinformation from thieves who dressed up as kings.

    The planet will go to the spiritual wisdom mode veering away from the current knowledge mode.

    This process will be kickstarted.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Thanks a lot Sir, for the info.. Let's hope the Italian queen bee ( a.k.a. stooge of the Rothschilds ) and her coterie be consigned to history & all these abrahamic ( man - made ) religions, who have brought the world so much grief, be finished by Lord Kalki !!!!

  4. Capt...I read about the so many british ships involved in opium/tea etc. I want to know if they were all Lloyd's Register Classed ships. I found some of them in the Lloyd's 'register of ships'. If you can please share the details of this Lloyd's Register (or Lloyd's Bank/Group) which is 252 yrs old now. Is it also a Rothschilds controlled/founded??


  5. hi kumar,

    i worked in zodiac-- i was the only Indian captain in their whole London based chemical fleet.

    zodiac had all junk chemical ships, and they converted all their FOC ships to British flag, as they were getting targeted by PSC world wide.

    so the ships were still junk , with a "touch me not" British flag.

    there was a " scratch our back" deal , where if the flags were changed , the owner sam ofer would take british cadets-- to revive the dead British shipping. such a deal only rothschilds can wrangle.

    the first thing i told them as soon as i boarded the ship was a stinker by email " i refuse to wear my uniform and my peak cap, which my wife has so thoughtfully packed in my suitcase " . i feel like a bunker barge captain here.

    can blame me-- in SCI, i flew first class and had my own man friday steward.

    sam ofer WAS the rothschild shipping arm chief.

    he is dead now.

    you should have seen the zodiac London office --slavery in the heart of London-- run by israeli jews. the brit managers were treated worse than sh#t.

    just before the world trade centre tower came down sam ofer ( who also owns tanker pacific and zim shipping ) terminated his lease.

    you should google this guy's name--he was just a deck boy sailor before.

    rothschild owned LLOYDS OF LONDON. this insurance agency also did black slave trading.

    lloyds register of shipping ( LRS ) is a shipping arm of lloyds of London.

    i remember sending my second email to zodiac , after the uniform email. " i dont want my bonus, but i will collect every cent of my wages. you can give my bonus to ### jew of the purchase dept for i found him the hardest worker , during my 3 weeks of briefing at London "

    you should see the way zodiac terrorized the captains of the fleet. every second circular, would threaten the European captains with-- " shape up captain, or we cut off your bonus ".

    this is like offering a 10 year old girl-- "i will give you 10 ice creams as bonus " -- and every day way lay her, and threaten to cut off 1 ice cream, if she does not shape up, to my demands.

    then, there was this NAME AND SHAME .

    if a junk chemical ship fails any PSC inspection or vetting, the next fleet circular will name the 4 stripers, and disgrace them. this was fu#kin' MEAN, as on the ship we start off from where some one else left off.

    so my third email, was " what the fu#k is all this name and shame -- is it some jew thing?" so they stopped doing that. all emails ( globe wireless ) is read by all.

    i got the highest ever bonus, after my first ship ( st james park, which was taken my Somalis ) --so my wife told me " either you return the bonus or do another ship".

    so i did one more ship.

    one thing i learnt was the mean ness of human nature.-- a good lesson in life.

    i used to play mind games. some of my emails will ends with--this beats so and so and Ulysses of James Joyce fame would be proud.

    i knew that the brits in London office, did not have the literature or the brains to read up james joyce.

    and i told my wife-- to monitor the London sales of ULYSSES of James Joyce on the net.

    the same answer came from my wife, every week-- nothing .

    then the day i reached home, i was still on bed ,i heard my wife saying "oh-shit while reading the news paper" --the last time she said that was when Rajiv Gandhi was blown up--and my ship was in Dalian china

    FOR UNKNOWN REASONS - ULYSSES HAD RESURFACED IN LONDON SALES. this was on the front page of Indian express-Calicut edition.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Thanks Capt...I have seen myself that on Zodiac vessels, the Supdts nearly explode at the mere hint of the word 'Condition of Class', some say they will loose the job. But nearly in all cases, the COC on a Zodiac vessel rattles even the Classification head as the emails start flying across the globe. In China while doing specials on zodiac bulkers, i came to know that the company has blacklisted some select surveyors [even 1 or 2 Brits] who this Zodiac company don't like and these surveyors were never to attend a survey on Zodiac ship. Such is/was the tremendous hold of the company.

