Saturday, February 19, 2011


We find scientists running to countries having a total solar eclipse to find out what is behind the sun. This has been going on even in the Vedic era.

This must be the basis for making things invisible. The Maharshis who stayed on the banks of river Saraswati with 12 strand DNA and a king sized pineal gland could make themselves invisible. They used the power of their auras.

Is this all bullshit?

let us examine it in a scientific way.

In case an object has to become invisible, either light must pass through it like glass, or light must bend around it , like the solar eclipse, revealing objects behind the sun. --using the curvature of the space time fabric--which is gravity.

Gravity pushes--it does NOT pull, as told by Newton of apple bump on head fame.

In case light has to go through the body, then this body must be rotated out of this dimension, which we will not talk about in this post.

Light does not bend under an externally applied electric or magnetic field because the photon has no electric charge. 

But gravity bends light , as seen during the solar eclipse, where the intense gravitational field acts like a lens , diverting the starlight towards us.

The gravity of planets is static in comparison to light. For one to influence the other, resonance (matching in frequencies) must happen.  

As soon as you modulate or vibrate gravity, light bends like a straw under its influence. This the closer you reach resonant frequency, the less intense the gravitational field needs to be.

How exactly do we modulate  gravity?. 

When an electric and magnetic field cross one another at right angles, gravity is produced in a direction perpendicular to both 

So, by modulating either the magnetic or electric field, you get a gravitational field vibrating at the same frequency.  We can use an AC  to electrify an object or energize a coil.

Therefore, a light-bending object requires an oscillating, rotating gravitational field so that incoming light meets this field, follows it all the way to the other side, and leaves to continue its path.

Immerse a charged spherical object in a magnetic field . If you plot the gravity vector,at right angles to both electric and magnetic fields, it can be rotated  around the object like a vortex. 

To modulate this field, it is better to alternate the electric component using a Tesla coil since its high voltage/high frequency ensures good field strength and closeness of charge to the object. 

Tesla had showed the world that wires conduct electrons only at the surface and was the first to use multiple stands in a electrical wire conducting AC electricity. This closeness is due to the “skin effect” where high frequency electricity tends to travel on the skin of an object rather than through it. 

The magnetic field can be produced by a Helmholtz coil--which produces a uniform magnetic field 

Now, what happens when a photon enters the modulated gravity field? It enters the field and gets side swiped, by the gravity vectors, sending it around the object.

As per laws of conservation of momentum, such a photon must swing back around the field, exactly, by the same amount it was deflected. This wont happen unless the photon exits from the field, the opposite side from where it entered.

where :--
Q= Charge
A= Electromagnetic vector potential

Therefore, as far as an external observer is concerned, the light beam never altered course and hence no object blocked its path. 

Voila!--the object has become invisible-- as simple as that!

By the way, the swinging steel balls of honourable Newton are impressive right? 
Here is the naked truth.  Thief Newtons law of "Conservation of momentum" was stolen from Vedic Science of 4000 BC.

The VIBGYOR sunlight spectrum of thief Newton can still been seen in Indian temples made in BC, along with amazing pinhole cameras .  These rainbow colours were given to the 7 Chakras of the human body as early as 9000 BC.  Thief Newtons laws of motion were lifted from the Sanskrit texts of 4000 BC and Aryabhatta’s written work in 2700 BC in Sanskrit.




  1. PRANAAM Capt. Ajit.

    Namaha Te

    I started reading the post and got surprised to read
    "Gravity pushes--it does NOT pull"
    REALLY...?!!..Hard to digest; want to ask you questions.

    A.) How is Gravity push not pull?
    B.) Is attraction (as we are taught) is the only effect of gravity? Is there any other significance or property of it?
    C.) What actually is gravity? What causes it?
    D.) I'm sure graviton is related to gravity(Sci-Tally channels) but HOW?

    1. hi s,

      punch into google search-

      Gravity as a pull is a 17th century Newtonian way of looking at Gravity.

      According to Einstein's theory of General Relativity, gravity is a push.

