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First read my post dated 10th Feb 2011, WORTH MORE THAN THE SUM TOTAL OF ENTIRE FORBES LIST, to get a handle of who Rothschild is.!!.

It does not require too much acuity to realize that German Jews Rothschild , controlled every aspect of British rule in India, till they finally left for good in 1947.

It is no coincidence that British imperialism begins only after the Illuminati Jewish bankers, the Rothschilds become established in Britain . 

They knew that that they cannot exploit the rest of the world in a local modus operandi  fashion, and the usual tactic of infiltration into corridors of power would not work in foreign lands.

They therefore simply appropriated the British flag as theirs and used the British as their extensions in non-Western lands. The simple "John Bull" British were dosed with pride in the "empire", "race", "Christianity" and "Queen" and catalyzed by the constant injections of crusader zeal and bravery . They were all puppets on a string and  it was really Rothschild's empire they were making.

Rothschild in 2011, has many times more wealth , that the whole of Forbes 500 added together. While the dumb world citizen is told that the richest man is Bill Gates or Carlos Slims or whatever.

These Federal reserve banking family decide, when banks and stocks have to crash. They decide the bull and bears.

How many people know that Lord Mountbatten , also belonged to Rothschilds.

How many people knew that Churchill’s mother was Rothschilds? His rise to First Lord of Admiralty and till Prime Minister was all manoeuvred by Rothschild.

The Jewish banking families made it a practice to marry their female offspring to spendthrift European aristocrats. In Jewish law, the mixed offspring of a Jewish mother is Jewish. (The male heirs always marry Jews.) The daughter of Jewish banker Ernest Cassel , Pamela ( Nehru’s friend , now you get the idea why Louis could not get rid of Pamela even if he wanted to ) married Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was related to Queen Victoria and Prince Philip.

Rothschild family owned the trading company British East India Company. In 1857, they decided to merge with the British Empire. 

You all must be very familiar with modern day power player mergers like Exxon Mobil etc.

At least 80 years prior to the so called sepoy’s mutiny or the First war of Indian Independence, discontent had been brewing in India over the lack of respect shown by the British to the Indians in the same army unit. 

The young British officers , recruited by British East India company in a hurry, with NIL military experience were chicken-hearted in close combat. These pansies behaving like school boys , could NOT even stand in the sun, leave alone spill blood.  They cocked a daily snook at the culture and the sensitivities of their own soldiers , they had to lead.  Leadership spirit was missing.

All you guys have only read British versions of all this right?

These young British officers --they were on a trip and loved to live it up , in greater pomp and splendor the Dukes, Barons and the Earls back home in England.  Rather they all thought they were Napoleons.

And they did NOT have the moral fibre or were NOT worth this type of display. Lack of respect meant that they had to secure respect in a heavy handed manner. The only way to do this was by severe corporal punishments like whipping for minor lapses, which was outlawed by Lord William Bentick. . 

There was heavy financial extortion, through taxation. And these Indian soldiers pay was pathetic.

All this  thing about the stupid Indians revolting because of having to bite a greased cartridge covered with pig and cow lard is all bullshit.

Rothshilds propaganda to show Indians as stupid, included bullshit cause triggers like banishing Sati, banishing the Thuggee cult, abolition of female infanticide , and child marriage etc.  

--and even this--the stupid Indians revolted because they thought the Bombay steam engine train was a demon etc. Well, these Indians have heard of Ramayana in 4000 BC, where aircrafts ( Pushpaka Vimana ) and Scalar interferometry ( Brahmaastra ) were used, and so this train will be a very tiny surprise. 

Though it was NOT allowed to apply the whip on the Indian soldiers as per the regiment laws , it was done very frequently. British officers accused of mindless brutality were allowed extended appeals, and they would never ever be punished—such was the system, and all the powers played ball. 

The Vellore soldiers mutiny took place on July 10th 1806, due to this , when more than 200 British officers were killed.  They had to sit though daily preachings of Christian missionaries, who wanted to convert them by hook or by crook. Punishments included making them stand under the blazing sun.

