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This post will be THE most valuable piece on Shiva lingam in any language whether in books or on the web-in any language other than in Sanskrit.  

I was a bit shocked to read several articles on Shiva and Shiva lingam in THE WEEK dated 6th May 2012— absolute nonsense.

But then the owner and the Managing Editor is a Christian and he has vested interest in choosing Hindu writers who will repeat Vatican’s contention that a Shiva lingam is his erect penis and the inset is a dripping vagina ( peetham ) .

LINGAM in Sanskrit and Malayalam means sign/ mark/ inference/ symbol/ gender/ time scale. Bhootalingam means past tense. Bhavilingam means future. Napunsaka lingam means neutral gender in Sanskrit and Malayalam.
Vatican has even gone ahead and said that Shiva ( a god for the Hindus ) is a corpse eater Aghori, covered in cremation funeral ashes.

Shiva ( destroyer ) forms a trinity with Brahma ( creator) and Vishnu ( preserver ). This is represented by the trident he carries with him signifying Tamas-Rajas-Sattva or yin-yang with the middle prong mediator.

His family is shown below. Goddess Parvati is his wife and Lord Ganesha his son.

Ganesha the elephant god has the SWASTIKA sign ( Nazi sign ) engraved on his palm.

Click on the video link above--and continue reading all the while listening to the music.
Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world with Vedic verses being handed over by verse orally from 11000 years ago, when the white man’s land was under 1 kilometer of hard ice—referred to as the quaternary ice age.

The background behind Shiva is the Sri Yantra. There are 9 interlacing spiral energy cones , 5 pointing downwards and 4 pointing upwards. This sacred geometry contains the elusive TOE or the theory of everything.

All triple intersections meet at the same point. The vertices of the largest triangles fall on the circumference of the enclosing circle. Except for the two biggest triangles, all apexes touch the base of another triangle.

The central triangle facing downwards must be equilateral and holds the Bindu of the holistic pyramid . The Bindu is also the centre of the circle .
 The 3 lines intersect at 54 points ( number of sanskrit alphabets ) with shiva ( male )  and shakti ( female ) qualities making the magic number 108..  Sanskrit has 54 alphabets.

This number of 108 is represented by the 108 bead rudraksha necklace worn by Shiva. Shiva wears male earings on one ear and female earrings on the other—to depict the duality of the cosmos.

The centre dot is the Bindu or Singularity from which the big bang took place to create this egg shaped ever expanding elliptical cosmos. The Shiva Lingam is elliptical in shape –like an egg.

The vagina ( sic!) is the event horizon, which is well known by quantum physicists. Singularity is the point at which the time space curvature becomes infinite. Even Albert Einstein did NOT understand that without Singularity you cannot have a expanding Big Bang.

The Bindu of the Sri yantra represents singularity. The cosmos expands and contracts at regular cycles as explained by Sri Krishna in the Bhagawat Gita--just like inhalation and exhalation

Shiva has a drum tied to his trident which represents the big bang and origin or creation.

108 is the numerical equivalent of the Hindu king Mantra OM. When you resonate OM in living water, you form by magic the 6 pointed water crystal which is the Anahata chakra or the heart chakra.  

Shiva is always shown with living water ( Ganges ) springing out of his hair. The Jewish symbol is lifted from the Dravidian temples.

There are 108 elements in Mendeleev’s periodic table. Shiva’s tandav dance has 108 poses. Sun’s diameter is 108 times that of the earth and the distance between earth and sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun.

Shiva holds a conch bugle , which resonates at 7.83 hertz or the earth’s heartbeat. Astronauts don’t go into space without taking a 7.83 hertz feiled generator along ( Schumann’s resonance ).

The cobra snake on his shoulders represents raised Kundalini.

Shiva’s dance is the constant change or dance between a particle and wave or wave particle duality proven by the quantum Double Slit experiment.  

At the Cern super collider in Switzerland, the dancing Shiva- Nataraja’s statue occupies pride of place. None of the intelligent quantum scientists are stupid enough to install the statue of a graveyard corpse eating Aghori there. They have done it because they are doing his DANCE EXPERIMENT.

This constant non-stagnating change between black hole and quasar is the reason why the cosmos exists. In earthly parlance for a laymen it is more easily understood by the following-

( below is the ice Shiva Lingam at Amarnath cave )

A few examples are-

Energy/ matter

Particle/ wave

Cathode/ anode

Conscious/ subconscious

Aerobic bacteria/ anaerobic

Catablism/ anabolism

Potential energy/ kinetic energy

Attraction/ repulsion

Excitation/ inhibition

Birth/ decay

Static / dynamic

Organic / inorganic

Freezing/ melting

Vaporization/ condensation

Positive pole/ negative pole

North pole/ southpole magnetic

Ionization/ de-ionistaion

Clockwise vortex/ counterclockwise vortex

Absorbsion/ secretion

Contraction/ relaxation

Evaporation/ condensation

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe,
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam,
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan,
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat.
worship the three eyed lord Shiva, who is full of fragrance and who nourishes everybody with health and vitality. May he liberate me from Death and not from immortality; just as the ripe cucumber easily separates itself from the binding stalk!
The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra: महामृत्युंजय मंत्र, Mahāmṛtyuṃjaya Mantra "great death-conquering mantra"), also called the Tryambakam Mantra, is a verse of the Rigveda (RV 7.59.12), written on the banks of river saraswati in 5000 BC. In 5000 BC the rest of the world were doing grunt grunt for language.
It is addressed to Tryambaka "the three-eyed one",
ॐ त्र्यम्बकम् यजामहे सुगन्धिम् पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ।।
The great dance between two pole opposites is represented in Vedic parlance as the Shiva Tandav, where the invisible behind the quantum screen gives rise to the visible. To the mystics it is the penetration of the event horizon- the dance between the physical realm and the zero point field or Aakasha.

 There is a constant creation and destruction of matter from the void. The continuous flow of energy in and out of the material world is THE COSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA

Yin and yang are connected through


Together they express the great void at peace with itself. The dance of shiva is a perfect tango of dynamic balance. If the restraining equilibrium is lost, the universe will spin out of control.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes form between two opposites.

Colours exist only in our consciousness. Animals cannot see color,the way humans do. The electromagnetic wave spectrum is colourless.

The elephant passes the mirror test, that is why they find a place in Hindu temples. Among other animals a handful like chimps, bonobos etc pass the mirror test partially.

6000 years ago, when Arjun looked into the reflection of the revolving in water golden fish overhead and shot his arrow into the ruby eye-it was a test of consciousness cum skill.

Computers can play chess, but they are NOT conscious. No computer can laugh at a joke or tell the moral of a story –like—haste is waste   .

Self realization is called , opening the third eye of Shiva, and is the ultimate goal of consciousness. After this you can go on either side of the 5 narrow human bands on senses, and the limitations of space time.
A vedic maharshi with 12 strand DNA and a king sized pineal gland can do miracles, like converting energy to matter , telepathy, reading aakashik records etc..  They could speed uptheir chakras with a shiva lingam.
You and me have 97% junk 2 strand DNA and a calcified shrivelled and small pineal gland. The Shiva lingam raises your consciousness.

The shiva lingam is the pineal gland of Shiva.

The physical shape is an ellipse or an egg. The cosmos is an ellipse. Your body halo is egg shaped.
The pineal gland produces Pinoline, ( 6-methoxy-tetra-dydro-beta carboline, or 6-MeO-THBC). Pinoline also resonates with the very pulse of life 7.83 Hertz, the pulse the DNA uses to replicate, and which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of all successful healers.
Resonance can vibrate the pineal gland, to release Nuerotransmitter seratonin, melatonin, DMT, etc. If you have a strong enough sense of consciousness you will taste a huge pituitary release in the back of your mouth and sinuses and throat, it is referred to as ambrosia ( amrit -- mental orgasm discharge).

The MMMMM humming sound of OM Hindu king mantra, boosts the production of Nitric oxide in the human body. The lifted version of AMEN does nothing!
 This is a result of DMT production . DMT is the spirit molecule that bends space-time. Pineal  DMT is the chemical messenger which links body and spirit.  You cant observe the quantum world without your Pineal gland -- the other 5 senses have too narrow bandwidths  .

Electricity and gravitation are macroscopic properties that are caused by microscopic properties of the constituents. Consciousness is the macroscopic property of our brains that is caused by a microscopic property of its constituents. Quantum physics and Consciousness are deeply connected
The brain is governed by the laws of quantum physics rather than the laws of biology or neurophysiology. Consciousness is created by quantum mechanical phenomenon that takes place in brain cells 
Our bodies are piezo-electric bio-crystals, resonant transducers of living light and life force. We have unlimited access to the radiant field of consciousness which is infinite active universal intelligence.
We all have direct and immediate access to the scalar field of consciousness A visible attribute of consciousness is an energetic field that governs the shaping of organisms. Morphogenesis is a scientific term to explain this very shaping of tissues, organs, and entire organisms 
Consciousness is the creative force of the entire universe.

The entire universe is in fact a single living conscious organism with complete awareness of itself. The level of consciousness in you depends on the amount of energy it is capable of storing.
 All atoms in the entire universe are capable of mind reading and communicating with other atoms.

There is a consciousness in every molecule of matter.

The Linga is shaped like an egg, and represents the 'Brahmanda' or the cosmic egg. There is a mysterious or indescribable power or 'Shakti' in the Linga, to induce concentration of the mind, and helps focus one's attention.

There are two types of Shiva lingams. One is a black meteorite, which is heavier than iron. Where ever the Hindus found a black meteorite egg shaped stone they built a temple around it. The black stone on the SE corner of Mecca kaaba , installed 5 feet above the ground was a Shiva lingam in a Shiva temple at Mecca .

Eight months ago,  NASA declared that DNA building blocks rain down via black meteorites as star dust . This means Shiva lingam contains the SEED ( allegory for semen )


Vedanta talks about the energenetic connection between the Galactic centre ( Bindu of Sri Yantra ) and the DNA molecule Intelligent waves of core energy are called SOMVARTA as per Vedas, are responsible for the spontaneous evolution of species. ( Darwin will disagree  ).

