Saturday, January 22, 2011


This piece is for future poets who want to carve a niche for themselves on this planet. 

Poetry is the flow of intense thoughts— otherwise it is NOT poetry.  

It need not rhyme , unless you are writing it as a nursery rhyme for little children to sing along.  Once you start reading poetry you will NOT be able to stop.  And finally when you do stop, you will feel something inside your heart— if it is good poetry.  

Love and nostalgia take very little effort to make that impact. 

Gone are the days of Victorian bombardment. An ordinary man on the street can write good poetry. Good poetry means 90% of the people both erudite and illiterate who read it will be impressed. 

The remaining 10% misanthropes of this planet , who need something other than poetry to get impressed, please excuse.



ma, it has started snowin' outside
and it's cold and windy on deck
rohit has been chipping since morning
he's covered with snow and wet with spray
ma-- why should he be workin' outside
when everybody else is warm and cosy inside

darlin', he has been punished by the mate
for doing something , he shouldn't have done

( she runs to the day room and confronts her father )

dad, give orders NOW to stop this punishment!
darling, he's all right , dont you worry like this
sailors are tough, they can handle this weather
dad, what type of captain are you?
i am ashamed of you-- no-- stay away from me

( upset, she runs up to the bridge and confronts the mate )

uncle, why are you punishing poor rohit so?
cant you see he is not properly clothed?
he might fall sick-- why-- he might even die!

( her big blue eyes are now brimming with tears )

beti, i will tell him to come back as soon as it gets dark

( the tears dry up suddenly-- her eyes flash fire )

mr. mate-- don't you ever "beti" me again
I'm going on deck and taking him inside the mast house
my woolen skirt will cover us both
my warm body will thaw his frozen fingers

tell ma, not to look for me till it is dark!


( Young 17 year old Cadet Rohit, was being punished by the Mate with Captain's permission. The mate was livid, as he had barged into the sauna room, where he and his newly wedded wife were making love in the steam. Rohit should have seen the slippers outside, it was deemed to be deliberate. The captains 15 year old half Russian daughter was totally infatuated with the cadet and decides to rebel )


  1. very nice one sir.

    during adolescence why we tend to fall in so called love very easily. is it due to the fact that our hormones are very active during puberty period .

    1. hi ns,

      sex is PURE and god given-it involves the MIND.

      in the west the men requires the woman to apply vacuum using mouth or manipulation using hand job. this is BYPASSING THE MIND.

      sex after such physical manipulation by CHEATING THE MIND is not PURE.

      prudes will NOT understand what i meant.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. The depths of heart are unknown.
    If it is hurt it has no cure.

    Only the resonance of love may make it sing again.
    But the The broken strings are still missing.

    (Dunno y this piece got erased twice.
    and now i forgot it. lets say divine gesture)