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Check out the pictures of Hampi ruins below, hundreds of structures -- these are the most glorious ruins on this planet.

Nothing comes even a close second. I have seen the ruins of Greece, Rome, and almost all ruins worth seeing on this planet-all small areas. Hampi ruins are scattered over 25 square kilometers ! 

It takes more than 10 days to see it all.! 

Hampi , in Bellary district of Karnataka state , was destroyed in 1565, when in the Battle of Talikota , King Rama Raya was beheaded by the Muslim invaders.

The Muslim invaders then went around destroying a glorious Vijayanagara civilization. They stole and broke , nay , smashed ,  almost everything, with special attention to the Hindu temples and idols. Stones were carted away to build nearby buildings.

After that this beautiful city of 25 square kilometers area was left to rot. Today some tourists take pictures .

The fires raged for more than six months. Every temple and structure had polished decorated rosewood and teakwood statues and beams. ..

This city was built around a Shiva Linga ( black meteorite holy stone ) on the banks of the mighty Tungabhadra river, as early as 4500 BC.

This was a Dravidian culture.

You can still see this massive Shiva linga 3 meters high , partly submerged in flowing water inside a temple. Named Jalakhandeshwaran this black stone was so powerful that it had to be quenched with flowing water.

Below is the black stone at Mecca Kaaba.

Next to this you can see the statue of Narasimham. This Narasimham avatar statue of  4500 BC was found in Vietnam lately.


Hampi finds mention in the Ramayana , as Risimukha mountain.

As per legend in 4300 BC, when Sita was being abducted by Ravana she dropped her jewels into this city from the Pushpaka airplane .

It fell next to Sugriva ( monkey king ) who kept it in his cave, till Rama came enquiring, as per information from Jatayu , the wounded eagle .

Above is a temple in Cambodia showing this Ramayana episode with Rama and Monkey King Sugriva.

Below is a temple in Vietnam of Shiva.

North of this Shiva lingam is the Virupaksha temple.

The monkey king Sugriva's cave is a hot spot for pilgrims. There is something about this natural and ancient cave which draws tourists.

Near Sugriva;s cave is Kodandarama temple , where Rama crowned Sugriva as King , after killing his brother Vali.

Next to Sugriva's cave you can find the carved footprints of Rama and his brother Lakhsmana , who fought with Ravana in 4000 BC.

Nearby is the ornate stone chariot, a very endearing image indeed. The stone wheels can turn in the axles.

The chariot faces a dance temple whose pillars are musical , and tourists tap them.

The Hampi ruins have to be seen to be believed.

The stones used were local. In Italy and Greece they used white marble. Imagine these Hampi ruins to be milky white like the Taj Mahal or spray painted white . After that the white ruins in Greece and Rome would get an inferiority complex.

Probably the toughness of the stones prevented total obliteration of everything.

Enjoy the pictures of some of the ruins--

This DRAVIDIAN EMBLEM is the symbol claimed by the Jews for themselves.

The height of the rounded hard stones , show how mighty this river was .

In my 38 years of sailing , i have visited almost all the countries of the world , all ancient places including the Great wall of China, Egyptian Pyramids, Roman ruins, Vatican , Parthenon - Greek ruins, South American ruins,  etc etc etc--


There is NO need to ask Vatican agents, Max Mueller and Macaulay when the Shiva Lingam at Tunghabadra river was covered over with a temple-- for according to them ugly monkeys were Dravidians.

This makes me a monkey, like Sugriva -- for I am an ugly looking Dravidian too.

The tradition of covering all "meteoric black stones", which raise your Kundalini,  with a temple was started by the Vedic Aryans of India--whether it is at Jerusalem or Lost city of Petra or Mecca or Vietnam. Vedic culture is NOT a religion. 

Aryans and Dravidians of India have the same DNA. The small European sects have vastly different DNA. Indians have placed their flag on the moon, despite being constrained by funds, and their intellectual cream being swiped away clean , by the white man every year..

Recently a Chinese scholar came to India and ridiculed the HUBRIS of Indians of their past culture . Well the answer to that king sized a$$hole , are the above pictures of magnificent ancient ruins spread over 25 sq kilometers,-- likes of which you don't see in China .

DNA imprinting and isotope dating is done in India nowadays, it is no big deal --and they don't lie. ( as Bill Clinton found out "technically" the hard way! ).