They have survived in harsh conditions of outer space. They are self directing and self organising. These spore cells would be unlike anything else found on earth. When bombarded with light they will shine like the stars in the milky way.
When the time is right, ( after 21st Dec 2012 ) the star dust DNA from outer cosmos will be energised by scalar waves and the cells will emerge to give new life forms plant and animal

Cells and DNA communicate through frequencies. DNA holds the memory of our perfect forms.

The primary function of DNA is NOT protein synthesis, as contented by biologists, but the transfer and reception of electromagnetic energy.  Life is fundamentally electromagnetic than biochemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a biohologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form.

In the Vedas written in 5000 BC, Marthanda is the physically deformed cast away son of Nebula, Aditi. Aditi is the mother of all mothers. It is actually a huge energized mass of rock which revolves round the sun every 12500 years and at perigee causes lot of disturbances on planet earth.
In the Rig Veda written in 5000 BC , Aditi is mentioned more than 80 times. Aditi is devamatri (mother of the gods) as from and in her cosmic matrix all the heavenly bodies were born. The line in the Rig-Veda: "Daksha sprang from Aditi and Aditi from Daksha" has reference to "the eternal cyclic re-birth of the same divine Essence" (SD 2:247n).
In one of its most mystic aspects Aditi is divine wisdom or consciousness. Aditi cast away her 8th son Marthanda as he was mis shapen---- Rig Veda Mandala10-Sukta-72(10-72).

Above is the 3100 years old Marthanda temple at Kashmir- destroyed by Muslims.
People with activated pineal glands having gold auras 528 Hz can do DNA repair and time reversal of cells by scalar energy. Jesus Christ was in Kerala for 3 years learning scalar ebergy healing and medicine.  528 hertz produced by binaural beats can do DNA repair. Evolved Maharshis with 12 strand DNA with Golden auras can also do it.
The ancient Vedic sages did NOT have junk DNA. DNA as harmonic oscillator for communications. Exposure to DNA wave information from living seeds encoded on radio waves can energise dead seeds killed by radioactivity.
Water registers precise molecular information about the world around it, and that is extremely sensitive to these frequencies coming into it.Water remembers, or stores this information, and that it can transport this into new environments These black stones resonate 12 strand DNA and large pineal glands, which gives psychic powers and allows you to become a medium or channel.

With a raised Kundalini you are in a fractal world. Your mind becomes fractal. You see colours, sounds ,as fractals. Your feelings are fractals. You see complex mathematics as fractals.

After the Templar knights raised their Kundalini using a Parad Shiva Lingam they had NO use for the Pope.
Scalar waves emitted Maharishis with NIL junk 12 strand DNA from such DNA travels faster than light, without losing strength through any medium. A scalar wave is far different from a regular wave in that a scalar wave goes in all directions into the surroundings. A vector quantity has magnitude and direction while a scalar quantity has only magnitude.

 Scalar waves are very different from electromagnetic waves. They can travel over immense distances with no loss of energy at super-luminal speed ( faster than light! ). Scalar waves pervade all matter and cannot be shielded against by Faraday cages. Reiki healing waves pass through the earth.

Scalar waves are the point of intersection where matter and consciousness can influence each other.

All chakras are spiral energy. All energy is a spiral , rather a vortex--there is nothing called a wave , you see in physics books.

The mysterious Spiral is a uniting symbol for all the subjects, cosmology, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, ancient civilisations, megalithic cultures and all occult belief systems.
Our enchanted world is in full forward flow. It must. It was never designed to stand still and sink into chaos and atrophy.
The other type of Shiva lingamis man made and is solidified mercury. Solidifying mercury is an ancient Vedic science. ‘Dharnidhar Samhita’ has given sixteen steps through which the liquid mercury has to pass to make it pure & beneficial. Then mercury can be molded into any solid form.
A number of vedic references point out to the holistic benefits of Parad Shivalinga. ‘Shivnirnaya ratnakara’ states that there’s no better Shiva-linga ever made than the one made out of mercury. In ‘Sarvadarshana Sangraha’, Lord Shiva says to Goddess Parvati that anyone who worships the Linga made out of solid mercury will face no death, disease or dearth.
The parad shiva lingam once attuned and stored with energy can activate all your 7 chakras, which are spiral vortex of energy.

The text Ras Maartand says about this Shivaling -

Ling Koti Sahastrasya Yatfalam Samyagarchanaat, Tatfal Kotigunnit Raslingaarchanaad Bhavet, Brahma-hatyaa Sahastraanni Gohatyaa Shataani Cha !
Tatshannaadwilayam Yaanti Raslingasya Darshanaat, Sparshnaapraapyate Muktiriti Satyam Shivoditam !!

Translation: A million times more fruitful is worshipping a Parad Shivaling than worshipping a thousand Shivalings. Just looking at a Parad Shivaling neutralises the effect of sin of killing a thousand Brahmins and cows

The text Rasaarnnav Tantra states-

Dharmaarthkaam-mokshaakhyaa Purushaarthashchaturvidhaa !
Sidhyanti Naatra Sandeh Rasraaj Prasaadatah !!

Translation: A person who worships a Parad Shivaling just once in his life surely gains Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasures) and Moksh (spiritual progress).

The text Brahmaveivart Puraann states -

Pachyate Kaalsootrann Yaavachandradivaakari. Kritvaaling Sakrit Poojya Vasetkalpashatam Divi !
Prajaavaan Bhoomivaan Vidwaan Putra-baandhavvaanastathaa. Gyaanvaan Muktivaan Saadhuras Lingaarchanaad Bhavet !!

Translation: One enjoys all comforts in life and attains wealth, fame, position, respect, sons, grandsons, high education and prosperity if one worships a Parad Shivaling just once in one’s life time. And such a person surely reaches a high position in life.

The text Vaayveeya Samhita states -

Aayuraarogyameishvarya Yachchaanyadapi Vaanchhitam !
Raslingaarchanaadishtam Sarvatam Labhate Narah !!

Translation: Longevity, good health, prosperity and all desired achievements can be had through the worship of Parad Shivaling 

The Parad Shiva Lingam contains no other metal except Mercury. It can be made to powder by crushing and as well can be turned in to the Pure Mercury form by heating to the very high temperature comply with the Parad Sanmhita.

When mercury is stabilized, its waves solidify. This process causes effect on the mind. If one meditates beside a parad Shivalinga, the mind naturally gets concentrated. Therefore, a solidified form of mercury is of great significance because it is extremely helpful in concentrating the mind 
There is a scalar wave enhanced and charged solid mercury Shiva lingam at a temple 30kms from Coimbatore ,India.

Dhyanalinga temple was consecrated using prana prathista by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, a mystic. The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple offers a meditative space and is dedicated for meditation. My wife wants to go there and see the effects for herself.
The Templar knights has retrieved a Mercury Shiva lingam from a vault under King Solomon’s temple at Jerusalem, given to him by the Calicut king via Queen Sheba .

Increased heart field and EMF of the nervous system during the peak kundalini, acts like a biological synchrotron to actually change certain elements in the central nervous system into their high spin monatomic state. Scalar waves encode the information of space and time into a timeless, spaceless quantum shorthand of interference patterns.
 Kundalini has the effect of stimulating an increased flow of ions upping the body’s dipole and increasing the EMF5% of our nervous system is composed of monatomic elements. Over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight is Rhodium and Iridium. During heightened activation the body can transmute certain palladium group elements such as Iridium and Rhodium into their high spin state by adding energy in the form of photons to the atoms  

It is through this high spin atomic nervous system that we achieve cosmic consciousness, Buddha mind and all ESP and spiritual phenomena. . As per 7000 year old Vedas , intelligent waves called SOMVARTA are responsible for spontaneous evolution of species.

Shiva Lingam represents the totality of the cosmos and the cosmos in turn being represented as a Cosmic Egg - Brahmanda - again an Egg is a ellipsoid depiction with no beginning nor end - both literally and figuratively   .
Amrit reveals the fractal nature of consciousness . Amrit is NOT external, it is produced inside your head. All you need to know is how to produce it by your own mind. This self realisation (of opening the third eye) , is the ultimate goal of consciousness.
Click on the video link above.

Above is a Shiva Lingamhidden in the vaults of Vatican. St Peter's church was built on top of a ancient PAGAN Shiva temple.

Above is a Shiva lingam at the Elephanta caves off Mumbai. Each and every statue ( 2000 BC ) has been shot off by thousands of bullets by the Portuguese. They did NOT have the guts to shoot at the above Shiva Lingam and the face of the Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva trinity.

Below is the hacked off Shiva Lingam at Petra. The civilisation ended after this holy stone was stolen.

 Below is the Shiva lingam at Cyprus-- hacked off.
Above , the dome of the rock at Jerusalem was a PAGAN Shiva temple.
In 7000 BC India extended from Jerusalem to Urals to Vietnam. I had a Russian sailor from Urals challenging me on this.
So I asked him," What is the name of the river next to your house leading to Aral sea ?" 
He said "Khara Darya!".
So I told him to ask any Indian whom he meets next, the meaning of the two words.  
And all these ex-USSR countries like Uzbekisthan, Krygysthan and all the several STHANS are all extension states from India--Rajasthan, Pakistan, Afghanisthan, --- till Palisthan ( Palestine ).

The mighty 3 metre high Shiva Linga of Hampi 4500BC above,had to be kept immersed and the Tungabhadra river, as it was too powerful.

The picture above shows the Somnath Shiva lingam.

The picture below shows the Shiva lingam at the amazing Kailash temple of Ellora caves. Petra was built on the same lines, gouged out of single rock. The Shiva lingam and rock carvings are 3800 years old, while the paintings are dated at 2200 years old.

The black hole beyond the event horizon is represented by
Shiva’s consort Kali.

Kali is the terrifying and ferocious form of the mother goddess. Once in a battle, Kali was so much involved in the killing spree that she got carried away and began destroying everything in sight. To stop his consort, Shiva threw himself under her feet. Shocked at this sight, Kali stuck out her tongue in astonishment, and put an end to her homicidal rampage. Hence the common image of Kali shows her in her mêlée mood, standing with one foot on Shiva's chest, with her enormous tongue stuck out.

