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After reading this post , I ask our PM Narendra Modi-- there are very few perceptive DESH BHAKT Indians who can think clearly -- who can see the oncoming dangers to Bharatmata (who remained in shackles for 800 years)  . 

Do NOT allow these selfless people to be bullied by Cyber Police ( quoting Kapil Sibal's IT Sec 66 ) -- and vested forces. 

Do NOT lose your early warning radars .

Below: India fell for the oldest trick in this book !

Today nobody can lead a nation without understanding this contents of this post.



This planet has suffered due to the warped thinking of this German philosopher . 

And the planet will get destroyed by World War 3 if we cannot identify this cancer while in the benign stage. 

At the malignant stage Hegelian Dialectic causes wars, revolutions , mass murders , ethnic cleansings, unimaginable misery to innocent denizens of the planet – all caused by BIG BROTHER and his gang.

The contents of this blog post must be known to the custodians and the grass root minions of the four pillars of Indian democracy -- Politicians, IAS officers, Social media, Main stream media, Judges , Lawyers , Economists, Police, Military etc,.  

Security of a nation is a joint enterprise.

The contents of this post must be in the academic curriculum of colleges ( we must spare young children from dirty world intrigue ) .  

Intelligence agencies of India must have exams and orals on this.

Narendra Modi asked our armed forces to be prepared for combat with unknown enemy. They cannot do that unless the top brass of Army, Navy and Airforce are proficient in the contents of this post.

I am EXPOSING Hagel , considered as the top brain in world philosophy today, and for the past two centuries .  

Did NOT bigger cats Darwin, Newton, Edison, Einstein fall by the wayside in this blog site -- so Hagel kaun sa khet ka beetroot hai , bhaiyya ?

Yes, it takes a Capt Ajit Vadakayil to do that. 

Am I boasting ? 

I could NOT care less,  as long as Bharatmata benefits !!

Four years ago I had mentioned Hagel briefly in my post below –while trying explain what went on in the great minds of our ancient Indian Maharishis.

The entire Metaphysics ,   Dielectics ,   Epistemology ,  Empiricism— the warp and weft of Western philosophy is stolen from India .

Some of it direct after Rothschild started ruling India via British East India Company— the other data was lifted from Greek texts.    

Greeks have invented and discovered NOTHING of their own –   they stole everything (Astronomy, Astrology, Math, Science, Music, Philosophy etc )   from ancient India .

Pythogarus ( 570 BC – 495 BC ),  Heraclitus ( 535 BC-- 475 BC),  Socrates ( 469 BC- 399 BC ) and Plato (427 BC to 347 BC ) studied in Kerala, India .

Punch into Google search-

I would NOT be writing about Hagel and his diaelectic, 4 years after penning the post above – but for an incident where BIG BROTHER tried to create a second Gandhi.

If this had happened Narendra Modi would NOT be PM today , to lead India to be world’s No 1 superpower in another 20 years.

Everybody in India knows the name of the SINGLE man who brought this FALSE FLAG movement down, using social media   .  

The BENAMI main stream media was sold out to Hagel’s Diaelectic .

Want some examples ?

Do you really want to recall some of the horrible hype on Times group ?

Here it is – the main stream media headlines !

A million mutinies erupt across India

Anna held,  people hurt.

Intellectuals draw parallels with Emergency,  JP movement

The Indian protester rediscovers Gandhigiri.

Annacalypse Now!  Angry India on the streets.

92% say govt’s handling of Anna is undemocratic ( does not say 12 people or 12 lakhs were polled )

Below: Ever heard of an atheist in saffron robes ?

Global bank VP on ‘fasting leave’ from Hong Kong

India Inc backs Anna

9 months to arrest Suresh Kalmadi,  3 mins for Anna

Civil society frustrated at lack of government action

Brand Anna is a rage:  youth wear him on T-shirts;

Protesters rename Chhatrasal stadium after Anna

 On fourth day of fast, 74-year-old outsprints cops;( how come Usian Bolt cant do that?)

 Protest tourism: why Anna catches their (foreigners’) fancy;

 ‘Parliament isn’t supreme, public is’

35% drop in crime during Hazare’s fast;

Over one million join TIMES OF INDIA  anti-graft drive;

Crowding glory—over one lakh throng Ramlila ground;(  Madame Mayawati holds bigger rallies without cameras )

Below: Jet belonged to India Today Group run by Aroon Purie.