The granite in Hampi is NOT like the soft white marble used in Greece and Rome. It is so hard on the Moh's scale -- that water cooled rotary diamond teeth cutters have to slog the whole day to cut a single slab. The ancients used soft wood inside drilled slots to expand with water---

Our temples made in BC were NOT just architecture. 

The pillars gave musical sounds of SA RE GA MA PA DA --which the white man has converted to DO RE ME FA TO LA.  

Our temples had pinhole cameras five thousand years before Leonardo Da Vinci was given the credit.

Our  Vedic science book  Samba Purana and temples had the optical spectrum of VIBGYOR, 7000 years before Isaac Newton stole it, for is book Opticks.

Our Yoga gave the Bernoulli's fluid theory at least 9000 years before it was understood and lifted.  When a ancient sage in 7000 BC,  drank luke warm saline water through his nose to educt out the mucus from his sinus, and eject it via the mouth he knew the theory behind it.

When our sun temples had statues of  our Sun God Surya riding a 12 wheeled chariot  ( 12 months ) driven by seven horses ( 7 days in a week ) -- it was about the modern day calendar. 

I can go on and on-- 

King Ramaraya of Aravidu Hindu dynasty ( son-in-law of  Vijayanagara emperor Krishna Deva Raya )  was killed in the Battle of Talikota on 26 January 1565), a watershed battle fought between the Vijayanagara Empire and the Muslim Deccan sultanates.  

It is believed that half the enormous treasures of the city is still in underground vaults of subterranean tunnels and submerged underwater vaults in the Tungabhadra river.  

The Nizam of Hyderabad was declared as the richest person on this planet when the British evaluated his wealth 380 years after Hampi fell.  

Actually it was a very small percentage of the looted Hampi treasures.




  1. right! we had great past with excellent history only to be kept untold and plundered by foreigners which used by them made fortunes. Dear Captain,Thanks for posting these.

  2. Keep up this good work. The star of David at Hampi is an eye-opener showing our ancient connection with the Semitic world. Thankfully Vandal Malechas could not destroy it all. The Sultans of the Deccan were like 'have-not' spoilt brats destroying beautiful things belonging to others. What to say of hungry, illiterate, uncultured, barbaric, fanatically charged, wild and programmed to destroy hordes who invaded the lands of peaceful people, destroying their temples which were just the outer manifestations of the ancient culture. Temples were destroyed but they could not destroy the souls and lifestyles of these ancient people. What to say of these invaders who even after hundreds of years still remain segregated and alien in the lands they occupied? Thier hearts still being elsewhere. They destroyed idols here but continued to travel on pilgrimages to their own land, to worship stone structures and to practice rituals of stoning a stone is if that would destroy the evil within. What a childish ritual? Keep up the good work. We must be proud of our ancient world wide culture.


  4. Sir,I value your independent thinking and the courage of your convictions. Not many people can defend their work with your strength and confidence-but IMO you're missing out on an extremely important component of Indian history.
    The earliest inhabitants of India were Australoid types from the first Out-of-Africa migration 60kya to much later more modern African types who left African migrating into the Middle East and India,S E Asia as far N.China in the Neolithic period.
    There's quite a bit of info from Indians themselves:"It has been found that the Sumerian language is an Austric language spoken by a group of ancient Australoid people found in India, South East Asia and Australia (The Austric Origin of the Sumerian Language, Language Form, vol. 22, no.1-2, Jan.-Dec. 1996.). An examination of ancient Sumerian skulls has further confirmed that the ancient Sumerians indeed belonged to the Australoid race. An evolved branch of the same tribe appears to have established the Indus civilization as well as the Sumerian one after the submergence of their coastal cities. In North-western India they would have encountered Neolithic people of Indo-European origin with which manpower they established the Indus cities."
    Here is Dr.Ashok Malhotra "The second study concerns physical examination of Sumerian skulls. Buxton and Rice have found that of 26 Sumerian crania they examined 22 were Australoid or Austrics. Further According to Penniman who studied skulls from other Sumerian sites, the Australoid Eurafrican, Austric and Armenoid were the “racial” types associated with the Sumerians. Here is Penniman’s description of the Austric type found at Sumer:
    Also B.K Chatterjee and G.D Kumar identified 18 skeletal remains as Veddoid/Proto Australoid which compared closely to skulls found in Egypt,Palestine,Sumer and other parts of Asia.
    Can we overlook their presence? Should we ignore their contribution to Indian history?