Kali is represented with perhaps the fiercest features amongst all the world's deities. She has four arms, with a sword in one hand and the head of a demon in another. The other two hands bless her worshippers, and say, "fear not"! She has two dead heads for her earrings, a string of skulls as necklace, and a girdle made of human hands as her clothing. Her tongue protrudes from her mouth, her eyes are red, and her face and breasts are sullied with blood. She stands with one foot on the thigh, and another on the chest of her husband, Shiva.
Kali's fierce form is strewed with awesome symbols. Her black complexion symbolizes her all-embracing and transcendental nature. The Mahanirvana Tantra: "Just as everything disappears into a cosmic space time black hole, so all names and forms disappear in her". Her nudity is primeval, fundamental, and transparent like Nature — the earth, sea, and sky. Kali is free from the illusory covering, for she is beyond the all maya or "false consciousness." Kali's garland of fifty four human heads that stands for the 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes infinite knowledge.

Kali is so called because She devours Kala (Time) and then resumes Her own dark formlessness.

The most notable Kali temples are in Eastern India — Dakshineshwar and Kalighat in Kolkata (Calcutta) and Kamakhya in Assam, a seat of tantrik practices. Swami Vivekananda was a devotee of Kali. He loved her as he would love his mother.

"My child, you need not know much in order to please Me.
Only Love Me dearly.
Speak to me, as you would talk to your mother,
if she had taken you in her arms."
The infinite proceeds from the infinite.: Mundaka Upanisad
Although two atoms may be separated by several light years, behind their event horizon they are the same or the infinite and unchanging Spirit.
The vacuum ZPF connects all. In a space-time continuum with infinite curvature nothing is outside its influence, everything is in the same extreme curve, and thus there is only ONE.
There is only one event horizon, the perceivable world, all the matter we see around us. The event horizon of a black hole is not boundary as such.

 It is just an illusionary appearance,known in the Vedas as MAYA. Identification with Māyā bring suffering, transcendence of it ultimately leads to Liberation.
Brahma satyaṃ jagat mithyā, jīvo brahmaiva nāparah
“Brahman( Supreme ) is the only truth, the world is an illusion, and there is ultimately no difference between Brahman and individual self”

The biological cell obeys the conditions of a black hole singularity!
We are all cosmic creatures, made of trillions of mini black holes spinning at the speed of light while in continuous information transfer with the Infinite…The dynamical feed-back loop of information transfer with the vacuum potential is happening at the speed of light and it is what we experience as consciousness. Information is flowing out from the event horizon, as it simultaneously flows back into to the vacuum singularity, creating the feed-back phenomenon of self awareness.

The topology of consciousness (or space-time) is what produces the body and its electrochemical processes, not the other way around! Consciousness is not produced by the biology of brains, but is rather a quality of space itself, intrinsic to how the universe functions. We are the Universe, and this vast cosmos is our own body .
As is the macrocosm so is the microcosm. Atoms, planets and stars, everything are living expressions of the Cosmic Singularity observing its own Infinitude, and that infinite expanse is at the heart of our own Being.

The Rig Veda is 7000 years old.  All verses written in digital Sanskrit.  All ye Indians --you have been robbed of your rightful place in history.  You have been reduced to worshipping pricks and vaginas , by the Christian white man, who will never ever understand the field of consciousness.

The Sanskrit mantras above are in the DNA resonant voice of HEIN BRAAT.--a Dutchman.  His voice quality is superb and suitable for Sanskrit Mantras..

However i would suggest he re-do all his Sanskrit mantras after getting the diction all right, by listening to some Indian who sings it.

Hein Braat-- you rock !!!

By the way a deficiency in the Pineal gland causes VITILIGO-- where in your own immune system attacks you. It affects the Melanocytes of the skin.

I am not the mind, intellect, thought, ego, or a supreme being.
I myself am the joy of pure consciousness,  I am Shiva (divinity).

The pineal gland of this planet is Mount Kailash, of the Himalayas-the abode of Lord Shiva.  I dare anybody to call this the penis of the earth , and then climb this mountain.  Dont even try--there will be divine retribution.

Recently an Indian author by the name of Amish Tripathi , has been funded by Vatican and Zionist Jews to reduce GOD Shiva to be a MAN—and that too a sexual pervert, engaged in enticing young girls.

His books  Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas is termed as a fantasy re-imagining the Indian deity Shiva's life.
I will advise atheist Tripathi NOT to play around with the faith of 1 billion Hindus,  the way a Muslim painter MF Hussain tried and failed.
Do NOT get carried away by the vested help you got from the West in marketing your bullshit books.
Opposing forces Tamas and Rajas are connected through consciousness ( yin-yang ).  The middle prong of Shiva’s trident is Sattwa. It is about quantum possibility vortex vibrations, between two poles.. Together they express the great void at absolute peace with itself. To activate the third eye of Shiva, or to perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland ( soul ) and the pituitary glands ( body ) must vibrate in resonance to create a field. This is represented by Samudra manthan in Hindu mythology, where mount meru is used to churn the oceans for Amrit or Ambrosia in a to and fro movement , representing vibrations.. The amrit of the ambrosia or Soma is the holy grail.  This is what the Templar knights got after excavating King Solomon's temple. Soma is a divine LSD-- rather a million times more powerful DMT. A 12 strand Maharishi with NIL junk DNA can produce it naturally, by resonating his pineal gland with his DNA, and achieve telepathy and psychic teleportation. The psychedelic journeys are accessed and experienced within the realms of the pineal gland. The pineal gland is the Shiva lingam. Serotonin has the same chemical structure as this hallucinogenic substance Soma. Serotonin is transformed into melatonin only in the pineal gland. Decline in melatonin is the trigger for the aging process, for Melatonin is the super-oxidant of nature. The hormone Melatonin, induces sleep, while Serotonin, keeps you happy and in a balanced mental state of mind. PROZAC raises serotonin. The pineal gland produces Pinoline, ( 6-methoxy-tetra-dydro-beta carboline, or 6-MeO-THBC ) . Pinoline also resonates with the very pulse of life 7.83 Hertz, the pulse the DNA uses to replicate, and which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of all successful healers, regardless of belief or faith. OM king mantra is 7.843 hertz. Resonance can vibrate the pineal gland, to release Nuerotransmitter seratonin, melatonin, DMT, etc.  If you have a strong enough sense of consciousness you will taste a huge pituitary release in the back of your mouth and sinuses and throat, it is referred to as ambrosia ( amrit -- mental orgasm discharge ) . This is a result of DMT production . DMT is the spirit molecule that bends space-time. Pineal DMT is the chemical messenger which links body and spirit. Dimethyltryptamine, a psychedelic tryptamine Pinoline enables the threshold levels of DMT to become active in the brain, but it requires an instant bungee jump induced adrenaline burst.  DMT with Pinoline increases brain activation multi fold. You cant observe the quantum world without your Pineal gland -- the other 5 senses have too narrow bandwidths. Quantum physics has showed the ancient Indian Yogis were NOT mere dreamers of cosmic consciousness, where our bodies, our brain and its mind, as inextricably joined with other matter and the mega dipole of universe . There is indeed a connection between consciousness and tangled state quantum phenomena Indian Vedic maharishis had the inherent ability to go on either side of the narrow band of five human senses. THEY COULD TRANSCEND THE SENSES AND LIMITATION OF SPACE-TIME. They firmly believed that the invisible below the quantum screen gives rise to the visible. At the time of death Seratonin and Melatonin in the brain breaks down to Dimethyltryptamine or DMT, C12 N2 H16, just after the oxygen stops circulating. This is the moment for the ultimate DMT trip. You see your whole past life as FRACTAL dvine geometry. When you consume Soma, colours , sounds and numbers all show up as fractal geometry. What you have learnt in the past is of no use to you. As you breathe in the oxygen enters your brain and causes an explosion of fractal colours. To the spiritual eastern mind, the story of SAMUDRA MANTHAN produces amazing acts of faith like the Kumbh Mela , which has been going on for 6000 years. Tamas and Rajas are conscious of each other. Amrit reveals the fractal nature of consciousness. Amrit is NOT external, it is produced inside your head.  All you need to know is how to produce it by your own mind. 12 strand DNA which ancient Maharishis had, has now degraded to 2 strand DNA. These 12 strand DNA maharishis with raised Kundalinis , can read akashik records , convert them from fractal geometry, for daily life use. The cobra on Lord Shiva 's shoulders shows raised Kundalini and open third eye. This self realisation (of opening the third eye) , is the ultimate goal of consciousness. The timeless spiritual wisdom of the of the 7000 year old Vedas will roar to life after Dec 21st 2012- the veil of Maya or delusion over the third eye will be ripped asunder—as the first step towards upgrading the 2 strand 97% junk DNA to 12 strand nil junk DNA.. -- Capt Ajit Vadakayil.



  1. "Hein Braat" is a german jewish name, he is a crypto-jew.

    I was reading an article:

    Who Wants to Bet that Walmart’s Bribery Policy Was Not in Play in India and China?

    This represents India FDI Watch, and it was created by Wade Rathke.

    that Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN's founder Wade Rathke, was found to have embezzled $948,607.50 from the group and affiliated charitable organizations back in 1999 and 2000.
    It was a French nickname for a sly and agile individual, derived from the Old French word RAT. It was also a German and Ashkenazic Jewish nickname for a wise person and in some cases the name may also have applied to someone with mouse-coloured hair.

    Hence, the War tactic played by Jews is creating "Controlled Opposition" to feed on their enemies.

    Why kill your enemy, when you can keep them alive, and feed off them forever?

    Dear Sir,

    Check out:

    You will see that Jews are now trying wipe us out of existence by absorbing every thing that belonged to us.

    When they hacked my website in december ---

    Starbucks, IKEA, etc etc many such evil brands owned by jews took 100 % control in single retail.

    I have found out much about them to destroy them completely.

  2. The current version of English that we use is called "Norman English", Europe was taken over by Jews long time ago.

    Britain was taken over by Jews under "Norman Conquest" under "William the conqurer"


    If you have seen "American Idol", there is a British Jew named "Simon" on it.

    It was the Jewish people who started the division between people on the basis of color of the skin so they can hide their true agendas.

    "Asuras can come in any form, so they can hide their true agendas"

    The "Rothschild's" are just a figure heads, the whole Jewish cult are in on it.

