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PHANTOM BABOOOSAH YOBO YOBA –I cried out in my sleep 28 years ago.

My wife woke me up and asked me what is all this Yobo Yoba – and these my secret girl friends, stashed away some place ? 

I told her “ I was dreaming of my childhood hero, Phantom, the ghost who walks".

When Diana had twins , Guran comes out of the skull cave and cries out jubilantly “ phantom baboosah yobo yoba “ – meaning Phantom got twins , one boy , one girl” to the pygmy Bandar tribe waiting anxiously outside .
After all Phantom chose Diana to deliver his heir inside the jungle skull cave , NOT some slick city hospital in USA.
I had read all the Phantom comics as a child, daily on a newspaper strip-- as did more than 200 million others.
He was our ultimate super hero. Quite often we would fantasize how Phantom would kick the livin' shit out of Superman , if ever they had a one on one close combat.

So in 1996, I was 41 years old,  still feeling like a bubbly small boy when it came to Phantom. I went with my wife to watch the movie starring Billy Zane as Phantom, rubbing my hands in expectation.

I was left squirming in my seat as Billy Zane and the Jewish lobby of Hollywood destroyed my childhood idol piece by piece, over two hours.  

The ghost who walks was a legend who made evil men flinch , rather made their blood freeze when his eyes met theirs.

Phantom was a mature strong and silent type man of few words - when he spoke,  all listened.

He was NOT a merry motor mouth , jumping jack like Zorro or Robin hood.. And if you think you can speak in the same monotone throughout the movie , and sound like phantom--well , it does not work like that!

First of all Phantoms eyes and pupils never showed through the mask, in the comic strip. Our hero did NOT have dartin' eyes.

He was made of full blooded beef and muscle .

When Phantom hit someone,  the guy stayed hit.

No wonder the movie was rejected wholesale by all the diehard Phantom fans of this planet , and it could rake back only 16.5 million of the 44 million spent.  Literally this movie pushed all us diehard fans into a deep abyss of shit.

This is despite massive propaganda. They roped in even the President of USA Bill Clinton for this.

All the die hard fans including me, got such a massive heartache over dashed expectations -- that we never looked at another Phantom comic ever since.  
This slick joke was supposed to make us laugh -- and roll all over the clover--

“I contracted malaria, mother” –Diana
“That’s nice.” -Lily

Here is another worn out one to the librarian --

“I guess you won’t need these anymore”  while crushing his glasses - Drax

The skull cave did NOT even have a waterfall over it. Phantom’s dog did NOT look like a menacing wolf. 

The zing was never there.

It was like you loved to eat brain cutlets , ate it with relish throughout your life, and then one day some asshole forced a rotten brain cutlet on you, which you had to lump, and now you will never ever look at a brain cutlet till you die.
Sometimes Phantom left the jungle to clean the night streets of New York in a trenchcoat, fedora and darkglasses.  The evil men of the city trembled in their shoes, and cold sweat ran down their necks , down the cracks of their asses.  
Billy Zane only made them giggle.

And to rub salt on our wounds , Billy Zane grinned like

a Cheshire billy cat at the drop of a hat, which made

us cringe. Thank god he did NOT have rotten teeth.

My childhood hero Phantom was a strong , silent  man with an amazing legacy and script to live up to..
He rode a white swift stallion by the name of Hero, and his menacing wolf followed him like his shadow. 
When he punched bad men to the ground it left an indelible skull mark on their mangy faces.

For four-hundred years, the Phantom has haunted the Bengalla woods, known to the native inhabitants as "The Ghost Who Walks."   Kit Walker  is the twenty-first man to take up the mantle, inheriting it from his late father , who makes occasional ghostly appearances to advise him.  It's the lot of the Walker family to "fight piracy, cruelty, and injustice in all its forms", and has been since the boy who became the first Phantom witnessed his father's murder. Because all the Phantoms wear the same costume, the outside world believes that there's only one of them -- an immortal vigilante of sorts -- and Kit aint in any tearin’ hurry to dispel ze illusion.

He had an early warning radar , a falcon called Fraka .  
When a new Phantom takes the task from his dying father, he swears the Oath of the Skull: "I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms, and my sons and their sons shall follow me".

-- and we all cried WOW!

This makes me ponder over how cleverly the Jews have taken over Hollywood.
They push their type of Jewish looks , and the rest of

the world has to lump it.  

The paradigm for a handsome man or a beautiful

woman is now, someone with quintessential  corny

Jewish looks.  