  5. Amazing Captain! This is an amazing post. But tell me one hting: you say Hampi takes the cake among all the ancient places you have visited? Are you saying, that Hampi is your favorite even among all Indian ancient places and even when compared to other ancient ruins in other parts of India? Just want to know your perspective so that if Captain himself thinks so highly of Hampi, then it is a must see for me!!

    1. hi raja,

      before the muslim invaders closed in more than 1500 elephants carried gold and diamonds away to be hidden undeground, from the regular temple vaults and palaces, which would be the first to be attacked and searched.

      it is believed that half of the treasures are still there.

      some muslim invader idiot started a fire which burnt the city, before they completed searching and collected the treasures. probably in frustration.

      the fires raged for 6 months-- there was so many wooden beams.

      huge rocks split--you can still see them.

      if you can imagine these ruins in its pristine condition-- this is the best ancient city on this planet.

      and you see the RICHEST MAN ON THE PLANET AWARD went to the nizam of hyderabad who just got a miniscule percenatge of it.

      what else can you expect from white christian historians who say that that the kohinoor diamond belongs to the british queen.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Hi Captain,

    Have you seen Suchindram temple (10 km from nagerkoil on way to Kanyakumari) and the nellaiyapar temple in Tirnulveli. they have the same musical stones like you have mentioned and whats more, these musical pillars must be atleast 20 in numbers curved out of single stone. you could see the outer set of pillars and the inside set of pillars curved out beautifully. The best part - They were curved out of single stone, yet you cannot put your hand between these pillars, yet they were still carved out... wonder how they did it. you will find statues, where the guide will put in the single cocunut broom stick through the ear of the statue and it will come out through the nose... amazing.
    The other temple is some 10 km from Tirunelveli and has got some of the best architecture I have seen. The statues are so realistic, you can see the veins of the statues.
    What I had heard and missed was a round stone ball inside the mouth of a lion. you can leave the hand inside the mouth of the lion and feel the round stone ball, but you cannot take it out. unfortunately, too many people tried and the ball broke and taken out of the lions mouth recently.

    Best regards

    1. Why the round stone ball inside lion's mouth hv been broken now? Such a shame to the authorities who HV done that crime! It should have been protected.. And might be one among the wonderful architecture treasures in india

  7. Nice blog thanks for sharing. This is really great and very informatics blog,ampi is a site where the mythological Kishkindha was stationed, Hampi is regarded amongst the topmost rock climbing destinations in India. Karnataka has ranked among the top 5 tourist destinations in India. . .

  8. seema kapoorFebruary 22, 2014 at 11:31 PM
    Hi capt.
    What's the concept of "Kali Purusha" ??


    Capt. Ajit VadakayilFebruary 23, 2014 at 3:19 AM
    hi sk,

    A lot of major Biblical charcters are lifted from Hindu scriptures . Adam is Adama and Eve is Hayyawati , characters from our Hindu Puranas.

    Adama was the son of Vishnu Kardama. Kardama was the father of Kapila of our Sankhya Philosophy.

    The bilblical serpent that tempted the couple to eat the apple of the garden of Eden (of the Papa Vriksha- tree of sin ) was Kali Purusha.

    If all these connections are accurate that would make Adam a younger brother of Kapila.
    This forest of Eden was on the eastern side of Pradan city 16 square yojanas in size. The Mlecchas are descendants of Adama.

    Noah is Nyuhah , a descendant of Adama

    Kali purusha who is the presiding demonic angel of this immoral age of darkness (kali yuga) is verily the Satan mentioned in Abrahamic religions , as per our Bhavishya Purana stolen by Rothschild.

    The Stone of Jacob appears in the Book of Genesis as the stone used as a pillow at Bet-El. As Jacob had a vision in his sleep, he then consecrated the stone to God.

    Th Templar Knights found a black Shiva Lingam ( meteorite stone ) which was called the Stone of Scone .

    In 1296 the original black Shiva lingam stone was captured by Edward I as spoils of war and taken to Westminster Abbey, where it was fitted into a wooden chair, known as King Edward's Chair, on which almost all English sovereigns have been crowned.