    The video before on the post about the "Rothschild", the video by "David Ike", David Ike is a Jewish person himself and he is part of the propaganda so their dark reign on humanity will continue.


    New Zealand = ( breaking it down )

    New Zeal Land --> The zeal of the Zealots

    Australia, New Zealand, and all the "Commonwealth countries are actually controlled by jews.

    Which basically means that the British Common wealth is the "Jewish Common wealth"

    This is the core reason why there was so much embezzlement when the commonwealth games happened.

  3. Zealots had taken over Rome, after the "Rome - Zealot" war.

    Zealots are the first people on the planet associated with the term "Terrorism"

    Hence, jewish terrorist are the original terrorists of the planet, and the enemies of all life on the planet.

    They warped the "Ancient Celts of Europe" which i proved in my post Manipulation of History, but you already know all that.

    Jewish Jesuits proves that Christianity is controlled by Jewish Zealots, who created Christianity over the Celtic Civilization.

    Islam, and Christianity are mere weapons of Jews who used them to destroy us, and take over every thing we had.

  4. The mass genocide of American indians, Aboriginals, and many other natives around the planet was done by jewish under the British, French, and dutch east india company.

    They were controlled by the Bourgeois family line who are one of the monarchy of the European jews.

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    I have been doing massive research on their names, and i can easily point out jewish people out of the crowd now. They hide in plain sight pretending to be others, so they can manipulate people around them.

    Frankly, i have never felt so much evil in my life before.

    The jewish terrorist took over Europe by installing their
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    Most of the ancient celts of europe have complete forgotten their roots, and are not in complete control of the Zealots.

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    Sunny Leone is married to a JEW !

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    Bigg boss is just a variation of "Big brother" tv show which again was created by JEWS !

  5. Kalki Koechlin is a French Jew installed in India so they can absorb the name "Kalki", and use her as a weapon against India through the media.

    She played a girl in the mms scandal that was propagated in Delhi, the jewish monsters first create the problem to begin with, and highlight it so they can destroy their enemy.


    The term "berger" is a Jewish name which originated from "Hamburg" which is Askhenazi jew central.

    Hamburger - Hamburg.

    If you searh, there are many Jewish people with the last name "Berger"


    Iceberg --- Berg -- it is a jewish term, If you find the term "Berg" like "Saint PetersBerg" which was given by "Peter the great" who was the first czar.

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    Peter is a German Name.

    That means if "peter the great" was a German jew, then "Alexander the great" was a Jew too.

    These monsters have been warring against us for such a long time, and no one noticed it !!

    Truly evil conspirators they are...!

  6. Peter Parker - Spider man is a jewish hero.

    The co-creator -- Stan Lee, is a Romanian-born Jewish person.

    The media is their propaganda so they can be the heroes, and the villains at the same time.

    They eliminate true knowledge, and install a warped version of it so they can control the masses to feed on their lives forever.

    1. Druv.. good ones.. do you also write blog or tweet etc?

    2. hi rk,

      DHRUV was my original and most ardent fan.

      he is keeping a low profile after i gave him a piece of mE mind.

      dhruv ric -- you are welcome back to comment again .

      your sulking/ ex-communication period is now officially over.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Captain, please write someyhing on Geocentricity vs. Heliocentricity

  8. dear tapan,

    on 1st january 2011, i had written about the HELIOCENTRIC model.

    punch into google search ISAAC NETWON CALCULUS THIEF- VADAKAYIL


    The whole world is under the impression that Isaac Newton is the father of Calculus.The truth is that Calculus was understood and practised in Malabar of India which had the School of Astronomy and Mathematics , even before Christ was born. It was used to express Vedic physical laws in mathematical terms, and to calculate rates of change in Astronomy and Astrology. The great Pyramids of Egypt was designed by architects proficient in Astronomy and Vaastu from CalicutAryabhatta born in Kerala ( my home state ) in 2700 BC, was one of the early members of this school. Aryabhatta was the first to calculate Pi of 3.1416 and the solar year of 365.358 days .

    He propounded a HELIOCENTRIC universe 4200 years before Copernicus, with elliptically orbiting planets and a spherical earth spinning on its axis explaining the motion of the heavens.

    Aryabhatta was the father of plane / spherical Trigonometry and Algebra, when Europe was in the dark ages.. Today you don't see this pioneers name in the list of top 100 mathematicians. Aryabhatta was the first to compute the circumference of the earth, with an error of just 64 milesPoor Galileo did a Aryabhatta 4 millenuims years later , that the earth is round and circles the sun , and the church blinded him , so that he can never look into another telescope . There were several Europeans like Fillippo Sasetti who came to Kerala to study Sanskrit in the end of the 15th centuryMathematics was born in India before 4000 BC. Rig veda was written in 5000 BC.The Dutch East Indian Company was in Calicut in 1602, parleying with our king Zamorin. They took Calculus to Europe , from where the likes of Gottfried Wilhelm Von Liebniz , Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke raced with each other to translate , re-invent and market it in their own names, in a acrimonious manner. Newton wrested the honours finally. Even before that in 1580 Matteo Ricci borrowed Calculus Malayalam texts from Calicut kings in 1580, never to return it. ( those days there were NO fax or photostat machines ). Whish and Hyne stole Calculus texts from Trichur Temple Library a few years later:-


    it is more than a miracle ( like walking on water! ) that without elementary knowledge of calculus and sperical trigonometry, the europeans CLAIMED to have discovered so many things--


    capt ajit vadakayil

  9. really eye opening.
    thanks a lot captain....
    please keep up with your have inspired me beyond words

  10. captain sahab. i have really became a fan of yours.. i am working at a sea port as an operations manager. hope u come dwn sometime here... !!! our family is very spiritual .. we often discuss this. i have few points to discuss with u.. hope u can give some time

  11. dont know what to say
    did jesus really came to india

    1. Hi kt,

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. anyway great stuff

    "original" hinduism is great it allows everything, everybody,and every thought if that person or thought is correct it lives on.

    and my teacher always keep telling hinduism is not only the oldest but also the most scientific religion

  13. In the 1990s the Sri Yantra appeared on the dried lake bed in the state of Oregon in the USA

  14. ---

    Dear Captain,

    Firstly, Could you name some objects/waves/energy that can travel faster than the speed of light? Is there any limit to the speed of scalar energy waves? The holographic Cosmos is ever-expanding, but can any form of energy wave attain the highest speed possible and shoot out of the Cosmos into the black infinite vacuum?

    Secondly, Could you please write something about Alfie Clamp, the boy born with 3-strands of DNA? Is it possible to survive with more than 2 strands of DNA in the present world? In the future, will humans have DNA mutations?

    Thirdly, Could you please suggest some cure for Vitiligo? What can be done to de-calsify our pineal glands?

    Thanking you for spreading your Wisdom.


    1. hi raj,

      scalar waves travel faster than speed of light.

      scalar waves can be generated by resonating your dNA with your pineal gland.

      the human body is the most wonderful creation by god. it was originally created with 12 strand DNA. the vedic seers had it.

      the main reason of degeneration to 2 strand DNA with 97% junk is due to new religions created which bury the dead instead of cremation . man now lives in disharmony with the laws of the universe.

      the vedic manadalas were to foster cosmic consciousness.


      for vitiligo and decalicifying pineal gland -punch into google search SURYA NAMASKAR, THE 11000 YEAR OLD VEDIC SUN SALUTATION VADAKAYIL

      Vitiligo is related to poly glandular syndromes, thyroid problem, depression , impaired adrenals and lack of absorbsion of nutrients .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  15. Captain Vadakayil,

    I am thoroughly impressed by your explanations, yet not so sure about their relevance to me. Please pardon me for saying so. Can you guide me as how to learn more about these concepts.I have two more points to make:
    1. I have heard of the "New World Order" cult of Jews.Anyone can see short films " The Secret rulers of the world " regarding it.
    2. How is it possible that the inferior thinking could completely overshadow the superior thinking and what is the cure?


    1. hi sourabh,

      the answers you seek are in my posts.

      the rest of the world are inferior to india and the hindus.

      you can start of by reading--




      the intellectuals of the west dont want burial. it is NOT that they cannot afford it.

      be proud to be indian and hindu. i have seen the world for 40 years .

      i know better.

      capt ajit vadakayil


  16. Anup March 8, 2013 at 12:05 PM
    hello capt

    very happy and impressed to see your huge ocean of knowledge about our dharma and proud to be a part of the BESTEST of the world only one wish that you shold some day take on one on one that a** h*** fakir naik. Its ok for him to propogate his own religion but why does he need to show other religions specially sanatan in bad light.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil March 8, 2013 at 4:50 PM

    dr zakir naik is sponsored by WTE ( waitress turned empress ).

    this man is very shrewd, and used loud FALSE rhetoric to score brownie points, which no other religion does.

    all religion ( including islam) praised their own religion. But zakir Naik pushes down hinduism-- that is his whole and sole agenda.

    i head him telling on TV that atharva veda tells that sun goes round the earth. this is a blatant lie.


    indians were the first to say earth goes round the sun-- rest only stole and copied.

    I heard zakir naik tell on TV that lord shiva cut of his own son's head and put an elephants head instead. he said that this son was created by parvati by making a statue with MAILA ( waste ) from her BADAN ( body ).

    this is again a big lie.


    whatever he tells about hinduism is a lie. today even his DUMBO followers do not believe him any more unless they are muslms first and then indians ( terrorists and pakistanis ).

    hinduism cannot be damaged by this CHOOHA.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  17. Thanks Captain..
    Nobody knows all these facts,,,

  18. What is your opinion of Shiva triology novel;s written by Amish that Shove was a flesh and blood great hero who fought wars and protected his kingdom in Kashmir

    1. hi,

      this man amish tripati is a worse culprit that mf hussian.

      he has converted a revered hindu god into a sex starved mortal.

      all this has made vatican and jews very happy.

      his books are heavily sponsored by enemies of hinduism.

      if he did the same thing to mohammed or allah, he would have been killed.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  19. Captain Ajit Sir,
    I have spent hours to go through this article and the spiritual/scientific terms mentioned here combined with modern scientific aspects are unseen elsewhere.
    Captain, I salute your wisdom and knowledge.
    Here are the starting points of our new age scientists who should take this as a challenge.
    Lots of researches are required without delay under the guidance of you and likewise scholars for the self realization and well being of mankind.