What a disgrace.

How many of you know that all the following are Jewish.  Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Charles Bronson, Richard Gere, Stevan Segal, Dustin Hoffman, Bruce Willis—plus hundreds of others.

Today if you see a man looking like Michael Douglas- all would say “ Wow—so handsome!”    His weak chin looking like water is now accepted as the “ in look “ of a typical handsome man.

Does all this make me anti-semitic?

Just the truth , folks! Truth is bitter.

The Jews themselves are quite blatant about their “ rub it in “  banner—

Yes-- sure-- you gave us a  Jewish lookin'  Phantom.  Whom must we congratulate?


Advise: Next time you select a Phantom hero, make sure his shoulders are wider than his ass.

Why blame the Jew lobby?   In Bollywood before Salman came and introduced fitness --  all our yester year super heroes ( other than Dharmendra ) had narrow shoulders and wide hips .. Just visualize, -- the entire Kapoor khandaan of Raj-Shashi-Rishi-Randhir-Shammi, Rajesh Khanna, Manoj Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar -- the entire dang lot. How many of them dared to remove their shirts to expose their tuft titties or have a swimming pool scene , revealing their gargantuan bottoms?

Lee Falk passed away on Saturday 13 March 1999 in New York, USA aged 87 years. His career, spanning 1934-1999, was the longest of any comics writer, and it is impossible for anybody else to achieve a similar record of almost 65 years creating the most widely syndicated Phantom strip in the world.   Lee, was always  insistent that his famous creation be portrayed with accuracy and dignity and it was probably the reason so many studios could never make a Phantom.   -or probably they were smart enough to figure out , that it is very difficult for the movie to measure up to millions of dreams and fantasies.  

He teamed up with Phil Davis , a master artist. His passing away, removes the last link to the golden age of nostalgia via comics.

If he was alive I would have cried-- LEE FALK FOR PRESIDENT


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A couple of years ago, after I came home on vacation, I had gone for a function with my wife. There I met my younger son’s classmate’s father.  

During the course of our polite conversation he asked me I f I knew that my son is getting bullied in school.

I said “  He is the tallest and heaviest guy in his class- how can anybody  dare to bully him.

He replied “ Your wife will know the bully, he is the class leader and 4 years older than the rest of the class “

On the drive back home I asked my wife , whether she knew anything about it.

She said he has never come home with torn clothes. I asked her about missing pens , not wanting to go to school , or some signs like that.

She said  “ Yes, he does NOT like to go to school.  Sometimes he comes back with his compass box or pen missing .  I have already bought three new ones in the last 3 months.  Certain days he comes back home without eating his lunch packed in the tiffin box. He appears disturbed while studying at home . But the class leader is the boy who gives me notes , whenever Aashik has missed school. Poor chap, his parents are in Dubai and he is all alone , staying with some far off relatives “.

At home , I confronted my son . He came out with the truth, after some arm twisting .

My son was the butt of all the  practical jokes of the bully --  he would throw things at him in class. – he would be teasing him in front of the whole class and girls constantly—

I told my wife “ Tomorrow , though it is a holiday for younger kids --first thing in the morning we will be going to the school and I will speak to the Principal and class teacher “

At school I told the Principal   “ I want to speak to you in front of my son’s teachers.  It is about my son getting bullied in your school.   If I don’t see a good receptive attitude from you, I will put unbearable heat on the school “

Pretty soon we had 3 teachers in the Principals room.

I asked them if they knew my son was getting bullied.

All the 3 of them said  “ Yes!. We though you knew. Your son get bullied by children half his size , just because he does NOT retaliate, so they get encouraged “

I told them “ I have hung a sand bag in my house since he was 5 years old. I have taught him personally how to destroy anybody in physical contact OR even to kill a fully grown up adult. But I have told him never ever to attack anybody,  So may be this is why he is getting bullied. This bullying will stop tomorrow within one hour of school opening—I will do it my way. All I am asking you  is to turn a Nelsons eye.  Though my 12 year old son is 5 feet 9 inches tall and 85  kilos in weight , the bully will NOT be hurt, he will only be humiliated ”.

I made a hefty donation to the principal’s school fund and we left.