    Over the years the original black stone has disappeared and a duplicate red sand stone put in its place.

    The stone of Scone is none other than the Shiva Lingam black meteorite stone used by Jacob as a pillow..

    Jacob performing a bath to the stone, decorating it, applying sandal paste to it, a Vedic ritual named Maha-Rudrabhishekam

    The Stone, was mentioned in Macbeth: "... [we shall travel to be] crowned at Scone ..”
    The duplicate Stone of Scone was last used in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The original is in the vaults of Rothschild.

    King Robert the Bruce, the hero of Scotland who led Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England. Was crowned while sitting on the original black shiva lingam or stone of scone.

    On Christmas Day 1950, a group of four Scottish students (Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson, and Alan Stuart) tried to steal this duplicate stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey for return to Scotland. In the process of removing it from the Abbey the duplicate red stone stone broke into two pieces.

    The original black meterorite Stone of Scone ( from a Kerala Shiva temple in India ) has become a HOLY GRAIL in its own right. Men and women have fought to possess it or to obscure it from those unworthy to lay claim to the Stone.

    Punch into Google search-

    Well well, what do they know ! People ask me questions and long buried truths come cascading out!!

    Capt ajit vadakayil

  9. Pranam Guruji,
    I was fortunate to stumble upon your blog from late 2013. In my 27 years of existence, your blog has been the first stopover, in my search for truth. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively in India and few places globally. I have felt pity for those who would refuse to acknowledge the truth. I always felt; am I different to look beyond the text books and question genuineness of the history which has been injected by the foreigners? My father, who spent over 32 years in the Air Force and travelled extensively around the world, especially the former USSR narrated stories which were in striking contrast to what I was asked write in my exams by my teachers. Our independence, the 1962 debacle, Invasion of the Indian sub-continent and many such topics, which were often formed a part of the conflict my own conscience. As I grew up, I understood, the world is not what we presume to be. I hope one day I can find peace within myself without bringing annihilation to my ties with people I have know, for they remain ignorant throughout their lives and are contented in being so. Thank you for bringing in these fabulous eye-opener facts about our existence.
    Reading about Hampi, I felt that this page deserves better high resolution pictures, so that global visitors can see the grandeur of Indian civilization. As a small contribution, I would request if you can post few pictures, which I had taken during my last visit to Hampi. You can download them at .

    I’m not sure whether this would be acceptable to your not. But I hope they do.
    Thank you very much!

  10. om sairam
    September 14, 2014 at 9:42 PM
    Thanks a ton for sharing the " truth" .. I guess I would have been so very much ignorant if not for your post .. Sir I only wish the govt recognizes these valuable structures which are pride of our country and let the world know the truth .. But through your blogs millions will any way get yo know about the truth .. Sir can you pls share the significance of chawallor shiva devastanam ..

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    September 14, 2014 at 10:10 PM

    hi os,

    well, i needed to BUST the bullsh#t myth that qutab minar is a pillar made by an islamic invader to celebrate his vitory over a hindu king.

    will these worthless islamic marauders ever know , the worth of the 27 nakshatra pavilions they destroyed?

    the white invader stole our ancient astronomy and patented it in their names.

    like babri masjid there is another temple BHOJSHALA SARASWATI TEMPLE -- which was NOT just a temple-- it was an ancient UNIVERSITY rivalling taxila and nalanda.

    today a dargah stands there.

    we are fighting over a ram ayodhya temple which is NOTHING when compared to this VEDIC astronomy university.

    The Bhoj Shala Saraswati temple is one of the oldest temples in India .

    The huge temple cum university complex was destroyed by the Moghul invaders and a dargah of a Sufi saint, Kamaal Maulana installed. The shrine is empty, and the main deity of Goddess Saraswati is at London museum.

    The alloy metal deity of Shri Vagdevi is also missing..

    Vararuchi, the great Kerala hero was named by the British historians as one of the 9 gems of Emperor Vikramaditya .

    This is nonsense.

    Vararuchi was Raja Bhoj’s religious and Vedic knowledge minister in 2800 BC.

    Vararuchi from whom Varahamihira drew inspiration -- the founder of Kerala system of Astrology, whose work Chandra Vakyas, and Kapatayadi system of counting is well documented. Vararuchi lived 200 years before Varahamihira ( Mihir Muni 2660 BC ).Vararuchi was a Mathematician from Kerala who taught at Bhoj Shala University inside the Saraswati Temple in 2860 BC .