  20. sir,thank you very much for sharing your wisdom. could you give me some information regarding bhavishya purana and origin of islam?

    1. hi limju,

      punch into google search -




      bhavishya purana has nothing to do with islam or mohammed. in fact this fake document is INJECTED with poison by the christian white invader.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  21. Hello Captain,

    I've found two more books which i humbly request you to take a look at:

    The Aryavarta Chronicles: Govinda (Book 1) isbn 9350094460
    Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata isbn 014310425X



  22. Hello Captain,

    Please have a look at the two books mentioned on my earlier comment.

    Also I have another doubt which I think you can clear.

    According to the concept of "Trimurti" Lord Brahma does the job of creation, Lord Vishnu does the job of sustaining life, and Lord Shiva does the job of destruction.
    With this concept, what is the idea behind worshiping the family of Shiva (Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga). Why we don't worship the offspring of Vishnu ( We do worship Goddess Lakshmi). Why Lord Shiva is worshiped for a good family life?

    Kindly help us.


    1. hi sridevi,

      i think you have not understood hinduism.

      cant blame you --

      the ancient maharishis , till adi shankaracharya understood the essence of hinduism.

      since then ALL past hindu masters have half baked knowledge -- basically their half baked wisdom did NOT match the brilliance of hinduism.

      punch into google search PROUD TO BE HINDU PROUD TO BE INDIAN VADAKAYIL

      read the last few paras printed in RED.

      when you understand what i have written you will realise every other religion is the dirt under the finger nail of hinduism.

      it is no wonder that the white christian man has converted into hinduism at heart and wants to be cremated , NOT buried.

      they call shiva lingam as lord shiva's penis, because DNA is found in the black meteorite stone.


      capt ajit vadakayil

  23. How to get 12 strand DNA ?

    I have 0.2 Strand DNA. I am more dumber than any other normal person :D.

    Please reply this.

    1. hi vivek,

      punch into google search --


      capt ajit vadakayil

  24. The Cosmic Sparkle April 24, 2013 at 9:31 PM

    Sanatana dharma is adwaita. Dwaita views were taken in for the convenience of beginners is bhakthi yoga, who felt being one with God will end their bhakthi - which for them is the longing to merge.
    Shiva is the son of Sthanu (first prajapathi and son of brahma) and Vishnu the son of Kashyapa. Both Shiva and Vishnu are considered absolute brahma because thats what they are. Both are peak of Yoga and thus highest available representation of ParamBrahmam, along with the creator Brahma. Only ignorant compare them - like comparing the essence of Sun and Surya.
    And yes some people do put up such questions because they hold a part of the 100 crore invested by Congress to malign the social media and to divide the naive hindus.
    Reply Delete

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil April 25, 2013 at 3:04 AM

    hi cs,
    i would NOT have published this opinion of yours. now i am forced to clarify.





    This is represented by the Trishul ( trident ) of Shiva where the preserver is the mediator , between creator and destroyer.
    Do NOT read trash on the internet – all poison injected by the white Christian invader to belittle Hindusim. .
    None of these small minds, have the perception to comprehend the wisdom and glory of Hindusim.
    capt ajit vadakayil

    Delete Reply

  25. Vedic viki

    April 26, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Hi capt.
    Ohk! So if saraswati was the epicentre then where was the seat of gandhara kingdom, Somewhere in saraswati basin?? Were they of Indian origin And the followers of sanatan dharma too???
    Could you also refer me some sources or books where I can read about them in detail.
    Mahabharata texts say that in Sat yuga there were no gandharvas and they had their origins in treta yuga and then began to multiply fast and suddenly became very powerful, They were great devotees of Shiva, But I dont know about the place of their origin!!
    One of the earliest Aryan King Pururavas married beautyful apsara Urvashi from Gandhara, was his time contemporary to the Gandharva empire?



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    April 26, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    hi vv,

    emperor vikramadita's father himself was a gandharva, with the seat at ujjain in 7000 BC.

    ujjian is one of the oldest cities on this planet of the mahakala dynasty.

    this city UJJAYINI is situated exactly at the TROPIC OF CANCER ( 23.4 degrees latitude ) and the greenwich meridian equivalent ( 75 degrees longitude ) for india .

    this is the most ancient university of this planet.

    At Ujjayini university Lord Krishna, Balram and Sudama were initiated into the learning of Vedas and Vedanta in 4100 BC.

    on the banks of the mighty shirpa river , has been kicked forward in time by 9000 years by the white christian invader.

    The Mahakaleshwar Temple for the SWAYAMBU jyorthirlinga ( born by itself )is one of the oldest tempes in india. This lingam is smeared with hot ashes from the burning ghats to extract the DNA.

    The Harasiddhi temple has one of the oldest sri yantras. According to Shiva-purana, when Lord Shiva carried away the burning body of his wife Sati from the sacrificial fire of Daksha-prajapati, her elbow fell on this spot.

    vikramaditya's elder brother , who abdicated the throne due to the infidelity of his beloved wife pingala , meditated in the bhatruhari caves -- which is named after him.

    the Kumbh Mela religious festival is held here every twelve years.

    Mythological sanctity of the invisible and underground river Saraswati, associated with the story of Triveni-sangam, is attributed to ujjayini.

    again, you msut refrain from asking me questions on the basis of what others wrote.


    punch into google search --


    this is the reason why I went after NASA hammer and tongs , when they said phosphorus is replaced by arsenic.

    it is all about phosphorus extracted from the shiva lingam.

    punch into google search -


    and read the last para in blue.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  26. Hi,
    I have been advised to meditate with shiva lingam, to increase my shiva energy and increase mind focus.
    I was wondering what lingam would be best - ie mercury, crystal, etc...and would I get it. I live in Mumbai. Many thanks for your knowledge.

    1. hi cn,

      the real lingam is made of black meteorite stone and is available only in the most ancient shiva temples of india.

      punch into google search -- NASA DNA METEORITE VADAKAYIL

      capt ajit vadakayil

  27. what stones can activate dna?

    1. hi jd,

      only shiva lingam ( black meterorite stone ) can activate the DNA.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  28. Dear Sir,

    In Reality there is no image for Shiva.
    Shiva Linga is nothing but the form of jyothi glowing in all souls.

    During the time of Lingodbhava(emergence of shiva Linga)a camphor flame sparkles as divine light in the thousand petalled saharsraara chakra(a centre of in the topmost portion of the head and is considered to the seat of maha sakthi)

    Linga means the subtle body hidden in the gross body.Veda affirms that this shines like a light.

    The twelve 'Jyotirlingas' represent the twelve house in the zodiac.So Shiva is time personified.

  29. Sir Pranaam.
    Is it good to buy parad shivling like these (,-mercury-shivling,padrasam-shivling/11589813?pos=alsoview&rkey=457556&sc_cid=alsoview) and meditate at home?

    Would there be any specific procedures or precautions?

    1. hi rk,

      if it is a genuine one it will help you.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  30. Interesting post !! From an ancient science people worship Lord Shiva.Many person belief in him.Their opinion is that Shiva can be make happy very easily.Persuasion of Top astrologer in india that all things are made by Shiva.This all Astrology type things are developed in the time of Lord Shiva.
    Online astrology

  31. It has more useful info than dozensof books written these days on hinduism

    I had adrenaline rushing through my veins while reading this page

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I am a science student , a doctor

    I am devotee of swami vivekananda
    And because of his influence
    I recently statred admiring the kali form of mother . .
    The more i thoughtof the image with shiva under her feet ,
    The more i had a feeling that she represents the wave nature of electron and shiva the particle nature and have been trying to get info on it
    While searching i stumble into your website

    Ur article is more like the blessing of swami to me !

    Thank you !

    Haritha Chadalavada

  34. You serve mother India as a captain
    But u have another mission of serving her children by enlightening them with your knowledge

    If it were that everyone of us grew up listening to the glory of our great grand fathers ,India must have been a superpower today

    . .
    I fervently request you to write a book with your thoughts and the research
    Or atleast publish these on sites where the young of india spend most of time like twitter or facebook


  35. Rishiraj Lahiri
    October 18, 2013 at 4:29 AM
    Dear Captain,

    A completely off-topic question, have you heard of the book "Tapobhumi Narmada"? It is a book in Bangla, by Sailendranarayan Ghosal Shastri, where he describes a journey along the banks of the holy river Narmada and the experiences he had with all the sages and seers, kind of miracles he saw, and his learnings of the vedic civilization India once was. My parents, specially my mother, read that book and was mesmerized. With your amount of knowledge and perception, would you like to elaborate anything on the river Narmada and what transpires on its banks even today??


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    October 18, 2013 at 5:13 AM
    hi rl,

    Punch into Google search-


    I have mentioned that narmada river is the fountainhead of all evolution on earth, as it was showered by shiva lingams.

    Narmada river is even older than ganges or saraswati ( dried up in 4000 BC ).

    Since ancient vedic times narmada is a spot for meditation.

    On the river bank of the Narmada( known as sacred Shankari river ) is the Omkareshwar temple, one of the twelve Jyothirlingas of lord shiva.

    Shiva lingams provided the first dna seed on this planet from marthanda a binary star. This is why shiva lingam is referred to as lord shiva’s penis.

    NASA has approved this 2 years ago.

    Punch into Google search-


    If you just hold the sacred sand of narmada river your body aura gets boosted with colours of higher energy , as seen by kirlean cameras. This sand has consciousness like a shiva lingam due to its effect on the 7 human chakras.

    The Bhimbetka rock shelters, discovered in 1957–58 is a natural art gallery and an archaeological treasure considered as one of the oldest human habitation in India where the caves house rock paintings, created by man from as early as about 35,000 years ago in vivid detail. It is 44 northeast of Bhopal ( Bhopal and Hoshangabad highway ). The Pandavas, of Mahabharata 4000 BC, when they were banished from their kingdom, came here and stayed in these caves.

    Adi Shankaracharya had meditated at the jyothirlinga temple spot in 2000 BC.