    But Capt, I still did not get my answers regarding the possibility that Lloyd's Register's present management if they are even now Rothschilds controlled. I am asking because they state publicly that they are no more associated with Lloyd's of London-Insurance.


  7. hi,

    it is amazing the way zodiac bulldozes the system.

    they have their own paid up CDI inspctors and vetting inspectors.

    if the vetting goes too bad, the BP and MOBIL guy will himself tell you -- captain i suggest you abort the vetting-- and inform us later , after you get these defects done up. so much for fu#kin' integrity.

    my russian chief officer told me this--

    their ship was arrested at some anchorage of some port ( no names ) , the ships certificates were all taken ashore , due to the arrest. zodiac told the captain to make a run on the quiet.

    then the ship was told to go to las palmas -- and a NEW set of ship's certificates came on board.

    all russian COC certification comeing from novrossyisk --is actually a rothschild arm operation from georgia.

    i knew how to detect these FAKE georgian certificates, and on shaking the russian officer down with a threat of sacking , he comes up with the truth.

    one chief engineer who was a member of the russian communist party told me this--

    at lunch break during a party meet they made an announcement " all those who want to get a 4th engineer's licence pl go to the next room after lunch.

    he said he was amazed to see motor men coming ack as a single striper after the lunch break.


    rothschild had all the time been fighting AGAINST slavery in london. and then they got caught with their pants down, as their agents in USA publicly admitted that they are agents of rothschild.




    one of my third officers on ZIM told me how they fooled the egyptians , with change of name and docs every time they crossed the suez canal. on the bridge these ZIM ships have a cabinet of automatic guns.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  8. Dear Captain,

    Recently the yangtze river in china has turned red and is this the same effect of red rain that happen in kerala in 2001. Is this water also carries DNA which was the result from stardust and is it nearing our planet which is only 3 months to go for 21 dec 2012?

    Thank you



  9. hi rajan,

    no! this is different.

    yangste river has many industrial cities like Chongquing

    -- barges washing hush hush after discharge of chemicals — this catalytic chemical reaction, causing anaerobic bacteria explosive growth , lowering the oxygen content--and deep water creatures will gasp and come up for air.

    on my ship before we carry mono ethylene glycol FG, i do NOT allow engineers to dose boiler boiler water with alkaline additives — as it makes the pipeline content bright red.

    At sea if water is salty there is something called red tide—

    --due to explosive growth of a red algae.

    shell fish cannot be eaten as their gill filters harbor posion.

    In chile , magellan straits the several US marines died after eating shell fish in red tide

    capt ajit vadakayil




  11. dear ravi,

    i do not come on email for obvious reasons.

    we can keep in touch by comments column.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Dear Captain, Going back to the story of Emdon- some facts are missing. Emdon was not meant for a warship- after the out break of the war, she was made as one, by the crew themselves- somewhere in the Eastern sea board. You havent given the credit for that. Next- In your Churchill bashing, lot of inaccuracies had crept in. They were, even the Aussies were not bad, as you make them to be. Third- It is next to impossible for transcribing your code prior to pressing the button < PUBLISH>. I have left the comments so many times. Hope this will get through! Last- If you are not available on the e mail, I will be discouraged to read further blogs. That will also indicate that you are interested only in monologue and not dilouge Cdr GVK Unnithan, Mumbai.

    2. Dear Captain, I was successful in the previous one. Good show. One more thing- Kalgi Avthar and all- Pure Humbug. Not for the modern world. It was prophesied for a time, when it was required and to put certain fear phycosis in human beings ( of that time) the only way to streamline the public. Cdr GVK Unnithan.

  12. hi commander ,

    you have made ONLY one comment on my blog site so far-- i dont even have to refer back for you are a man in uniform --

    it is about the SETHUSAMUDRAM PROJECT, wherein you agreed with me.

    you will lose your admiration for churchill and the aussies, after you read more of my posts.

    punch into google search--



    and for the aussies--


    all journalist write by dreaming in a MUNGERILAL manner.

    i have been all around this planet--for 4 decades.

    i do not ram anything down anybody's throats.

    this is a blog NOT a discussion forum.

    if people dont like what i write -- they need not read my posts.