    There was a large wheel depicted on the wall on which were written many verses . These were all on Vyaakarana ( grammar ) . The entire Vyaakarana Shastra had been written in verse and charted in the form of a wheel . It is claimed that a mere glance at the giant wheel would make the Vyaakarana clear .

    punch into Google search-


    Katapa yati is devised by the Kerala hero Vararuchi who wrote the appendices to the vedas called Śulbasūtras .

    Planetary positions were encoded in Kaṭapayādi system. Paralperu depict letters to numerals so as to make memorising easy.

    Assigning more than one letter to one numeral and nullifying certain other letters as valueless, this system provides the flexibility in forming meaningful words out of numbers which can be easily remembered.

    nanyāvacaśca śūnyāni saṃkhyāḥ kaṭapayādayaḥ
    miśre tūpāntyahal saṃkhyā na ca cintyo halasvaraḥ

    Translation: Vowels na , nya and a represent zero. The (nine) integers are represented by consonant group beginning with ka, ṭa, pa, ya. In a conjunct consonant, the last of the consonants alone will count. A consonant without vowel is to be ignored.



      Malayalam consonants are used in the Kaṭapayādi System,( Calculus Guru Madhava's sine table).

      śloka for the value of pi (π)
      ssmāhatāścakra kalāvibhaktoḥ
      vyāsastadarddhaṃ tribhamaurvika syāt

      It gives the circumference of a circle of diameter, anūnanūnnānananunnanityai (10,000,000,000) as caṇḍāṃśucandrādhamakuṃbhipālair (31415926536)

      bhadrāṃbuddhisiddhajanmagaṇitaśraddhā sma yad bhūpagīḥ

      Reversing the digits to modern day usage of descending order of decimal places, we get 314159265358979324 which is the value of pi (π) to 17 decimal places, except the last digit might be rounded off to 4.

      The melakarta ragas of the Carnatic music is named so that the first two syllables of the name will give its number.

      Example: Raga Dheerasankarabharanam
      The katapayadi scheme associates dha9 and ra2, hence the raga's melakarta number is 29 (92 reversed). Now 29 36, hence Dheerasankarabharanam has Ma1. Divide 28 (1 less than 29)by 6, the quotient is 4 and the remainder 4. Therefore, this raga has Ri2, Ga3 (quotient is 4) and Da2, Ni3 (remainder is 4). Therefore, this raga's scale is Sa Ri2 Ga3 Ma1 Pa Da2 Ni3 SA.

      Important dates were remembered by converting them using Kaṭapayādi system.

      Narayaniyam, written by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiripad, ends with the line, āyurārogyasaukhyam which means long-life, health and happiness. Value as per Kaṭapayādi is 1712210

      The following verse compiled in Malayalam by Koduṅṅallur Kuññikkuṭṭan Taṃpurān using Kaṭapayādi is the number of days in the months of Gregorian Calendar.

      alahāre pālu nallū, pularnnālo kalakkilāṃ
      illā pālennu gopālan - āṃgḷamāsadinaṃ kramāl

      Translation: Milk is best for breakfast, when it is morning, it should be stirred. But Gopālan says there is no milk - the number of days of English months in order.

      Converting pairs of letters using Kaṭapayādi yields - pala is 31, hāre is 28, pālu = 31, nallū is 30, pular is 31, nnālo is 30, kala is 31, kkilāṃ is 31, illā is 30, pāle is 31, nnu go is 30, pālan is 31.

      The Chowalloor Siva Kshethra or Mahadeva Temple, is about 20 minutes east of Guruvayoor temple Kerala. The lingam there was consecrated 6000 years ago by Lord Parashurama.

      This is the only temple where both Siva and Shakti are in the Sri Kovil ( Garbha Gudi ). The idol of Lord Shiva faces the west, the idol of his wife, Parvati faces the east. At the entrance of the temple, an image of Thiruvambadi Krishna is situated in a shrine.

      Capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Namaskar Ajitji,

    I am currently visiting historic ruined city Hampi.
    I visited Virupaksha and Vittala temple. I noticed some strange (one off, with no symmetry and randomly placed) kanada scripts on temple rocks. Guide told me that it is ancient kanada and script tells temple was built by krishnadevaraya raja. Guide didn't tell me entire stone script translation. But I feel these scripts are poison injected to prove existence of fake gods like Vittala (lord vishnu incarceration). What do you say?
    How is this temple complex got the name Vittala temple?
    If ASI india excavated Hampi post independence then how such scripted stones (one off ) are planted on the temple walls.
    I also saw similar scripted stone in HazaraRama temple. To my surprise one of the stone (at the main temple entrance) had partial hindi script engraved.

    Another interesting structure was Queen's bath, described as combination of Indo-Islamic and Jain architecture. Base part is Hindu architecture and middle part Islamic structure. A classic example of a plundered hindu structure but middle part poorly reconstructed to give an islamic structure. I'm wondering if this was done some muslim ruler or done by British to prove the theory of Indo-Islamic architecture.



  12. SUBJECT : Taj Mahal should be declared a Waqf Board property: Azam Khan .
    Punch into Google search -

    Capt ajit vadakayil

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  14. I have heard the story of this great kingdom and also heard that it was founded by Hakka and Bukka with the help of great scholar Vidyaranya. I wish, it would still be there. Why does it happen, we constantly hear the stories of we lost this, we lost that too and so on. Nice post. Thanks for writing.


    The 7th Muslim king of Kashmir , Sikandar Butshikan , was the most cruel of all the Muslim rulers who invaded India.

    He was the the second Sultan of the Swati Afghan Shah Miri dynasty of Kashmir 1389–1413 AD. His cousins were ruling Afghanistan and the Western part of Pakistan.

    They had been ruling Kabul lagmant and Swat in 1190–1520, and are known as Jahangiri dynasty in history.

    It took his sikandar butshikan’s soldiers 13 months to destroy the glorious 3100 year old Marthanda Sun Temple of Kashmir--such was its amazing strength with huge interlocking stones..






    There are some hindu Kashmiri pundits only in name – who criticize hindus everyday , praise Muslims for no reason – they love Arabian perfume , love Sufis , and go and sit in darghas for mental solace .

    we know who they are.

    This cruel Muslim king sikandar butshikan authorised his soldiers to rape dead Hindu women who took poison to escape capture.

    He had already banned all Hindus in Kashmir from cremating their dead bodies.

    He banned dance, drama, music and iconography as aesthetic activities of the Hindus and fiated them as heretical and un-Islamic.

    He forbade the Hindus to apply a tilak mark on their foreheads. He did not permit them to pray and worship, blow a conch shell or toll a bell.

    A heavy Jizya (tax) equal to 4 tolas of silver was imposed on the Hindus.

    All temples were destroyed . A huge tax was imposed on Hindus . If a Hindu was caught in a Muslim dress to escape capture, he would be tortured most severely.

    As has happened time and again in Indian History it was a Sufi saint Sayyid Mir Ali Hamdani , along with 700 Sayyids, his followers , who came to Kashmir in 1393 and drove a wide and deep wedge between the majority Hindus and minority Muslims.

    And as usual these Sufi saints do propaganda that they were told to do all this by Allah himself at Mecca.

    The Muslim king Sultan Qutubudin was under his spell and he ordered him to impose the following sanctions on non-Muslims,as per Allah’s will :

    The Hindus will not construct any new temples under the rule of Muslims.
    They will not repair old temples fallen into ruins.
    They will respect Muslims.
    They will not carry swords or bows and arrows.
    If any relation of theirs wants to embrace Islam, they will not oppose it.
    They will receive Muslim travelers into their houses & provide them hospitality.
    They will not prevent Muslim travelers from staying in their temples & shrines.
    They will not mourn their dead loudly.
    They will not build houses in neighbourhood of Muslims.
    They will not carry their dead near the grave-yards of Muslims.
    They will not openly practice their customs and usages among Muslims.
    They will not give up their traditional dress so that they can be distinguished from Muslims.



      But it was this Sufi saint Sayyid Mir Ali Hamadani's son Mir Mohammed Hamdani , who worked with the cruel Sikandar Butshikan, to enforce these fiats and more to make life traumatic for the Kashmiri Pandits.

      His heart filled with bigotry and hate, Sayyid Mir Ali Hamdani son, openly preached extermination of Hindu religion from the soil of the Kashmir so that Islam may flourish and get unshakably entrenched in their place, as per Allah’s decree.