On the way back my wife asked me “ Are you going to tell Aashik to beat up the bully. He can do it very easily, but then what if the bully relatiates by poking his eye with a compass needle ? “

I said “ I would rather have a one eyed son , than a coward with my blood running in his veins . This bully works safe in the assumption that there will be NO relatiation .  At his age of 16, he wants to impress all the 13 year old girls , by taking on a bigger child.   He suffers from resentment as his parents have left him alone and are in Dubai" . 
" Bullying gives him release from his frustrations.  This is a easy way out to displace internal aggression .  It makes him feel empowered.   Teasing, playing practical jokes, throwing things at you,  hiding personal belongings,  is all part of the bully’s tactics .  The only way out is to take him head on , just once , without hurting him physically “

So after I reached home I told my son  “ Tomorrow as soon as you go to school, the bully will start off as usual.  He is just trying to be a hero in front of the girls by taking on a guy double his size. I want you to do this  – now watch carefully.  If you don’t do exactly what I tell you, when you come home in the evening I will kick your fuckin' ass. “

My son cried bitterly , for I was his ultimate hero, and had never beaten him or spoke to him rudely till then.

Next day—he went to school .

The bully came to him with his usual teasing games with the whole class watching. 

My son bent him double, picked him off the ground whirled him around to upset his inner ear cochlea balance, and threw him 8 feet away. He lay there for a couple of minutes  totally dazed , picked himself up and came charging . This time my son palmed his jaw, jerked his head backwards to upset the inner ear spirit level again, and shoved him so hard that he went flying again . It took some time for him regain his balance get up and slink away .

That was it.

The girls , two dozen of them were the first to start clapping , and then the rest of the class followed .

This was what all of them wanted. Before he left school for the day , this 16 year old bully taunted my son  “ Next time you mother asks me for notes ,  I wont give it to her!”

The word spread  all over school like wild fire – Aashik has beaten up the school bully.  This came to my wife from several sources. Few parents thanked my wife as the previous year 3 childern left the school, unable to face this type of harassment. Complaining to the teachers made NO difference as the bully's parents were wealthy people from Dubai, and close to a school board member.

Six days later, a Karate black belt was to come and demonstrate his prowess in breaking tiles, to get more enrollment into the Karate club of school .

I told my son “ After this man finishes, I want you to go on stage and ask for one more tile and break it front of the whole school  .  I don’t care if you break your bone —  make sure you do it “

His sweet spot was hard like steel — having pounded it on the hard sand bag a thousands of times over the years. The sweet spot bone micro fractures and gets mended several times over , and thus gets tough.

This art is something I had taught my son very early in life –to use the sweet spot 2 inches off the elbow ( toward the palm ) and smash the brick stack with lightning speed , arm back swing like a nanchaku, and using FULL body weight for follow through.



Only fools break bricks with a wrist chop, as there are too many bones and cartilages at the tender wrist. A punch or chop can never be hard enough.

The next day my wife’s friend call up and says . “ Do you know that Aaskik has become famous in school by out smashing the black belt Karate instructor? ”

So in the evening my son comes back with the look of a cat who swallowed all the cream .

I asked him what was the reaction of the all students and teachers.  He imitated them .  There was a collective amazed involuntary gasp  from hundreds of throats.


Goodbye bullies— forever !

When I was a small boy I used to be the “ official bully basher” .

Children at school who were bullied used to come and complain to me and I would take on the bullies who were twice my size.

I would kick the living shit out of them, including the principal’s son who was a bully. Almost every week I would come home with my uniform shirt torn.  I broke my nose thrice.

So, imagine my distress to see both my sons so peace loving— and they don’t like to fight for a cause .

You don’t need to be physically tough like my son.

You just need to show guts, or fierce intent, or strength , or project unquantified danger – it is about making their balls ascend to their throats -- instant " Kundalini climb" style.

Let me give an example of a “show of strength 

12 years ago we shifted to our new home . There was a nukkad where the poor unemployed youth used to spend their time gossiping or ogling at the girls passing by.  From their base all could see my bungalow gates.  So I took my 4 feet long sword, from the usual hiding place inside the almirah.

As soon as I started walking to the gates my wife came running. “What, are you up to? You want the show off your sword to those nukkad boys or what? “

 I said  “ NO, I am just taking insurance. Very soon I will be leaving home to join the ship, and you will be home alone with a 5 year old child , with NO neighbours around shouting distance”

So, I took my evil looking and extremely sharp sword outside the gates and pretended to cut off a few imaginary creepers and shrubs, all the time knowing a dozen pairs of eyes are watching every inch of my progress .

After I came back home for my stint on ship, my wife told me .  Every house on the street lost their expensive gate lamps except our house on one dark rainy night.