    He wrote-
    kAverikAnarmadayoH pavitre samAgame sajjanatAraNAya |
    sadaiva mAndhAtRipure vasantamoNkAramIshaM shivamekamIDe ||

    I pay my obeisance to the One Who is the savior of the good people and the great One Who always resides at the Holy merging point of Kaveri and Narmada, i.e., Omkar Shiva.

    The white man has tried to fudge our history— but we Indians are NOT so naïve that we will forget it all.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  36. Hello capt.
    A wonderful post on Shiv ji, it reassures many things which I believe while meditating! :)
    Have you written any blog on Kashmir Shaivaism, the most wonderful philosophy on Earth, I haven't much read about it though!!
    Could you tell me about 112 Yog Dharnas which Shiva told Devi in Vijnana Bhairava! I read one of them is Music to reach Supreme consciousness, I want to the names of other 112 Dharnas?? Does these Dharnas include Sexuality as well??
    Regards :)

    1. hi sk,

      the jealous white christian man has put Vigyana Bhairava Tantra as 800 AD.

      it is 24000 BC-- which was transmitted orally-- till 5000 BC when it was written down in sanskrit.

      even in 5000 BC,the white man was running around naked , doing grunt grunt for language.


      you see the white man with the help of amish tripati--has converted shiva from a god to a mortal. they have even converted him into a AGHORI--a corpse eater .

      ′Vigyana Bhairava Tantra is a technique of going beyond consciousness.

      ′Vigyana′ means consciousness, ′Bhairava′ means the state which is beyond consciousness, and ′Tantra′ means the method: the method of going beyond consciousness

      Vigyan Bhairav Tantra teaches 108 methods of contemplation.

      There is no meditation technique in sanatana dharma which has not been covered in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra-- and is cast as a discourse between the god Shiva and his consort Devi or Shakti ( Parvati),

      These include several variants of breath awareness, concentration on various centers in the body, non-dual awareness, chanting, imagination and visualization and contemplation through each of the senses--and of course SEX.

      for a brief intro on tantra sex- punch into google search -


      the entire history of the white man ( who made us their slaves ) is the DIRT UNDER THE FINGER NAIL of a hindu.

      wait for my post.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  37. Hello capt.
    Wow! Im really eager to read your next blog, Thanks a lot!!
    Im feeling very proud to be a Hindu, the Vision and Wisdom which our ancestors gave us is astounding, we have lost that character today but sooner or later the darkness will shed away!
    I hate Amish tripathi because he transformed divinity of Shiva into a tribal non aryan lord, When I bought the first book I thought he would educate people about how great our ancestors were and what they gave to this world, but his book boiled down to stupid imaginary conspiracies, moreover he never told what great secrets did Vedas and Tantras hold, there was nothing to learn actualy unlike in your Blogposts :), I was disappointed with his book!

    Anyways, I have a little doubt!! Why do Shaivism include Sex as a way to attain Shiva consciousness?? What does it has to do with devotion, love, purity and divinity towards God! Doesnt it hinder them all?? Isn't it objectionable and awful to be called as a religious activity??!! It can turn a Yogi into a self decieving Bhogi, whose austerity has now become materialistic pursuit....!!!
    Kindly enlighten where I am wrong capt.
    Regards :)

    1. hi sk,

      read this post again--


      why are you sitting in front of your computer today.

      because all your previous generations had SEX, including your dad and mom right?

      so why is it dirty? it is divine!

      capt ajit vadakayil

  38. Hello capt.
    Actualy I didn't read that post! and may be I won't because your posts leave lasting impressions on one's mind and I do not want Sex to ride over my head, you know Arya nari! Lol But I just wanted to hear the answer from you capt. About my doubt, Its ok that sex is necessary, but its after marriage for kids so thats why its divine! But Why should Sex be considered as a religious activity or even be involved in reaching supreme consciousness??
    it can lead to Tamsik vrittis like fornication, promiscuity or even worse!! What say Sir? :)

    1. hi sk,

      read this too.

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

  39. Hello capt.
    Hehe! Atleast give the answer, I told why its dirty!!
    I will read them capt. And try to make out things but Plz give the answer, I want to know your perception about my doubts.
    Thanks :)

  40. Seema, First lets define whats "dirty" and what is "pure". If you have patience, we will get to the answer as well. Sex, like everything sensory can be casually used or misused or used for higher objectives. vadakayil, quoted Veda in previous post where it says, human body is a microcosm of entire universe. Human body and what you call needs or desires are nothing but electromagnetic currents rushing through body. Modern science calls its biochemical phenomenon or hormones. Sex, is an experience. Its basically an electromagnetic event ( desire/psyche), actualized by biochemistry within the body and executed through physical body. If you understand, Sex and its experience is very closely related to your mood, state of mind and health. Sex, is a much higher phenomenon than we ordinarily realize. Sex, can be a way. What is dirty? What is not proper is improper and at a higher degree its called dirty. Everything misplaced, wrong, excess, less than required becomes dirty. So sex can be misused as an excess. It can also be used as an spiritual/psychic excercise. Sex is all in the mind. Mind is all about experiences, resolved through analysis. Beyond mind, spirituality ( scientific way of religion) begins. So first define whats "dirty" and what is pure.

  41. Hello Captain,
    i have a question though not directly related to the topic. why everyone believes that lord shiva use to consume bhang and smoke weeds. The sadhus who follow lord shiva also smoke weed by taking his name. even when people worship lord shiva they offer bhang leaves. what is the concept behind this? will be grateful if you can provide some explanation.

    1. hi s,

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  42. JK

    December 23, 2013 at 6:43 AM
    Hello Captain,

    Could you please give some information about "the great compassion mantra" that the Buddhist so often chant, and is more often than not the BG score for most of the videos and programs associated with Buddhism and related places. During my stay in Ladakh I could hear this played every morning in the restaurant of the hotel where we stayed and also it was unfailingly the second song on the play list in the car every single day, after "om mani padme hum". Though its hard to really understand the lyric from their pronunciation, is it not a Sanskrit mantra? I also listened to this mantra in a more melodic and slower tune rendered by the Nepalese nun Ani Choying Drolma which sounded more closer to Sanskrit words. Could you please help me with the significance and content of the same? I find it quite pleasing and captivating in the sense the joy it provides merely listening to it.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    December 23, 2013 at 8:11 AM
    hi jk,

    Nilakanta Dhanana- ( the great compassion mantra ) .

    The vulgar white historian gives bull that twelve Sanskrit scrolls of Nilakaṇṭha Lokeshwara ( prayer to blue throated Lord Shiva, the lord of the world ) were found in the Dunhuang stone cave along the Silk Road in today's Gansu province of China.



    Ehi ehi chinda chinda aras pracali vaśa-vaśam pranāśaya

    (Come, come, the vow, the vow of the admantine king, destroy, destroy every poison.)


    Nīlakanthāya svāhā varāha-mukhāya svāhā narasimha-mukhāya svāha

    (To the Blue-necked one (Nīlakantha) hail! To the Boar-faced One hail! To Man-Lion faced One hail!)


    Gadā-hastāya svāhā cakra-hastāya svāhā padma-hastāya svāhā

    (To one who bears the mace (gadā) in his hand, hail! To the holder of discus in his hand, hail! To One who sports a lotus (padma) in his hand, hail!)


    Nīlakantha-pāndarāya svāhā Mahātali Śankaraya svāhā

    (To Blue-necked One smeared (with holy ashes), hail! To the mighty auspicious one, hail!)

    capt ajit vadakayil

  43. Respected Sir,
    Sir in your post on Rudraksha you had said that one should not wear it during impure activities
    including sex.....yet you say sex is divine.....kindly explain
    thank you

    1. hi t,

      sex to procreate or raise your kundalini is divine.

      sex for lust and gross pleasure is not !

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hello capt.
      So are you propagating that Indian women are free to fornicate if they seek to raise their Kundalini shakti ??

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. hi t,

      tell me what your problem is.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. hi t,

      what is you age?
      are you male or female?
      are you married or unmarried ?
      are you veg or non veg?
      do you have history of any mental or physical ailments?
      what is your religion? do you pray?
      you must be honest!

      capt ajit vadakayil

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. hi t,

      what is the nature of you mental ailment ?
      what medication are you taking ?
      how long have you been taking these medicines ?
      do you discontinue to medication on your own accord ?
      did you have such ailments before marriage ?
      when did you first have abnormal mental health?

      you must be honest !

      capt ajit vadakayil

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    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. hi t,

      you will be OK soon -- so do NOT panic.

      do Pranayama for 20 minutes every morning in fresh air , if possible in the sunlight.

      punch into Google search-

      i will revert back with some advise .

      some more questions-

      1) do you have children
      2) does you husband love / support you

      capt ajit vadakayil

    10. Respected Sir,
      Sir i have nasal turbinade hypertrophy because of which unable to do pranayama.
      i dont have children as husband loves me and does support me....
      Thank you Sir

    11. hi t,

      visit a good ENT specialist and make it possible for you to breathe through your nostril.

      when the septum or turbinate bony structures are causing nasal obstruction or medications fail to improve symptoms, surgery is often required.

      Your doctor will use an endoscope, a small telescope rod with a lighted end, to examine the insides of your nose. This will allow your doctor to determine the extent of the deviation or turbinate hypertrophy.

      this surgery may involve straightening the septum (septoplasty) or turbinate reduction (turbinoplasty).

      if your ENT specialist offers you steroid medications--you MUST tell him about the other medicines you consume for psychosis. you must also ask your mind doctor, if such a medication for your nose can be used.

      you are young and you have a whole life ahead of you.

      ability to do pranayama will improve your mental condition instantly.

      be a fighter -- fight your condition.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    12. Respected Sir,
      Sir thank you for the advice ...i shall try it out....
      i hold you in high esteem and reverance in my mind....
      i seek your blessings always as you are elder person....
      may God Almighty bless your family with happiness and prosperity....
      grateful to you Sir and hope am in your good books....
      thank you Sir

    13. Respected Sir,
      Sir could you suggest kottakal arya vaidyasala or swami ramdevji's
      remedies for turbinate hypertrophy which will nt interfere with meds
      taken fr psychosis.....sorry to bother you on ths
      again....i just wish to breath through nostrils.....
      thank you Sir

    14. hi t,

      hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is the LEAST of your problem--so just forget about it for the time being. 1 in 50 people suffer from this .

      you MUST be able to breathe through your nose. so consult an ENT specialist and do what is required --and that includes surgery.

      like I said, once you start breathing through your nose --your psychosis condition will change like magic.

      there are LOT of people on this planet suffering from psychosis like you- you are NOT alone.

      only you can help yourself by taking the medicine you doctor has prescribes for psychosis--and then you can lead a normal life.

      i will introduce you to the medicines you are taking right now - -in the hope that you are a good girl and will NOT stop taking medicines because you feel it is NOT necessary.