The Tamilian soldiers are known to be very patient with a long fuse. It is accepted by the British today, that the Indian sepoys were highly disciplined , loyal and docile. Yet they were treated worse than dogs.

The traders British India company were NOT allowed to acquire land . It was Emperor Aurangazeb who first donated land out of gratitude to a British East India company doctor for curing his wife of a disease, which became the Madras headquarters of East India Company. . Yet Governor general Lord Dalhousie had acquired 700 000 square kilometers of land. 

They fanned the flames of caste and religion divide blatantly, in a such way—it was obvious for all. 

Rothschild used Robert Clive for land grabbing , and when he has served their purpose , they removed him like a curry leaf and had him court marshaled. 

After Tipu’s death in 1799, the Rothschild made sure the entire gold was shipped off to their underground vaults in their own ships.

Freemason ( Illuminati –or Rothschild man ) was made governor general in 1848. The Barrackpore soldiers revolt took place in 1824.

It was a BIG LIE that the Indian Sepoy in Meerut killed British women and children. Rather many soldiers had later testified that Indians escorted them to safety, and then they went back to join the mutiny. No Indian Christian converts were massacred as per British propaganda.

After the 1757 revolt Rothschild used their stooges Edmund Burke and Adam Smith to argue their case that the Crown should take over the affairs of India.

Meanwhile the heads of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar’s 3 sons  were presented to him on a platter by William Hodson at Khooni Dawwaza. The Emperor was imprisoned in Burma in a very tiny prison.

 The Rothschild agents threw a great and extravagant ball at the Red Fort. They then supervised the vandalism of the Taj Mahal. The solid gold coated spires  were prised out and replaced with brass imitations, and shipped off to the Rothschild underground gold vaults, in which they had been boiling gold in furnaces for centuries... They also prised out all the diamonds , saphire, rubies and emeralds and replaced them with coloured quartz.

The 1857 revolt was the excuse to annex the whole of India, with NO more pretense of princely states, as per Adam Smith's original blue print.. The British crown merged the East Indian company soldiers of Madras, Bombay and Bengal presidencies. ,and soon India was flooded with the Crowns soldiers. Well paid German Hessian merecenaries just stated pouring in by troop ships.

It was Rothschilds who ensured that the so called Sepoy’s revolt caused by animal lard,  was given enough time to spread slowly all over India , before it was suppressed. They used communications to great effect to allow the slow spread of fire from the hot seat of Meerut.  Rothschild made sure money power on select leaders , kept the brave Sikhs and Gurkha regiments on their side . Sikhs , the Mahars of Maharashtra and Gorkhas fought against the rest of India, in this First war of Independence in 1857.

2038 white soldiers 12 field guns and armed to the teeth, could NOT contain the 2357 unarmed Sepoys of Meerut!!

The Mangal Pande incident at the 34th native infantry Meerut is a true event. Pandey did attack his superior British officer. But due to grave provocation.  Pandey was moving his lips, while reciting a Mantra silently, which was taken a display of contempt by his British officer. (In court , chanting the Mantra was described and recorded as babbling in religious fervour ) . He insulted him , struck and treated him like a mongrel dog.

Only one Muslim sepoy, Sheikh Pultoo who supported the British version in court, was promoted and retained in another regiment. But even Pultoo did NOT agree to the British charge that Mangal Pandey was drugged with Bhang.  Rest all who witnessed this incident , were sacked, imprisoned for 10 years , and 5th company 34th regiment disbanded.

This was the trigger!  

Mangal Pande was from Ghazipur, where the East India Company had their largest Opium Plant in 1820.  His family was displaced by Lord Cornwallis ( Rothschild agent ) the Governor General of British India, who died in Ghazipur, of Opium overdose. 

This thief's memorial still overlooks the Ganges river.  He was hated by the Americans who fought against him in their war of Independence.