Aam admi thinks Jan Lok Pal bill is cure-all;

Anna proves the power of the big idea: management gurus

22 newborns in MP named after Anna

Unsung soldiers: they sacrifice daily bread for Anna;

Maidan doesn’t sleep, volunteers up at dawn;

Braveheart Hazare baffles doctors ( after 13 days of fasting he looked better than Usain Bolt –the doctor in question is the Indian President doctor on lease Naresh Trehan  , husband of Madhu Trehan ,  of India Today Media group family -  brother in law of Media tycoon Aroon Purie )

Judge follows his conscience, speaks out for Jan Lokpal bill;

Destination Ramlila maidan: get a free auto ride;

Aamir Khan is brain behind picketing MPs; ( Oh boy, we are touched!)

542 VIPs are making a fool of 120 crore people’

5,000 cops to fortify PM, but Anna army sneaks past posts

Fast hits country’s financial health—reforms put off because of Anna stir, may take a toll on growth;

Anna wins it for the people—To break fast at 10 am today as Parliament bows to Hazare’s khwahish and PM sends letter.

Anna sets House in order

Don’t mess with the middle-class

Can’t trust govt, have to keep watch: Prashant Bhushan ( of aazadi for Kashmir and human rights for Naxals fame ) ;

‘Battle is won, war has just begun’;

‘This victory is our second freedom’;

Anna among top brands online

Above: This Qadri/ Imran Khan duo held a secret meeting in England before they started their Hegel Dialectic in Pakistan.     Gandhi was called to London, couple of days before the start of World War 1, to meet Jews Rothschild and Churchill , sit on the drivers seat of  Indian Independence bandwagon,  and to recruit 13 lakh ( 1.3 million ) Indian soldiers for the WW1--  for selective non-violence ,Ahimsa -- do NOT kill the white invader who robbed Bharatmata blind, kill only the Germans.

I will try to keep this post as simple as possible, as short as possible—but still it may run over a hundred pages.

This post MUST help the FREE THINKERS denizens of this planet too— so I will maintain a certain high level .

Remember, you do NOT need to be a philosopher to critique 4 books written by Hagel on philosoply—more tedious prose that Salman Rushdie.

You do NOT need to be a hen to judge an omelette.

Nor, do you have to be a shoemaker to check out if the shoe fits your leg.

Hegel himself has said that ancient Hindus were the first to develop  “dialectical logic”  or a method of “question and answer” in philosophy . 

Ancient Vedic Maharishis were the first to investigating the nature of truth by the criticism of initial concepts and hypotheses.  The ancient Indian Vedic dialectic is based on a dialogue between two or more people who may hold differing views, yet wish to pursue truth by seeking agreement with one another.

This is in contrast to debate, in which two or more people hold differing views and wish to persuade or prove one another wrong (and thus a jury or judge is needed to decide the matter), or rhetoric, which is a relatively long oration conducted by a single person.

Hagel also referred to “Socratic dialectic”.   Hegel does NOT know that all of Socrates philosophy was lifted whole sale from ancient Sanskrit texts.

Dialectics gives expression to a law which is felt in all grades of consciousness and in general experience. Everything that surrounds us may be viewed as an instance of dialectic.  

We are aware that everything finite, instead of being inflexible, is rather changeable and transient; and this is exactly what we mean by the dialectic of the finite, by which the finite, as implicitly other than it is, is forced to surrender its own immediate or natural being, and turn suddenly into its opposite. 

Hegel published only four books during his life: The Phenomenology of Spirit, The Science of Logic, Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences and The Elements of the Philosophy of Right.

These books are tedious –nay—STUPID – though the entire world may go GA GA about them.  

Capt Ajit Vadakayil repeats again—his books are STUPID. 

The world’s best thinkers thought that claiming to understand the gibberish in these books they would be eligible to be bracketed in GREAT MINDS.


Capt Ajit Vadakayil says the EMPEROR IS STARK NAKED !

Below: Libyan hero Gaddafi who ran a very good show , gave Libyans a higher standard of living -GDP 14200 USD - than European countries, fell to Hegelian Dialectic -- he was killed like a mad dog on the streets with a AK-47 rifle barrel impaled in his anus.  

He was accused of distributing Viagra tablets to RAPE all women in Libya .  He was branded a blood drenched murderer and a woman stalker ( like how they branded Narendra Modi ) .  The Central Bank of Libya was state owned , and NOT a Rothschild controlled bank or IMF stooge.

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The Hegelian principle is effective but diabolical.

It forces CHANGE  and unwanted ideals are forced on people.

1)CAUSE A PROBLEM:  This problem is created by BIG BROTHER abroad .

2)FORCE A REACTION FROM PEOPLE:   Conflict is a must.  Create fear .

3)PROPOSE A SOLUTION :  The solution is pre-conceived.   People would have NEVER accepted this AADHAR CARD type solution in normal times .   Only one man benefits.   Big Brother  who created this problem over brandy and cigars.