      QUIETIPIN : a typical antipsychotic for treating schizophrenia i.e. a disorder with includes symptoms like hearing, seeing or sensing things that are not real, mistaken beliefs and thoughts, and problems dealing with other people. It is also used to control the excited moods and depressed moods of bipolar disorder. It works by changing the activity of certain natural substances in the brain.

      OLEANZ : used in the treatment of Bipolar I Disorder (manic or mixed episodes), Depression and Schizophrenia.

      SOLIAN : a typical antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia. It affects a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are stored in nerve cells and are involved in transmitting messages between the nerve cells. Dopamine regulates mood and behaviour. Schizophrenia is associated with an overactivity of dopamine in the brain, and this may be associated with the delusions and hallucinations that are a feature of this disease.
      It works by blocking the receptors in the brain that dopamine acts on. This prevents the excessive activity of dopamine and helps to control psychotic illness.

      EPITRIL : is a muscle relaxant, prescribed for panic disorder and seizures.

      DUPHALAC : is a laxative

      psychosis means experiencing things and believing them to be real when they are not; in other words, losing contact with reality. This happens in two broad forms:
      Hallucination - hearing, seeing or feeling things that are not there
      Delusion - holding unusual beliefs not shared by other people.

      dopamine levels are thought to be too high during psychosis and to affect:
      Social behaviour


      the classic hallmarks of psychosis are:
      Hallucinations - hearing, seeing or feeling things that do not exist; perceptions without external stimuli
      Delusions - false beliefs, especially based on fear or suspicion of things that are not real.
      Disordered thinking (jumping between unrelated topics, making strange connections between thoughts)

      the milder initial symptoms of psychosis might include:

      Feelings of suspicion
      Distorted perceptions
      Obsessive thinking
      Sleep problems.

      treatment achieves complete remission, without relapse, in 25% of patients.

      the pathophysiology of psychosis is much more complex than an overactive dopamine system , modern doctors will NOT understand all this —that is why you must clear your nose— for doing PRANAYAMA.


      persons with schizophrenia have increased activity in the right hemisphere of the brain.

      common themes of delusions are feelings that some one is out to harm you.

      you may feel , certain comments or TV are specifically directed toward you or seem to be communicating a hidden message. You may believe that you are being controlled by outside forces or other individuals. Or have a belief that your thoughts are being broadcast so others can hear them or that other people can read your mind-- or that "something not right’

      you could feel thatyou are being watched--have experiences of manipulation (the feeling that other persons could control, steer or have access to one’s own thoughts).

      so i want you to make a couple of posters and paste it on all 4 wall of your room.


      the above is to reassure you that your feelings are due to your clinical condition and hence is NOT real.

      make sure that your diet has vitamin B-12 .

      keep a diary of your condition-- so that when the doctor asks you questions you can answer truthfully--or else he will give you the wrong dosage.


      capt ajit vadakayil

    16. Respected Sir,
      Sir you had mentioned that hyperhydrosis is the least of my problems..
      Sir then what is the real problem coz am worried...
      i hope and pray to God that i will make it through
      thank you

    17. hi t,

      a big percentage of HEALTHY ( mind and body ) people have this problem.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  45. Respected Sir,
    Sir you have mentioned about divine sex...
    maybe you could put a post this on reaching higher consciousness....
    it sounds interesting and tempting !!
    thank you

    1. hi t,

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  46. Captain sir, was missing something till I read your article. Sir, do you have any website dedicated to your articles. Wonderful information, Thanks for sharing......proud to be hindu.......

  47. seema kapoor

    February 8, 2014 at 1:21 PM
    Hello capt.
    Does Koran mentions or teaches Meditation ?? Or any related Yogic techniques to attain super consciousness ??



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    February 8, 2014 at 10:10 PM
    hi sk,

    Koran was edited in Kodungallur temple of Kerala, the world’s second mosque.

    They have introduced a concept called Tafakkur, which can be loosely translated to mean "contemplation" . To be frank even Islamic scholars may NOT know this.

    The term is mentioned in the Quran and is intended to help a person to better understand and know himself so, in turn, he can better know Allah.

    Muslims also consider Salat - 5 prayers and the repetition of words and specific movements- as a form of meditation.

    Again the concept of ALLAH is nothing but ADVAITA form of hinduism propagated in kerala by Adi Shankaracharya in 2000 BC, --

    -- 2600 years before Koran spoke about A FORMLESS, UNSEEN GOD. today Islam has patented this ORIGINAL Hindu concept.

    Punch into Google search-

    and now muslims ridicule hindus HE HE HE that we do NOT understand god and we are pagans and kaffirs who worship stone idols.

    they do NOT know that even shiva and vishnu are NOT idols. they are force fields .

    punch into google search-

    let the whole world ridicule-- we Hindus know who were are, and we do NOT care.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  48. Sameer S
    February 14, 2014 at 9:08 PM
    Also Guruji this Wendy D is tweaked.Inane mortal being from bozoland on some very cheap mind altering substace that has totally destroyed her senses and perverted her thought proess!Too bad for her.
    Thank you again for what you are doing.You are ubercool Guruji!


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    February 14, 2014 at 9:33 PM
    hi ss,


    see the rothschild controlled Indian media and the sold out journalists are still praising the immoral Jewess Wendy Doniger , who knows NOTHING about Hindusim or Indian culture. She does NOT know Sanskrit, yet she writes a HISTORY OF HINDUSIM.

    Her father, Jew Lester L Doniger was a Rothschild agent in the publishing business.

    Harvard University gave her a PHD in1968, for writing VULGAR lies about Lord Shiva -- you can read her thesis / dissertation on Asceticism and Sexuality in the Mythology of Siva".

    Oxford University went one step further and gave her a D. Phil. in Oriental Studies in 973, with a VULGAR LYING thesis / dissertation on ‘The Origins of Heresy in Hindu Mythology,’

    So they qualified this immoral Jewess to be in the editorial board of History of Religions since 1979.

    To show the world how truthful and objective she is she was catapulted to the International Editorial Board of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

    This lying Jewess gave a speech at the Chicago Humanities Festival, "The Lingam Made Flesh: Split-Level Symbolism in Hindu Art".

    She knows NOTHING about Lord Shiva.

    Wendy Doniger's book, The Hindus: An Alternative History was published in 2009 by Viking/Penguin.


    I would advise this EVIL woman to read my post on Lord Shiva-


    This immoral Jewess has been denigrating Hindusim for quite a while.

    VULGAR AND LYING books published under the name of Wendy Doniger :

    The Post-Vedic History of the Soma Plant
    Asceticism and Eroticism in the Mythology of Siva
    The Ganges
    The Origins of Evil in Hindu Mythology .
    Tales of Sex and Violence: Folklore, Sacrifice, and Danger in the Jaiminiya Brahmana
    Splitting the Difference: Gender and Myth in Ancient Greece and India.
    The Hindus: An Alternative History. New York: Penguin Press, 2009. 789 pp.
    Hindu Myths.
    The Rig Veda: An Anthology, 108 Hymns .
    The Laws of Manu.
    Vatsyayana Kamasutra
    The Concept of Duty in South Asia
    The clash between relative and absolute duty: the dharma of demons
    Karma and Rebirth in Classical Indian Traditions.
    Elephanta: The Cave of Siva.
    Religion and Change.
    Animals in Four Worlds: Sculptures from India.
    Purana Perennis: Reciprocity and Transformation in Hindu and Jaina Texts.
    Off with Her Head! The Denial of Women's Identity in Myth, Religion, and Culture

    Enough is enough.

    Capt ajit vadakayil

  49. Capt. Ajit VadakayilFebruary 18, 2014 at 10:00 PM

    Recently had gone to Sri Venkataramana temple , Doddanagudi ( near police grounds ) , Karamballi, Udipi—for the Brahmopadesham ceremony ( Upanayanam ) of one of my doctor friends.

    It is a Vishnu temple, but also has shrines for Hanuman, Ganapati and an ancient Shiva Lingam . This ancient temple was renovated in 9th century, 13th century and recently.

    My wife could feel the scalar power field of this small black Shiva lingam lingam within a radius of 6 metres.

    It is at one corner of the temple, a part normally people do NOT even visit. Well, well, what do they know.




    We found the way to this place using my wife’s Samsung S4 GPRS phone— it gave clear voice instructions right to the temple doorsteps.

    It would tell at least 50 metres before every fork which road to take — with of course a visual map which you can zoom in or out.

    In 1984, when I bought a Garmin GPS at Honolulu from a US Naval store using my agent’s connections, I never realized that one find day every Indian could have this facility.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  50. seema kapoorFebruary 22, 2014 at 11:31 PM
    Hi capt.
    What's the concept of "Kali Purusha" ??


    Capt. Ajit VadakayilFebruary 23, 2014 at 3:19 AM
    hi sk,

    A lot of major Biblical charcters are lifted from Hindu scriptures . Adam is Adama and Eve is Hayyawati , characters from our Hindu Puranas.

    Adama was the son of Vishnu Kardama. Kardama was the father of Kapila of our Sankhya Philosophy.

    The bilblical serpent that tempted the couple to eat the apple of the garden of Eden (of the Papa Vriksha- tree of sin ) was Kali Purusha.

    If all these connections are accurate that would make Adam a younger brother of Kapila.
    This forest of Eden was on the eastern side of Pradan city 16 square yojanas in size. The Mlecchas are descendants of Adama.

    Noah is Nyuhah , a descendant of Adama

    Kali purusha who is the presiding demonic angel of this immoral age of darkness (kali yuga) is verily the Satan mentioned in Abrahamic religions , as per our Bhavishya Purana stolen by Rothschild.