    76 % of my readers are foreigners. this blog site was creates to expand the consciousness of the indian with inferiority complex and to introduce india to the world--

    that we are NOT a nation of lepers and snake charmers.

    i can whip any foreign ass in a debate-- or an IQ test.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  13. hi commander,

    nothing in the vedas has been disproved yet, including the speed of light calculated 7000 years ago.

    i would like you to pnch into google search--




    capt ajit vadakayil

  14. hi commander,

    there was a time when capt vadakayil ( of all the people ) was mistaken by the germans for a snake charmer -- they were so afraid of me.

    punch into google search A TRUE SEA STORY- VADAKAYIL.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  15. Honestly I've read couple of key points of your posts.
    But one thing I've Noticed is that Mamta Banerjee is definitely a puppet of West.
    I confirmed it when Hilary Clinton visted Kolkata to meet only her.
    More over this is a very big and deep intellectual agenda which are being pushed on to our government by western powers no doubt.
    We can see that media totally shadowed the other two sectors where FDI is allowed and focused everything on Retail FDI.

    There are 5 decision government had taken recently which are
    FDI in Aviation Sector
    FDI in Media Sector
    FDI in Retail Sector
    Hike in Diesel Price
    Hike in LPG Price.

    So Mamta Banerjee has been deliberately given instruction to oppose the Retail sector and Price Hike so that she can also beg some publicity from Media and In the mean while Government can push the FDI in Aviation and Media Sector.
    So on and all West powers are getting benefit of getting 2 Sectors in to their hand.
    This like the same will happen in future.

    Mamta Banerjee is nothing but a mere small time puppet of a big show happening inside our country.

    We don't have proper law to tackle with the injustice which will definitely happen when FDI enters in to any area.
    We don't have a strong Judiciary System nor Jury System. How can a common citizen fight against the Injustice of this big giants?
    Today American people are cursing this big retails because they control everything now.
    If I am not wrong only 3 or 4 Giants holds the entire food chain of America.
    They want to do the same in this country.

    People needs to open their eyes.

  16. hi krazyboy,

    mamata is NOT a puppet of the west.

    she is a friend of the oppressed and down trodde. she may lack social graces.

    hillary clinton came to "lobby" on behalf of walmart.

    mamata said NOPE!

    capt ajit vadakayil

  17. Hello Captain -

    Have you read von Mucke's account of the Emden's 1914 campaign? It was translated into English and published in the US Navy's journals of the 1930s. I have an original copy.

  18. hi liamdubiose,

    probably the difference between muller and mucke is that the former does NOT boast and does NOT care for fame--

    while mucke has laid it thick with his initiative and bravery, to carve a niche for himself in history. so i guess i dont want to read mucke's self gyneacology report.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  19. Dear Captain Ajit Vadakayil,

    I am a retired Warrant Officer of the Australian Regular Army and now a full time military historian, researcher, writer and consultant.

    Recently, while carrying out research for a consultancy job for the Cocos Keeling Islands Tourism Authority, I came across your blog entitled ‘AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMEN, KARL VON MULLER, CAPTAIN OF SMS EMDEN’.

    Reading through your bizarre ramblings, I was appalled at the combination of bad history and blatant racism you have posted.

    The following blog posts (I will need to break my response into several posts) are my comments on your nonsense:

    “Several warships from the British Australian and Far East squadrons, as well as a few French, Japanese and Russian cruisers, were dispatched to hunt down the Emden, but von Müller eluded them all. Some captains of British merchant ships, seeing the Emden approach, would salute her, mistaking her for the Yarmouth.”

    There was no British “Far East squadron” – naval operations in the Indian Ocean were the responsibility of the C-in-C East Indies Station, headquartered at Royal Naval Dockyard, Trincomalee, Ceylon.

    1. hi d,

      it is very easy for anybody to cherry pick from a long post the way you have done.

      i can also do the same, a hundred fold more, to EVERY SINGLE historical post written by a white historian.

      a black bloody nose smashed up by a white spiked fist, can complain to a " white kangaroo court", and the nose will be accused of HATE SPEECH, RACISM etc.

      a lot of research has gone into this post-- you will appreciate that neither you nor I was around there.

      my material has been retrieved from OLD BOOK STORES all over england -- written by ordinary white british sailors.

      these books had NIL sponsors- that is why they got discarded in old book stores .

      and unlike you i do have the german perspective.

      india was ruled by a german jew rothschild, NOT by an english speaking king or PM. so i am NOT a fan of germany.

      regarding churchill shoving in opium suppositories up his back side when he flew into a rage -- i guess you will learn soon enough. it is the internet age, right?

      my two posts on churchill has been read by hundreds of englishmen , last by 16 marines who guarded my ship off somalia .