From 1838, the British had been arm twisting Indian Indentured labour ( slavery , coupled with freedom for sex with pretty Indian women in far flung plantations ) and horror stories had been tricking back to India. All were witness to large scale looting of India's wealth . India was the richest country in the world, in the 17th century, and the British stole everything and carted it away to England.

It requires a real moron to believe that a full regiment rose in revolt, because of lard grease , and NOT due to overbearing and highhanded behavior of immature British officers, who acted God.  Mangal Pandey was hanged 10 days earlier than the date set for his execution in secret.

The Battle of Plassey in 1757 was a BIG LIE.

First of all the trigger of the Black hole of Calcutta was  COOKED UP . It was tom tommed by East India Company that Nawab Siraj Ud Daula locked up 146 Britishers in a small dark ill ventilated room, out of which 123 died.  The truth is only 58 people were in the room , out of which 19 died..

Adam Smith used this PEARL HARBOUR or LOUSITANIA type cause to start the Battle of Plassey in 1757, for East India Company to take over India. The battle itself is a white lie. The battle never took place. Siraj Ud Daula was killed before even a single shot was fired by his brother-in-law and army Commander Mir Jaffar, who was bribed by Rothschild employee Robert Clive.

Mir Jaffar was made a stooge Nawab and in return he gave a lot of Siraj Ud Daula's gold and diamonds for Robert Clive to take home personally in secrecy. Clive wanted to squeeze him more and when unable to milk him further, shoved off Mir Jaffar and put his rival Mir Qasim as the Satrap.
Digression:  My own batch mate "did a Rothschilds"  38 years ago, when I was a 16 year old cadet. 

I smelt smoke at 1 AM, on my training ship at Mumbai anchorage.  I went to the locker room, from the dorm and saw this guy ( also 16 years old ) coolly setting my boiler suit on fire using a cigarette and a cardboard which he used as a fan. He had a soda acid extinguisher kept 2 feet away. I snatched my boiler suit away and asked him what he is up to.  He said " I have received 4 COH ( court of honour hearings ) already.  Dude, I need some positive OLQ ( officer like quality marks ) or I will fail!"  

So then he took another boiler suit and did the honours.  When the fire had burnt 60% of the boiler suit, he put it out with the extinguisher. Then after 10 minutes I saw him coming down with Khan^#r ( my batch mates would have guessed this name already ) , took the credit for averting a grave disaster with 250 sleeping cadets , all between the ages of 16 to 18,  and got +15 marks for OLQ.

FAMOUS BACK SWINGS OF THE ROTHSCHILDS ( burn your own backyard theory ):--






Not many people know that Rothschild inducted Bene Israel Jews as army officers and more than  55% of the British Indian army officers were Jews . We do NOT talk about the Chitpavan ( Brahmin) Jews here. 

The likes of Lt Gen JFR Jacob , Vice Admiral BA Samson . Lt Gen RM Jacob  and Maj Gen JR Samson are well known.  All of them were sponsored by Rotshchild and blood relative Sasoon the opium traders.  

These Bene Israel Jews witnessed the decline and the collapse of the Peshwa regime, the surrender of Gwalior, Indore and Baroda (presently Vadodara), the subjugation of Gujarat, Kathiawar and Sind.  During the 1857 Indian war of Independence these Jews were 100% on the side of Rothschild , the owner of British East India company..

Grace and peace!




I am posting this on request from Dev K who make a comment in my blog SUPER PANCHATANTRA asking for information about PLANET X ( English ) / NIBIRU ( Sumerian ).

As per Vedanta , DNA is NOT earthly, but from the Cosmos ( Charles Darwin and his monkeys will disagree ).

I will first say something about the significance of the date 21st Dec 2012.  It has to do with evolution of DNA of the denizens of planet Earth.

After Dec 21st 2012, a lot of humans on this planet  will shift to the wisdom mode rather than the knowledge mode, due to preprogramming of his DNA by star dust. These people will have lesser junk DNA. Wisdom determines how knowledge will be used. Science will happily accept consciousness. Darwin and Newton will be consigned to the dustbin and man will understand the powers of his mind, as told in the Vedas written in 5000 BC.  The internet of global consciousness will give DARSHAN of space-time continuum..