    The Stone of Jacob appears in the Book of Genesis as the stone used as a pillow at Bet-El. As Jacob had a vision in his sleep, he then consecrated the stone to God.

    Th Templar Knights found a black Shiva Lingam ( meteorite stone ) which was called the Stone of Scone .

    In 1296 the original black Shiva lingam stone was captured by Edward I as spoils of war and taken to Westminster Abbey, where it was fitted into a wooden chair, known as King Edward's Chair, on which almost all English sovereigns have been crowned.

    Over the years the original black stone has disappeared and a duplicate red sand stone put in its place.

    The stone of Scone is none other than the Shiva Lingam black meteorite stone used by Jacob as a pillow..

    Jacob performing a bath to the stone, decorating it, applying sandal paste to it, a Vedic ritual named Maha-Rudrabhishekam

    The Stone, was mentioned in Macbeth: "... [we shall travel to be] crowned at Scone ..”
    The duplicate Stone of Scone was last used in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The original is in the vaults of Rothschild.

    King Robert the Bruce, the hero of Scotland who led Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England. Was crowned while sitting on the original black shiva lingam or stone of scone.

    On Christmas Day 1950, a group of four Scottish students (Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson, and Alan Stuart) tried to steal this duplicate stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey for return to Scotland. In the process of removing it from the Abbey the duplicate red stone stone broke into two pieces.

    The original black meterorite Stone of Scone ( from a Kerala Shiva temple in India ) has become a HOLY GRAIL in its own right. Men and women have fought to possess it or to obscure it from those unworthy to lay claim to the Stone.

    Punch into Google search-

    Well well, what do they know ! People ask me questions and long buried truths come cascading out!!

    Capt ajit vadakayil

  51. Ganesh
    February 24, 2014 at 4:57 AM
    Many Thanks Captain, did not wanted to waste your imp. time by writing this thanks "Comment" but couldnt resist. !!!
    Apart from this i have read your blog twice : RIP IMPOSSIBLE WITH BURIAL, THE WORLD IS GOING BACK TO CREMATION VADAKAYIL . but need to know how Rothsshild or anyone started this Burial thing in our religion, if i know this then i also can think of creating my WILL which says " i should be cremated after my death"


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    February 24, 2014 at 6:35 AM
    hi g,

    shiva is incomplete without brahma and vishnu.

    shiva is an energy field which has been personalised.

    no veerashaiva lingayat can just say-- i do NOT believe in the other fields which balance and sustain it.

    this is magic.

    at home your septic tank for sh#t has ANAEROBIC bacteria-- they die in oxygen and survive on methane.

    on ship our SEWAGE treatment plant tank has AEROBIC BACTERIA ( sustained by air blowers which run like the human heart--always ) and the bacteria survives on oxygen .

    now if you open out the slab of your home septic tank, the anaerobic bacteria will die -- and the sh#t will start stinking.

    but like MAGIC as the methane dependant bacteria dies, a mediator field causes oxygen dependant bacteria to be born as a substitute.

    this is the miracle of BRAHMA ( creator ) -- VISHNU ( mediator ) --SHIVA ( destroyer )

    so can shiva exists on its own ?

    absolutely not !

    punch into Google search-

    i wish all your community knows about this truth !

    capt ajit vadakayil

  52. Unknown
    March 8, 2014 at 11:55 PM
    Sir, Could Draupadi's 5 husbands also be an attempt by Mason's to tarnish Sanatan dharm's image?

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    March 9, 2014 at 1:03 AM
    hi u,

    indian mythology characters are personalised FIELDS and FORCES .

    shiva is NOT a mortal like what amish tripati and devdutt pattanaik says -- for rewards from their foreign masters .

    if atheist amish tripati had NOT denigrated shiva and converted him to a sex starved mortal -- do you think his bullsh#t books would have sold ?

    draupadi's 5 husbands are the lowermost 5 chakras on the kundalini .

    shiva ( destroyer field ) cannot exists without vishnu ( mediator field ) and brahma ( creator field ) .

    so all these cock and bull stories cooked up by the white invader's stooges -- about how shiva / vishnu / brahma will have competitions to out do each other etc are all NONSENSE .

    if you read the post below you will find that it is all about seamless HARMONY .

    punch into google search-

    capt ajit vadakayil

  53. Hello Sir,
    Due to misinformation campaign carried over centuries by missionaries , invaders , Buddhists and Iskon Vaishnavites today a big portion of hindu population including intelligentsia and some priest believe false stories about Shivlingam . Even wikipedia has removed my entries and blocked me permanently whenever i tried to correct its page on Lingam. Many websites claiming to propogate hindu and shaivism now mention these stories about shiv lingam. Infact manyof them contradict themselves - On one page they mention incorrect things and other they state commentary from Swami Vivekanand and Swami Sivanand. I keep posting Vedic interpretation on different sites and wish to post the following information based on Vedic sources and commentary of Vedic sages such as Swami Vivekanand, Swami Sivanand and Shri Ram Sharma Acharya of Gayatri Parivar(Haridwar) so that Sanata Dharmis can know the true meaning of their faith and defend themselves from falsehood.
    'Linga' in Sankrit means form or mark and it is shaped like an egg and represents the
    ‘Brahmanda’ or the cosmic egg. Thus it represents elliptical form of divinity.
    A glance at the image of Shiva Lingam shows there is a pillar with three marks and a disc beneath it called 'Peetham' and with a coiling cobra snake around the Pillar and shows its fangs above the pillar.

    Shiva Lingam represents the totality of the Cosmos and the Cosmos, in turn, being represented as a Cosmic Egg. Again an egg is an ellipsoid depicting with no beginning, nor end.
    Shiva being worshipped as Linga means the Consciousness in its primodal form where consciousness is entering into the Eternal Energy (Shakti). Base of the ligna is called 'Peetham' and Coiled Cobra snake represents the 'Kundalini' shakti or feminine principle of the divinity whom we refer as Mother goddess. Three rows on pillar represents 'Brahma', Vishnu and Mahesh - different aspects of the divinity.
    When un-manifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga.
    The word Linga means the form. The first form in the existence is always a Linga. Linga means a perfect ellipsoid. The first form of creation is an ellipsoid and final form before dissolution is also an
    Thus the first form is a Linga and the final form before dissolution is also a Linga. If you become meditative, your energies will naturally take the form of a Linga. Thus Linga means Linga means the place of dissolution for the world and all beings. It signifies also Satya, Jnana and Ananta—Truth, knowledge and Infinity. It indicates that Lord Siva is endowed with all-pervading and self-luminous nature. Linga is a symbol which makes us understand the various kinds of Artha which are indicated above.
    There are six Lingas, viz., Anda Linga, Pinda Linga, Sadasiva Linga, Atma Linga, Jnana Linga and Siva Linga. These Lingas are taken to mean the characteristics by which the Anda (the Universe), Pinda (the body), Sadasiva, etc., are to be recognised and understood.
    Linga is only the outward symbol of the formless being, Lord Siva, who is the indivisible, all-pervading, eternal, auspicious, ever-pure, immortal essence of this vast universe, who is the undying Soul seated in the chambers of your heart, who is your In-dweller, innermost Self or Atman, and who is identical with the Supreme Brahman.

    1. hi h,

      why do you give me all such funda ?

      SHIVA LINGAM has been derided by the christians and muslims as lord shiva's phallus.

      never mind that vatican HIDES a shiva lingam in its vaults of st peter's cathedral.

      and muslims OPENLY AND PROUDLY kisses a black shiva lingam set horizontally 5 feet above the ground on the SE corner of kaaba , mecca. Because some people tried to damage the stone , today they are NOT allowed to touch the black meteorite stone.


      punch into Google search-





      capt ajit vadakayil

  54. Hello Sir
    I do not care as to who and what Muslims and Christians pray to.. I only want to share vedic interpretations of Shivling supported by commentaries from our sages. There is a big chuck of Sanatani Dharmis who believe in this falsehood and it is our duty to share truth with as many people as possible. Wikipedia has blocked me and Indian English media wont listen as they are controlled by non hindus.. I want people to understand the true meaning of shivling and not fall to dirty propaganda by non hindus.

  55. shiva prasad
    April 11, 2014 at 9:05 AM
    hi captain

    an off topic question, captain i know that there are 108 upanishads, of which shankaracharya commented on about 10 main upanishads,and also it is believed that he has also commented on another upanishad called shvetashvatarupanishad(dont know if i am right) which is bit controversial,please throw some light about the controversy about who has commented on it..


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    April 11, 2014 at 10:01 AM
    hi sp,

    Punch into google search-

    Wikipedia as per the white historian claims that this Upanishad was written in 300 BC.

    The truth is all Upanishads were handed down by oral route for thousands of years and finally penned down in Sanskrit in 5000 BC.

    In the FAKE and posion injected Shvetashvatara Upanishad Lord Siva or Rudra is declared to be the creator, preserver and destroyer of the world.

    This is utter blasphemy , as the original concept of TRINITY of sanatana dharma , as per DVAITA Vedanta is being killed.

    Punch into Google search-


    Lord Shiva is also compared with the Supreme Brahman, which again is blasphemy as the original concept of ADVAITA Vedanta is being snuffed .

    Punch into google search-


    Hardly anybody on this planet , including the stalwarts of hindusim since adi shankaracharya 2000 BC has understood SANKYA Vedanta .

    it is indeed a disgrace.

    It takes some amount of intelligence to understand this concept and hence it has bounced off the heads of pundits — who are mere Sanskrit scholars.

    The original SHVETASHVATARA UAPINSHAD which has been stolen and poison injected talks about SANKHYA Vedanta.

    Punch into google search-


    Maharishi Kapila is traditionally credited as a founder of the Samkhya school. Sankhya marries Advaita and Dvaita forms of Hindusim—it is a classic masterpiece by way of modeling the ways of the inner universe.

    Svetasvatara Upanishad gets its name from Maharishi Rishi Svetasvatara who taught this branch of Hindusim.

    you can download the modern poison injected version -[Sanskrit-English].pdf

    when you inject poison into hindusim, the poison injector has to be a GENIUS -- or he falls flat on his face .


    capt ajit vadakayil