      punch into google search -


      history has been written by winners --

      the internet age gives a chance to the losers to give their true perspective.

      your 9 can read 6 for the person on the other side.

      do you by any chance think that indians are third party in these wars --

      you must know that --

      111000 Indian soldiers and sailors DIED in first world war.


      243000 Indian soldiers DIED in the second world war.

      85% came back to tell true tales , they saw and they heard.

      did you ever know all this ?

      unlike you, i have been a sailor for 40 years. been to every single port in australia, england and germany.

      as a historian i am the CONDOR, who spoke to ordinary people .

      i do have honour in my blood having been a captain of ships for 30 years.

      did you ever read british nurses accounts of how churchill used to allow his pecker to do peek a boo through his pyjama trousers?

      i have been kind to churchill, and hit him above the belt.


      like you i am a historian too.

      we are drawing parallel lines -- you trying to sustain white man's glory , I trying to keep truth's nostrils above water.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Dear Captain Vadakayil,

      you have not answered any of my questions, posted as comments. i.e. you have not provided the sources for the various bizarre claims you have made.

      Until you can provide irrefutable primary sources to back you the litany of really stupid statements you have made, you post remains racist bullshit.

      I, by the way, am a great admirer of Karl von Müller. I am also a great admirer of Kapitänleutnant Hellmuth von Mücke, probably even more than von Müller.

      This is what really annoys you about the lies in your post - they dirty the memories of two fine officers.

      Yours sincerely,

      Graham Wilson

    3. hi graham,



      i am in the process of rewriting indian history and then world history

      i am NOT in the habit of "trying to wake up people like you who pretend to sleep"

      i suggest you forget about dead germans and try to figure out how you , the english speaking white christian man , displaced the aborigines who own your country australia.

      i do hope you do NOT accuse the aussie aborigines of racism.

      since the past 40 years , i have spent hundreds of days all over australia. i have talked to these unfortunate people.

      i can give you a small lead, as to how the aborigines lost their will to fight back and were exterminated.


      by the way your queen in england , refuses to agree that her kohinoor diamond belongs to india, and must be returned.

      how am i gonna make YOU agree ?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  20. “In London the first lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, frothed from his mouth, got roaring drunk with an inserted Opium suppository for good measure.”

    What proof do you have to support this bizarre statement?

  21. “Captain von Müller now took his ship through the Sunda Strait towards the Cocos Islands, where he planned to destroy the Eastern Telegraph Company wireless station at Direction Island, thereby crippling Allied communication in the Indian Ocean. This station was co-ordinating the attack on his ship, using sighting reports .”

    There are major errors in this paragraph. Firstly, the important infrastructure on Direction Island was not the “wireless station”, which was installed in 1911 and had a range of just 250 nautical miles on a good day; the important infrastructure on the island was the cable station, which connected Direction Island to the west coast of Australia, to Ceylon and to South Africa (via Mauritius). Destroying the cable station at Direction Island, the wireless station, or even both, would not have “crippled Allied communications in the Indian Ocean”; to do that the Germans would have had to destroy every cable station in the Indian Ocean. Direction Island was not co-ordinating attacks on Emden; I would be interested to know what put this bizarre thought into your head. Karl von Müller himself stated in his after action report that a successful attack on the cable station at Direction Island would have only achieved “the temporary interruption of telegraphic communications between Australia on the one hand and England and other countries on the other.” He makes no mention of the need to destroy Direction because it was “co-ordinating attacks on ‘Emden’” and please note that he link between Direction Island and Cottesloe in Western Australia was not the only telegraphic link between Australia and the rest of the world.

  22. “Thus, Capt Glossep (sic) found himself with a few mangy lifeboats (from ‘Buresk’) in tow instead of a war prize. This took away some of his glow, and it was said that he cursed and swore on the bridge, at the Germans for their trick.”

    What is your proof for this statement?

    “Churchill got roaring drunk again with a (sic) Opium suppository up inside, and ordered that no mercy shall be given to Emden.”

    This is a neat trick, considering that ‘Emden’ was in the Indian Ocean, Winston Churchill was in London, and news of the destruction of the ‘Emden’ did not reach England until 11 November 1914, two days after ‘Emden’ was destroyed.