What everybody is discussing is why only our house was spared.  And then she says herself—I think it was the “sword effect”.

She is right.

Now let me talk about  UNquantified danger” --

 Every time we went for a holiday  I took my cold steel serrated dagger ( set me back by 400 US dollars ) along strapped to my waist.  

My idea of a holiday was fast flowing clear water through rocks. Just lie down , get a free flowing water massage, relax in total privacy, with your family  

Every time my elder son used to ask me “ Daddy why do you take that dagger with you? “

I  used to reply “ One day , you will see me using it.  Till  then patience , son !”

So while on holiday somewhere at the Karnataka border, I stopped the car to buy some cold Coke and chocolates.  On the wall opposite the street , some youngsters were sitting –about 8 of them . As soon as they saw me and my spaced out beard , my wife and niece —they started making funny noises and yodeling catcalls.

So I told my elder son “ Now the time has come to show you what magic this dagger can do.  I will raise my arms when I am out of this store and pretend to yawn with my hands high in the air. At that time this dagger will pop out from underneath my hiked up T shirt.  Just watch , soak it in, and let me know later what you saw “

Later after we drove off , my son totally excited cried  “ Daddy, you should have seen their faces, when they suddenly saw your knife.  They all became silent and were sitting like stones “

I said “ Well, none of them bargained for the fact that they could lose their lives on that very wall, on which they were all so merry a few minutes ago  !”

Let me give another example of “showing grave intent”.

7 months ago, my elder son had just come home from Cornell during his end of semester Christmas 2010  vacation.  Myself , my wife and two children aged 23 and 16 went for a movie at a theatre in Calicut showing a 3D movie .

The theatre was full .  There were 5 rowdie youngsters at the back row of the balcony making loud sounds, whistling , passing loud uncouth remarks , even breaking their chairs —we could hear the cracking sounds.

Immediately my wife held on to my arm, and said “ You are NOT gonna confront them . They are just having a ball, in a group. I am telling you. Meri kasam! ”

She held on to my arm so strong that that spot took 2 weeks to recover from compressed nerves and damaged muscle fibres.

At half time interval,  as soon as I saw this gang going out for a smoke, I made an excuse that I have to go and take a leak.  And then I doubled back to the spot where these trouble makers were sitting in a group , smoking and generally having a ball. They had their tails up, as all were giving them a wide berth.

So I went to them and said “ After the interval , when the movie starts,  I don’t want to hear you guys at all --  If I hear you breathe , just see what I do to you.  By the way, I am NOT police — I sit in the front row with my wife and two sons  

When I came back to my seat my wife and two sons asked me “ We know you talked to those men .What did you tell them?”

I told the truth “ I told them that I don’t want to hear them breathe. I did NOT tell them what I will do to them if they disobey— that is their problem to figure it out  .  Bullies always work on the preconceived notion that there will NOT be a severe price to pay. It is this feeling of safety which propels them “

20 minutes after the movie started again, the group of 5 quietly melted away in the darkness.

Later my elder genius son , who was never a fan of my tough acting , “taking on the world alone ”  tactics , told his mother in private  at the airport  ” There was only one man in that  movie hall holding hundreds , who could have silenced that rowdy gang,  and he did it! ”

Now let me talk about "bullying at the workplace "--

Before going to Cornell for his ME in computer science, he worked for the biggest computer software company in India for 6 months-- just to get work experience, till he left India.

He stayed with a brilliant Bihari boy , together in a rented flat.

So one day my son called me up and asked me if I have some tips for painful stomach ulcers. He said his flatmate, suffers from it.

So i wanted to know what type of food he eats. My son said he has rarely eaten with him , that he goes to office by 7 AM and comes back at midnight, no Saturdays and Sundays .

I had a piece of advise--  I told my son never to get USED. 

He replied that he goes to office at 9AM and comes back by 6 PM-- but the Bihari friend , was being used by his female boss.

She would constantly shout at him , she would work only between 9 to 5 will NOT come on Saturdays / Sundays . And that all the projects were powered by the fertile brains of his friend -- but she took all the credit personally , as trainees don't count.

I said " Tell your friend , that I told him this.  Never ever get used.  And this type of thing is NOT gonna help his ulcers. He MUST confront this Cruella De Ville."

Next day my excited son calls me up on the ship .