In 2000 I shifted to my new home, a cosy bunglow with our own source of drinking water, a pure living water well.

On 17th June 2001 , i came home from ship on leave, in the thick of the monsoon season, when it pours, it does not rain. The air is clear of all dust  .

On 25th June 2001, my well had some reddish yellow algae type organic dust, floating on the top. I was quite upset, as we do not have municipality water connection, which every house in Calicut city has.

All over my home state Kerala, there was mysterious red rain.

It continued for 2 months till Set 23rd 2001. During this period hundreds of ancient wells, which survived thousands of years , imploded and caved in. It must be remembered that well water holds memory. Every newspaper and magazine had plenty to say about it-- all bull.

On 25th June before sunrise, the residents of a town Changanasseri, were woken up 1 hour before sunrise by a terrific sound, which could only have been a sonic boom. This is most unusual and impossible out there. There is NO thunderstorm at this time.

Some of this red water was collected by scientists and they found it to be biological cells--not inorganic matter or iron oxide. It could NOT have been some dust storm carried over and dumped by the Jet stream--like how Chinese soot is deposited over west coast USA , California.

HAARP has been playing around with the Jet stream and Ionosphere , recently.

The scientists did NOT do proper tests from DNA of the Kerala red rain.  They were NOT competent enough to. Probably NASA could have found more about DNA in these red cells than they did in the bacteria of Mono Lake California.

The spores in star dust , have DNA which cannot be detected easily, as they can change their genetic machinery.

They have survived in harsh conditions of outer space. They are self directing and self organising. These spore cells would be unlike anything else found on earth. When bombarded with light they will shine like the stars in the milky way.

Researchers in Bio photons will tell you, that cell dying process is identical to the stars. Just before ding , exactly like Supernovas, they emit light of great intensity before they get extinguished. 

Vedanta talks about the ener-genetic connection between the Galactic centre (Bindu of the Sri Yantra) and DNA molecule. 

Intelligent waves of core energy are called SOMVARTA as per Vedas, are responsible for the spontaneous evolution of species. ( again Darwin and his monkey gang will disagree--who cares? ).

Fibonacci series and the golden mean ( stolen from Vedanta of 9000 BC.) rule the construct of DNA and the spiralling construct of the Cosmos.

All stardust has to cross the plasma sheath , called Heliosphere around our Solar system and hence this dust has to be highly charged. This highly charged star dust has to be life giving.

Collapsing wells were preceded by swirling waters inside. These are all " sink hole" signatures ( an example is the picture above ) .

Typical of a " Marthanda effect".

In the Vedas written in 5000 BC, Marthanda is the physically deformed cast away son of Nebula,  Aditi.  Aditi is the mother of all mothers.

In the Rig Veda written in 5000 BC , Aditi is mentioned more than 80 times. Aditi is devamatri (mother of the gods) as from and in her cosmic matrix all the heavenly bodies were born. As the celestial virgin and mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is highest akasa. As the womb of space, she is a feminized form of Brahma. The line in the Rig-Veda: "Daksha sprang from Aditi and Aditi from Daksha" has reference to "the eternal cyclic re-birth of the same divine Essence" (SD 2:247n). In one of its most mystic aspects Aditi is divine wisdom or consciousness. Aditi cast away her 8th son Marthanda as he was mis shapen---- Rig Veda Mandala10-Sukta-72(10-72)

Western astronomists have renamed it as binary star Marduk quoting some Sumerian story .

Sumerians and Mesopotamian astronomists are the same who migrated from India after the river Saraswati dried up in 4000 BC. 