  23. “Returning at 1630 hours to the beached cruiser, ‘Sydney's’ commander, Captain John Glossop, in a most disgraceful and foul manner , re-opened fire, taking out all his personal pent up frustrations on Capt Muller. “

    Glossop re-opened fire on ‘Emden’ because the ship’s battle flag was still flying, indicating she was continuing the fight. Glossop signaled to ‘Emden’ three times asking if she was continuing the fight. It was only after he had received no reply (Karl von Müller spoke fluent English by the way) and the battle ensign had not been lowered that he re-opened fire – which it was his duty to do. Von Müller states in his own after action report that the battle ensign was still firing but that as soon as it was hauled down ‘Sydney’ ceased fire.

    Tell me Captain Ajit Vadakayil, what are your thoughts on the actions of the German cruiser ‘Nürnberg’ which fired on the crippled, listing and helpless British cruiser ‘Monmouth’ on 1 November 1914 during the Battle of Coronel? ‘Monmouth’ was incapable of fighting back but after shining a searchlight on the British ship’s battle ensign (the German captain didn’t even bother to send any signals inquiring if ‘Monmouth’ was intending to surrender) ‘Nürnberg’s’ captain, Kapitän zur See Karl von Schönberg, fired seventy-five 10.5 cm (4.1 inch) shells into the crippled and helpless British cruiser at close range, sending her to the bottom with all hands (678 men).

  24. “This type of mean Kangaroo down under retribution style ( raping the dead and wounded )….

    As an Australian I resent your racist remarks. I also point out that John Glossop was an English born officer of the Royal Navy, on loan to the Royal Australian Navy.

    “Finally, as an Aussie sailor on ‘Sydney’ noted later ‘The mutilation of the dead and splattered blood and bone fragments was beyond belief’."

    Can you name the member of HMAS ‘Sydney’s’ ship’s company who is supposed to have said this?

    “War criminal Capt Glossop's own men on 'Sydney' were glaring at him accusingly, at this (Churchill initiated) heinous war crime with white faces.
    Some young sailors were crying .”

    What is your proof for these statements?

  25. “‘Sydney’ then instead of attending to the wounded on ‘Emden’ as per seagoing traditions and code of conduct in war, steamed to Direction Island to check out the wireless equipment. What a disgrace.”

    Glossop’s first duty was NOT to “Emden’s” wounded, it was to the prosecution of the war and his job was to ascertain the status of the cable and wireless station at Direction Island.

    “Glossop later said that he "felt like a murderer" for ordering the last salvoes, but had no choice under the circumstances. Even today the BULLSHIT history written by the victors state that ‘Sydney’ went hunting for the ‘Buresk’, and then it was too dark to approach ‘Emden’ with boats."

    Glossop’s duty was to destroy the ‘Emden’ and its consort(s). Of course he went after ‘Buresk’ – that was his job. Glossop was also on the lookout for ‘Emden’s’ sister ship, ‘Konigsberg’, which had not been located at that time and there was a real possibility that she was in the area.

    Might I just add that in addition to apparently not having any problem with ‘Nürnberg’s’ slaughter of the helpless ‘Monmouth’ at Coronel on 1 November 1914, you seem to have no problem with the fact that ‘Emden’ fired on ‘Zhemchug’ at Penang with no warning and killed 89 of her crew and wounded 143 and then steamed away.

  26. “Capt John CT Glossop greeted him on the gangway, shook his adversary's hand firmly, he would not meet Capt Muller’s steely eyes.”

    What is your proof for this statement?

    “…all the other survivors of the ‘Emden's’ crew were distributed among various steamers of the convoy, to be taken to Malta.”

    77 members of the crew were sent to Australia, where they were imprisoned in POW camps at Trial Bay, Liverpool and Berrima. Would you like me to send you the list of names?

    “When the news of the shameless and vicious assault on a helpless Emden reached the Aussie public, via the grapevine, it was suggested in all seriousness that Captain von Mueller should be given a public reception on his arrival in Australia, to atone!”

    Your proof for this statement?

    “He aroused the imagination of all genteel ladies. They were ready to swoon whole sale in his arms.”

    Give me a break! What a totally stupid thing to say.

    Given that you have been at sea (by your own accounts) for 30 years Captain Vadakayil, or least, have been in command of chemical tankers for 18+ years spread over 30 years, I can only presume that you are a competent seaman and ship handler.
    You are, however, an unbelievably bad historian and a racist as well.

    Your blog post on Karl von Müller is racist BULLSHIT (to quote yourself).

  27. Capt.Ajit sir,
    why mamta banerjee is so Anti-Modi? Is it just in the battlefield of indian politics?

  28. CH
    October 13, 2014 at 6:35 AM
    Respected Captain,

    What is special about Tamil Nadu?