I have worked as a CHANGE MANAGER and I know every subtle nuance of CHANGE ,   which Georg Wilhelm Friedrich  Hagel will NOT even understand in ten lives .

Change must be win-win . It cannot be Win-Lose where everybody loses except Big Brother and his agents.

Wanna know what is NON-diabolical change ?

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In his major work The Phenomenology of Spirit,  Georg Hegel traced the formation of self-consciousness through history.   He referred to Hindu thought of similar to that of Advaita -Vedanta (SIC ) in his introduction and then again in his Science of Logic. 

Hegel has zilch understand of what he talked about. This is what happens when you lift ideas wholesale from Spirituality and clad it for the material world.

Hegel has lifted his ideas from the amazing DVAITA VEDANTA of Hindusim , perceived 30 millinuems before he was born --in a MORBID manner .

Hegelianism declares that the human mind can’t understand anything unless it can be split into two polar opposites.  Good / Evil,  Right / Wrong,  Left / Right— THESIS –ANTITHESIS .

Dvaita Vedanta explains how the Cosmos works on the MACRO and MICRO scales.   

It is a dance of opposites.  

This what BRAHMA ( creator ) – VISHNU ( mediator ) - SHIVA ( destroyer ) is all about.   They are Cosmic force fields.   

So if some TRIPLE SRI says on TV while speaking to Barkha Dutt / Karana Thapar that Lord Vishnu had homosexual sex with Lord Shiva to produce the 9th avatar Lord Ayyappa ( Sabarimala is this planet’s No 1 pilgrimage – 55 million pilgrims in 2014. ) we know he has an agenda , and we know who opened his branches in 153 countries.

Punch into Google search-

These opposite forces cannot dance and be mediated unless it is put on a template of a Morphogenetic Conciousness field  –  a intelligent  field which cannot be detected by our 5 human senses we Hindus call brahmAn ( our Hindu god ) .   

At the macro level it is the Akasha ( aether ) and at the micro level it is the empty space within the atom in which the electrons whizz around furiously. 

To give you a brief idea how muddled Hegel’s mind is ,  let me give some quotes.

I am being kind to him when I will NOT reveal what his medical condition is termed in Modern Psychiatry.   

I suggest my laymen readers to skip this blue coloured prose —it is NOT worth putting too much  JOR ON DIMAAG .  

Thinkers can read this .

Spirit is the “nature” of individuals, their immediate substance, and its movement and necessity; it is as much the personal consciousness in their existence as it is their pure consciousness, their life, their actuality.
Jena Lectures of 1805-6

Absolute substance ... is the unity of the different self-related and self-existent self-consciousnesses in the perfect freedom and independence of their opposition as component elements of that substance: Ego that is “we”, a plurality of Egos, and “we” that is a single Ego. Consciousness first finds in self-consciousness.
The Phenomenology of Spirit (1807)

Reason is negative and dialectical, because it resolves the determinations of the understanding into nothing.
The Science of Logic (1812)

It is this self-construing method alone which enables philosophy to be an objective, demonstrated science. It is in this way that I have tried to expound consciousness in the Phenomenology of Spirit. Consciousness is spirit as a concrete knowing, a knowing too, in which externality is involved; but the development of this object, like the development of all natural and spiritual life, rests solely on the nature of the pure essentialities which constitute the content of logic.
Preface to The Science of Logic (1812)

Dialectic is here understood in the grasping of opposites in their unity or of the positive in the negative.
The Science of Logic (1812)

Dialectic has often been regarded as an art, as though it rested on a subjective talent and did not belong to the objectivity of the Notion.
The Science of Logic (1816)

Science exhibits itself as a circle returning upon itself, the end being wound back into the beginning, the simple ground, by the mediation; this circle is moreover a circle of circles, for each individual member as ensouled by the method is reflected into itself, so that in returning into the beginning it is at the same time the beginning of a new member. Links of this chain are the individual sciences [of logic, nature and spirit], each of which has an antecedent and a successor – or, expressed more accurately, has only the antecedent and indicates its successor in its conclusion.
The Science of Logic (1816)

The conception and its existence are two sides, distinct yet united, like soul and body. The body is the same life as the soul, and yet the two can be named independently. A soul without a body would not be a living thing, and vice versa. Thus the visible existence of the conception is its body, just as the body obeys the soul which produced it.
Philosophy of Right (1821)

The inner dialectic of civil society drives it to push beyond its own limits and seek markets in other lands.
Philosophy of Right (1821)

The nation state is Mind in its substantive rationality and immediate actuality — the absolute power on earth.
Philosophy of Right (1821)