In 7000 BC Aryan Indian Emperor Vikramaditya whose royal seal was the SWASTIKA  ruled this area .In 7000 BC Aryan Indian Emperor Vikramaditya , whose royal seal was the SWASTIKA ruled this area . A lot of civilizations have tried to hijack this symbol, ( last being Hitler ) these poor souls must know know that Shiva's son Ganesha  has it inscribed on his palm.

Marthanda is a huge energised mass or rock which revolves round the sun every 12500 years, which at perigee creates lot of disturbances on planet earth. 

It is also called SAGALA , ( meaning EVERYTHING in Sanskrit, and in my own language Malayalam, from which the black , heavier than iron, SIVA LINGAMS scattered all over the Indian subcontinent and certain parts of the planet.

In 7000 BC, Aryan Indian Emperor Vikramaditya who ruled from Jerusalem to Urals, Vietnam, identified these black meteroritic stones and built temples on all over them. This includes the black stones in Jerusalem Dome of the rock, The missing stone at Petra, The black stone at Mecca, the hundreds of Shiva lingam temples till Vietnam. The black stone at St Peters cathedral site is kept inside the Vatican vaults

Marthanda  is NOT Planet X/  Nibiru which is smaller ( 4 times the size of earth ) and passes earth every 3600 years, and should have already passed planet earth a couple of years ago.

I really cannot comment with any surety about Planet X/ Nibiru/ Marduk, as proper scientific data from the secret US observatory at South Pole is NOT published for the benefit of common man ( for fear of unnecessary speculation and panic).

We humans have consciousness and we have a free choice if we wish to evolve further to higher consciousness. This means our junk DNA ( 96% of the total ) will be used and be mutated to 12 strand DNA.. If we do so, we have to comply with fresh terms and conditions. Failure to do so, and the first sign will be new born Albinos .

When the time is right, ( after 21st Dec 2012 ) the star dust DNA from outer cosmos will be energised by scalar waves and the cells will emerge to give new life forms plant and animal.

Why Kerala? What is so special about Kerala?

Why NOT some foreign lands which are full of so called " milk and honey?"

Kerala has one of the highest deposits of Thorium on this planet, inherent in the monazite sands-- which sends it radioactive signature to the outer reached of cosmos.

Thorium is the fuel for the future. It holds 150 times more power than Uranium. India is already developed a blue print for Thorium nuclear reactors. Thorium is found with actinides Uranium and Plutonium in the Periodic table of Dimitri Mendeleyev.

In 4000 BC, when Arjuna came to Kadampuzha temple ( near Calicut ) to receive the Pashupatastra missile , from Lord Shiva , prior the Mahabharata war, it must be understood that it was Thoruim based.

Kerala has always been referred to as God's own country. She has the best flora on this planet . Ayurveda used the botanical multitude of tropical and wet Kerala, as the Saraswati river between 9000 BC to 4000 BC had limited plants and ferns.

The Egyptian pyramid builders were evolved Vaishnavites ( Seers or Maharshis with 13 strand DNA having the spiritual gene ) from Kerala.

Vatican has buried more than 8000 of Modern Nostradamus Edgar Cayce’s readings. All missing readings deal with Indian Vedas. But the readings in which he said that Jesus Christ was in India for 3 years, learning Vedanta is still available. It was by specific request that out of 12 Jesus’s disciples , one Saint Thomas came to Kerala ( my home state ) and the other Saint Peter went to Vatican, where there was a powerful Shiva Linga temple . The rest 10 disciples did NOT venture out of Palestine. The missing readings also deal with what Cayce said about Vedanta oncepts like Chakras, Kundalini, Indian horoscopes, Astrology, Holistic Ayurveda, Akashik records, Mantras etc, which alarmed the Pope. 

The above black Shiva lingam was broken , at the Shiva Hindu temple , which later became the temple of Aphrodite at Paphos Cyprus at around 500 BC.

"... those terrifiers of the world stood like two planets both deviating from their orbits." -- Sanjaya, giving teleported , blow by blow account of Mahabharata war to blind king Dritarashtra -- Mahabharata, Book 8 (Karna Parva), Chapter 17, 4000 B.C.