      Their sacred Hindu books were thrown into the Dal Lake by Sikandar Butshikan .

      The Pandits numbering over one lakh ( 100 000 ) were drowned in the Dal Lake by holding their heads underwater and then they were burned in a heap at a spot in the vicinity of Rainawari in Srinagar City known as Bhatta Mazar beyond present day Jogilanker.

      The waters of the placid Dal Lake holds all these morbid memories.-water holds memory.

      This is the reason why tourists after boating at Srinagar Dal Lake get sleepless nights and nightmares.

      Capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi Capt,
      I have been following you through your blogs for a couple of years by now. I really like the way you put up the things with perfect illustration. It feels very bad when we see the injustice that had happened with only Hindus. Even today, it is being continued. Anywhere you go, only Hindus are targeted and vulnerable for religious conversions. When this will end? When can we come out of this?. Only sanathana dharma preaches - to love all, hate none, feel the God's presence in everything around. Despite all these good preaching and good thoughts, we are the one being targeted every time. When will be an end to this?

      And, i feel, we Hindus, didn't preach/spread our religion as Islam,Christianity etc. We respected all, even today we respect every religion despite the injustice that are being happening.

      Please throw some light on. when can we expect some end to it or what is the best approach to save us from these kind of new day daemon.

      D Kashyap

  16. Hi capt ,
    What ever you have written almost seems 99.5 % true to me . You have done very good job . I have interest in what you have to say about king Vikramaditya and throne of 32 statues given by Dev indera.
    Please write something about Raja Bhoj and did he really find the same throne after king Vikramaditya.

  17. Hi cap
    Please write something about king Vikramaditya and raja bhoj and throne of 32 statues.

    1. hi c,

      capt ajit vadakayil

  18. While reading a 1750 article on adivasi of central india I read some interesting stuff.
    They used a curved stick which is now called boomerang.

    In connection with the ' vellari thadi ' referred to
    above, boomerangs are used by the Tamil Maravans and Kalians when hunting deer.
    The Madras Museum collection contains three (two ivory,
    one wooden) from the Tanjore armoury. In the arsenal
    of the Pudukkottai Raja a stock of wooden boomerangs
    is always kept. Their name in Tamil is The valari or
    valai tadi is a short weapon, generally made of some
    hard wood. It is also sometimes made of iron.

    It is crescent-shaped, one end being heavier than the
    other, and the outer edge is sharpened. Men trained in
    the use of the weapon hold it by the lighter end. It was used as a hunting and war weapon.

    What I feel is Australia was known and probably settled on before 1700 by Indians.

  19. While reading a 1750 article on adivasi of central india I read some interesting stuff.
    They used a curved stick which is now called boomerang.

    In connection with the ' vellari thadi ' referred to
    above, boomerangs are used by the Tamil Maravans and Kalians when hunting deer.
    The Madras Museum collection contains three (two ivory,
    one wooden) from the Tanjore armoury. In the arsenal
    of the Pudukkottai Raja a stock of wooden boomerangs
    is always kept. Their name in Tamil is The valari or
    valai tadi is a short weapon, generally made of some
    hard wood. It is also sometimes made of iron.

    It is crescent-shaped, one end being heavier than the
    other, and the outer edge is sharpened. Men trained in
    the use of the weapon hold it by the lighter end. It was used as a hunting and war weapon.

    What I feel is Australia was known and probably settled on before 1700 by Indians.

  20. During the same period, many of the Tamil Nadu Temples were renovated and architected by Krishna Deva Raya. (Kancheepuram, Tiruvannamalai, Tirunelveli, Suseendram, Madurai, Srirangam, Tirupati, Tiruchendur, Srivilliputhur, Tiruvanalkaval, Chidambaram etc)....Krishna Deva Raya himself travelled to all these places. This is from one of the autobiography of Krishna Deva Raya.

  21. Many of the Tamil Nadu temples which were renovated by Krishna Deva Raya have musical pillars, Chains hanging from the roof made out of stones .... Though Hampi is destroyed the replicas of them can be seen in many of the Tmil Nadu temples...

  22. Namastey Captain
    You have said about poison injected in vedas and puranas by R....could you pls tell me how to get genuine ancient history books...