He said " His friend confronted her .  He told her that he would report to her boss, that she does NOT have any brains , has NO dang clue what is happening , that she cannot understand the big picture or small picture of current ongoing high profile project with a major US software company, that she is just a parasite / middleman in the work place, but yet hogging all the team effort credit ,  

-- that she has climbed this far up the ladder this slimy way-- 

but no more !".

Wonder of wonders--  that very hour she applied for 6 months of official long leave and left the office.

I guess she knew what she was worth. The only way this pretender female boss could continue was by twisting the arm of her team, by harassing, shouting, threatening --

It is your fault if you allow such a thing to happen to you in your workplace.

You are entitled to say NO to such mindless abuse. 







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This is in response to a query about the origins of Kerala Mapplias ( Muslims ) made in my blog post THE OPIUM RAJA, BRITISH STOOGE , RAM MOHAN ROY dated 25th july 2011.

The Arabs in Oman/ Iraq/ Arabia/ Yemen/ UAE/ Jordan -- have been trading with Calicut since the past 6000 years, by ship.

Their ships were made of Malabar teak. This is why they love to employ Keralites--as we where their benefactors for thousand of years--they survived on us till 100 years ago, when the oil boom started.

 Otherwise whatever they had was due to Kerala's largesse. They used to give us Silver in payment -- wonder where all the thousands of tonnes of it went?

They took the spices from Calicut , the capital of Malabar , to European trading hub Constantinople ( Istanbul ) from where the European ships took it further. This is how the Ottomans came to know about India and here riches.

The caravan also stoked up the Egyptian Pharaoh and Kings of Jerusalem . The kinds of Jerusalem had this Malayalam connection. King Solomon's seal is in Malayalam-- the picture is in Madame Blavastsky's book. 

Solomon's mother Bathsheba was a Malayali.  King David had a illegitimate relationship with attractive and already married  Bathsheba .  Never mind cooked up Jerusalem history and Bathsheba looking like Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood movies.


Solomons temple staircase was made from Teak and Sandalwood of Kerala. Solomon got his own ships made in Beypore Calicut as early as 900 BC.

The Cutty Sark ( the fastest opium smuggler clipper of the seas ) which could never be overtaken was made by Calicut teak.

Till 160 years ago, India was the only source of diamonds--and Kolar field gave superior gold lode at almost ground levels.  British stole all the gold from here and depleted the mine.

So when the whole world was looking for India, and Columbus landed up in America -- they were looking for Kerala, rather Calicut --the Capital of Malabar from where --the land of spices, gold, diamonds, herbal medicines, mathematics, astronomy, etc

Vasco da Gama did not run aground in Calicut in 1498--by mistake, on passage to New Delhi. He came here by purpose ! He was piloted across, the Arabian sea by the Calicut King Zamorin's ( Samoothiri ) deep sea pilot, who was a half breed by the name of Ibn Aziz.

India was inaccessible from land--and you had to negotiate the HINDU KUSH mountains--which protected India since the days of Alexander.

This is why Alexander married a local dark skinned and attractive Indian, to find a way through the mountain maze-- or it is sure death. He also bribed the King of Taxila for local guides and military help --using the gold he stole from Iran , after the battle of Guagamela-- 25 tonnes of it.

The Hindu Kush passes were compromised by the a stupid Indian king who allowed his heart to rule over his head. Punch into Google search THE FIRST SUPARI , TURNING POINT OF INDIAN HISTORY- VADAKAYIL.

-- even before they became Muslims , after the birth of Islam-- as Islam is a recent religion.

Mecca was an oasis on the caravan route, with a Shiva temple having a VERY POWERFUL Shiva Lingam ( black stone )for speeding up the chakras .the British call this as a PAGAN temple.

This black stone has been broken up, by invaders and has lost most of its its power. it is enclosed in a silver sheath and installed on the SE corner of Kaaba 5 feet above the ground--HORIZONTALLY

People don't understand the power of nature. If 200 years ago you told somebody that you can rotate a magnet in a coil of wire ( stator/ rotor ) -- you produce electricity which can burn you to ashes in a second-- who will believe this. Or that you can take power form a tiny atom and kill all the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for the matter --

World war 3 will use Tesla beam technology ( Vedic technology of our Astras used in Mahabharata / Ramayana wars of 4000 BC ) -- given to Nikola Tesla by Swami Vivekananda.

After Islam sanctioned 4 wives-- these Arab sailors had wives on both sides. And since Arabs are a handsome race, this mixing of blood has created very fair and beautiful women in Malabar.