      Gravity is a consequence of the curvature of spacetime governing the motion of inertial objects.

      Gravity is responsible for the formation of our Earth and all other planets and for the movement of all heavenly bodies.

      It is gravity that makes our planet revolve around the Sun, and the Moon revolve around the Earth.

      In space, flames are shaped like round spheres and on earth like a tear drop due to gravity.

      All fundamental forces except gravity have one or more known messenger particles.

      So scientists presume at least one most likely does exist and they have named this particle graviton.

      The predicted find would result in the classification of the graviton as a "force particle" similar to the photon of the electromagnetic field.

      Detection of gravitons is vital to the validation of various lines of research to unify quantum mechanics and relativity theory ( theory of everything ).

      Unless morphogenetic consciousness ( the brahmAn of advaita Hinduism ) is factored in TOE will remain elusive.

      The reason is 108, and the fact that the diameters of planets are written in the vedas.

      Punch into google search SRI YANTRA 108 AND THEORY OF EVERYTHING VADAKAYIL

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. NAMAHA TE Capt. Ajit

    I did not understand meaning of 'curvature of spacetime' and 'Unless morphogenetic consciousness ( the brahmAn of advaita Hinduism ) is factored in TOE will remain elusive.
    Every thing else was spot on. Helpfull.
    But I still have question but I think I should study some basics first. It might save your precious time. Then I will ask.

    Here is a video
    It says under nil or micro gravity, drop of methanol keep burning after the flame extinguish..!!!

    I'll read the blog posts you mentioned.

    THANKS for replying.

    Stay Blessed..:)

    1. hi sid,

      punch into google search for this youtube video-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. PRANAAM Capt.

    Day before yesterday I watched this video. It is exactly what you say about gravity.
    It was part of my query and it still is. But as i said i will study and then ask; some day soon, with more clarity I will..:)

    And i really APPRECIATE that you shared the video with me. I feel happy for your concern to teach or i say enlighten.


  4. Greetings Capt.,

    Your views on Nikola Tesla's Thoery of Gravity. It sounds really interesting.


  5. How is gravity a push force? expecting answer in simple words.. pls do make me to understand... _/\_ if it is push how it is responsible for weight..?

  6. Capt this is off topic a lost post coz im in need of ur advice. As an experienced traveller would you plz tell me the best place to retire in this world for me.

    Im in search of low cost place with heavy untouched nature, mountain, waterfalls, pure water to drink.

    Good and spirited people that search meditation and being in peace and happy with a nature friendly life style, orgânic food and that can live with only the necessary.

    I really like small towns or just live in nature on a small district.

    Have u seen or know any place like that dear captain?

    Im very sad my country its beautifull but ppl here its all corrupted and polluting enviroment and they treat the spiritual part of life like a bunch of hipocrates.

    Some ppl have told me about laos... But idk wanna hear from u good capt ajit.

    Thanks in avance.

    1. hi sb,

      you need an island , low cost and spiritual

      give BALI a go-- but i guess that place is now swamped by western tourists

      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Hi Ajitji,
    Today I asked one question to my physics teacher and was made to stand out (I'm proud to say that I'm one of youngest reader of your blog).
    I asked my teacher,"what makes earth to revolve around sun?"she replied that gravity is the cause for that phenomenon. Then I asked her again,"if it happens because of gravity then earth must move towards the sun in straight path and not in roundabout (elliptical orbit) direction.
    I have searched answer for this question in Google and found unanswered. I m waiting to get clear answer from you.
    Thank you

    1. The Earth does gravitate toward the Sun. If the Earth wasn't gravitating toward the Sun it wouldn't be orbiting.

      Because space is virtually a vacuum, no friction exists to slow the Earth’s velocity. The sun’s gravitational pull is strong enough to keep a constant tug on the Earth but not enough to overcome the planet’s own sideways velocity.

      This places the Earth in a perpetual state of angular momentum relative to the sun.

      If the Earth had no perpendicular velocity, the sun’s gravity would quickly cause the planet to fall toward it and be destroyed.