    How come it is able to continuously produce word geniuses like Ramanujam, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, C.V. Raman, A.R. Rahman, Abdul Kalam, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Viswanathan Anand, Illayaraja, etc?

    Even till recently the Chief Justice of India, the Finance Minister, the RBI governor are all Tamils?

    Is there any scientific reason behind this? Because no other region has produced such super genius people in such numbers.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    October 13, 2014 at 7:06 AM
    hi ch,

    i am sure if i were a lawyer, i will NEVER EVER become CJI.

    i am sure if i were an economist, i will NEVER EVER become finance minister.

    you want me to continue ?

    when i was on my training ship in mumbai with 250 other cadets ( two years ) -- the biggest TELUs ( oily and slimy ) and SNEAKS ( snitches ) became SCC ( senior cadet captains ) , CC ( cadet captains ) , CL ( cadet leaders ) etc.

    i used to be in the CAPTAINS MONTHLY BREAKFAST PARTY ( cadet with maximum negative marks for OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES ) -- to be chewed up for breakfast every month .

    i got an EXTRA FIRST in every subject --except OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES.

    now what are OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES-

    being a son of a bit#h, being a sneak, being a hypocrite, being a as$ kisser , being a leader who will sell out his team, being a back biter, being an informer , being the best in playing to the gallery.

    so, so--

    at the passing out parade --most of the cadets who got all PRIXES were leaders -- they all got BOOOOOEEEEED !

    I remember i got only one prize--for being the best REPORTER IN ENGLISH -- the claps I got from the entire hall still resound in my ears -- along with another ROC ( royal officer cadet -who did NOT care to become a sold out leader ).

    and mind you -- i was in every single team which made my TOP ( starboard fore top ) the champion TOP.

    i was a champion sailor, rower, signaller, marks in subjects, soccer team in both years --

    but i lacked OLQ ( officer like qualities ) of being a FU#KIN' SLIME BALL.

    so in my passing our certificate , after two years of training -- i had an EXTRA FIRST in all subjects -- except OLQ where i was third grade

    so i guess they held a special meeting and GRACED ME TO FIRST CLASS --a young 18 year old boy -- .TEE HEEE !




    this has now passed on to LORE -- never ti happen again in the annals of sea .

    am i boasting ?

    -- so be it !

    humility is NOT about having a low opinion of yourselves to please the JEALOUS party.

    see, this would have been part of my post-- GAMES CAPTAIN PLAYED--

    you made me reveal it prematurely --with your TAMIL PRIDE ! TAKE IT EASY !

    check out my training ship-

    capt ajit vadakayil

  29. Capt. Ajit VadakayilOctober 15, 2014 at 8:02 AM
    Philip Oommen
    October 15, 2014 at 7:54 AM
    When British authorities found out about S S Emden's visit to Cochin port , did they force the king of that time to renounce his throne. As a young kid I had heard that Emden gained access to Cochin port by threatening to harm the kings son who was studying medicine at Germany at that time. Is there any truth in this.



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    October 15, 2014 at 8:02 AM
    hi po,

    there was a malayali on board -- and the captain needed fresh water , food and fuel.

    PERIOD !

    capt ajit vadakayil

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    October 15, 2014 at 8:10 AM






    FIND OUT !




    capt ajit vadakayil

  30. Capt. Ajit VadakayilOctober 21, 2014 at 7:38 AM


    our anthem was --

    We’re on the road, we’re on the road to anywhere,

    With never a heartache, with never a care.

    Got no home, got no friends,

    Thankful for everything the good Lord sends.

    We’re on the road, we’re on the road to anywhere,

    And every milestone seems to say,

    That the road to anywhere, the road to anywhere,

    Will lead to somewhere some day.


    once a minister in a dhoti , came to inspect a march past -- and we sang this anthem.



    we had our contingent for the 26th jan republic day march past in delhi .

    and we would have a photo session with the PM and President.

    how time flies !

    capt ajit vadakayil

  31. Thank you for your hard work to keep the deniers if history at bay. My family members know you print the truth, some in their 90's, some over 100. God Bless

    1. hi jf,

      since WW2 , till today - your German chancellor is chosen by Jews at Bilderberg. are germans not free?

      we in india are no better.

      we are still being ruled from abroad by proxy-- our main stream media is almost fully owned and controlled by big brother R.

      capt ajit vadakayil















    capt ajit vadakayil

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