Some of the Muslim women in Calicut are more attractive and full blooded than Aishwarya Rai--who is from the North Kerala area ( Malabar ) anyways. They don't need to do plastic surgery or fix Silicon tits. . Of course these women will NEVER EVER wear micro swimwear and parade in front of males to win a Miss Universe title.

This mixed Hindu/ Muslim race , were NOT converted by force. the Arabs used these mixed half breed as their agents. They lived in harmony with the local Hindus, till the Muslim invaders used them as pawns for DIVIDE AND RULE tactics.

It is very easy to make the closest of friends fight to the death in a minute. Let us imagine that two brothers and like Ram and Lakshman -- who will give up their lives for each other. Now imagine one of the brothers married a woman with long black hair and the other married one with long blonde hair--for arguments sake.

All a mischief monger needs to do is to take a strand of long black hair from a dustbin, and put it on the bed of the other brother . And then take it off the bed in his presence with two gingers and ask him innocently " How did your wife's hair land up on your brothers bed ?" This is enough, there is NO need to promise monetary incentives or jobs -- the seeds of suspicion has been sown.

The Rothschilds , owners of East India Company, used this method to trigger the 1857 Sepoy's mutiny, so that they can take over India officially. It was they who taunted the Muslims and Hindus about being tainted while biting off the cartridges greased with pig and beef lard. Otherwise how are these poor men supposed to know?

Tipu sultan and Hyder ali would not have been able to terrorise North Kerala , but for this local support of mappilas ( Muslims ).

That is why Tipu could never enter south Travancore Kerala , and once when he tried to do so, he lost his sword-- bought by Vijay Mallya. and when Tipu came to kerala even the 7000 year old Guruvayor idol was sent to south Kerala for safe keeping .

This is the reason why Sri Padmanabha Swami temple unearthed 24 billion USD worth treasure--and some vaults are yet to be opened..

Tipu stole all this TRILLIONS of dollars worth gold from north Kerala--and in turn Rothschild who owned east India company stole it after they killed him.

It must be remembered that the Zamorin's Navy was manned by Muslims--who under the brave and loyal Kunjali Marakkar, the admiral of the navy gave all Kerala's enemies a tough time.

Kerala had its own Muslim Kingdom too. One of my close friends ( we were cadets together nearly 4 decades ago ) is from Chirakkal Varma family , and one of my ex-Chief officers is from Arakkal royal family.

I got to know this because i happened to see his wedding video--and there was this oppana group singing his praises ( rather pulling his leg ) , about how he is the scion of raja vamsham Arakkal.

Chirakkal pond ( Chira ) where the princesses of Varma family took bath is the size of 6 football fields. You can see it on Google earth.

The official version says that a Muslim boy saved her from drowning , while the grapevine says she was in love with this handsome man already, and drowning story is all bull.  ( both used to do MENTAL copulation daily at the gates of the Chirakkal temple ). Since the princess was nude when the boy swam and saved her, he gave her his mundu to cover herself.

The King considered them to be married as in those days if a woman accepts a PUDAVA from a man she is considered married to him ( something like a maang mein sindhoor type rite ) .

So the Chirakkal Varma got them married officially and gave the Muslim boy half his kingdom. This Kingdom is called Arakkal. The queens are called Arakkal beevis. Hyder Ali had established a marital alliance with the Arakkal Beevi family.  Arakkal family ruled Laccadives too.

Calicut may be a sleepy city now -- but is one of the most chequered and historical cities on this planet.  Invaders looted all our wealth and destroyed all our ancient 8000 year old temples.

Pythogarus ( 570 BC – 495 BC ),  Socrates ( 469 BC- 399 BC ) and Plato (727 BC to 347 BC ) studied in Kerala, India.  

The disciple of Plato Aristotle did NOT come to India , but he had very clearly written that Jews originated from Kerala in India.  Aristotle wrote that Jews came from KALANI in India.  He has written that Kalani was famous for their raised Kundalini sages ( maharishis ).  These are the same sages who built the Egyptian pyramids.

Alexander the great went back from India via Socotra by ship, to get some life saving Aloe Vera which was a spice trade outpost of Calicut King,  like Mecca and Salalah .

This is the reason why King David took a wife from Kerala named Bath Sheba. King Solomon took a wife from Kerala named whom all call Queen Sheba.  

Jesus Christ took a wife from Kerala named Mary Magdalene.  All know that Jesus Christ suddenly sprung up at Jerusalem from nowhere.  He was in Kerala India, learning healing, meditation, science, philosophy etc.

Grace and peace!