World history is not the verdict of mere might, but actualisation of the universal mind.
Philosophy of Right (1821)

The history of Mind is its own act.
Philosophy of Right (1821)

Spiritual culture, the modern intellect, produces this opposition in man which makes him an amphibious animal, because he now has to live in two worlds which contradict one another.
Introduction to the Lectures on Aesthetics (1826)

‘Think for yourself’ is a phrase which people often use as if it had some special significance. The fact is, no man can think for another, any more than he can eat or drink for him. In point of contents, thought is only true in proportion as it sinks itself in the facts; and in point of form it is no private act of the subject, but rather that attitude of consciousness where the abstract self, freed from all the special limitations to which its ordinary states are liable, restricts itself to that universal action in which it is identical with all individuals.
Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences. Preliminiary Notion (1830)

In my Phenomenology of the Spirit, which on that account was at its publication described as the first part of the System of Philosophy, the method adopted was to begin with the first and simplest phase of mind, immediate consciousness, and to show how that stage gradually of necessity worked onward to the philosophical point of view, the necessity of that view being proved by the process. But in these circumstances it was impossible to restrict the quest to the mere form of consciousness. For the stage of philosophical knowledge is the richest in material and organisation, and therefore, as it came before us in the shape of a result, it presupposed the existence of the concrete formations of consciousness, such as individual and social morality, art and religion. In the development of consciousness, which at first sight appears limited to the point of form merely, there is thus at the same time included the development of the matter or of the objects discussed in the special branches of philosophy. But the latter process must, so to speak, go on behind consciousness, since those facts are the essential nucleus which is raised into consciousness. The exposition accordingly is rendered more intricate, because so much that properly belongs to the concrete branches is prematurely dragged into the introduction. The survey which follows in the present work has even more the inconvenience of being only historical and inferential in its method. But it tries especially to show how the questions men have proposed, outside the school, on the nature of Knowledge, Faith, and the like - questions which they imagine to have no connection with abstract thoughts - are really reducible to the simple categories, which first get cleared up in Logic.
Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences. Preliminiary Notion. (1830)

Below: Trying taking this book to the Jaipur literary fest and watch how the peabrained moth eaten faced STARDUST writers (who love French wine) faint.

To know what free thought means go to Greek philosophy.
Shorter Logic. (1830)

What we want is to combine in our process of inquiry the action of the forms of thought with a criticism of them. The forms of thought must be studied in their essential nature and complete development: they are at once the object of research and the action of that object. This is Dialectic, instead of being brought to bear upon the categories from without, it is immanent in their own action.
Shorter Logic (1830)

Pure Being, as it is mere abstraction, is just Nothing. In fact this definition is implied in saying that God is only the supreme Being and nothing more. The Nothing which the Buddhists make the universal principle, as well as the final aim and goal of everything, is the same abstraction.
Shorter Logic (1830)

Newton gave physics an express warning to beware of metaphysics, it is true, but to his honour be it said, he did not by any means obey his own warning.
Shorter Logic (1830)

The universal ... cost thousands of years to enter the consciousness of men.
Shorter Logic (1830)

In their objective sense, the three figures of the syllogism declare that everything rational is manifested as a triple syllogism; that is to say, each one of the members takes in turn the place of the extremes, as well as of the mean which reconciles them. Such, for example, is the case with the three branches of philosophy: the Logical Idea, Nature, and Mind. As we first see them, Nature is the middle term which links the others together. Nature, the totality immediately before us, unfolds itself into the two extremes of the Logical Idea and Mind. But Mind is Mind only when it is mediated through nature. Then, in the second place, Mind, which we know as the principle of individuality, or as the actualising principle, is the mean; and Nature and the Logical Idea are the extremes. It is Mind which cognises the Logical Idea in Nature and which thus raises Nature to its essence. In the third place again the Logical Idea itself becomes the mean: it is the absolute substance both of mind and of nature, the universal and all-pervading principle.
Shorter Logic (1830)

The Idea, as unity of the Subjective and Objective Idea, is the absolute and all truth, the Idea which thinks itself.
Shorter Logic (1830)

The method is not an extraneous form, but the soul and notion of the content.
Shorter Logic (1830)

Nature passes over into its truth, the subjectivity of the concept, whose objectivity is itself the suspended immediacy of individuality, the concrete generality, the concept which has the concept as its existence — into the Spirit.
Philosophy of Nature (1830)

Each individual is the child of a people at a definite stage of its development. One cannot skip over the spirit of his people any more than one can skip over the earth. But only through his own effort can he be in harmony with his substance; he must bring the will demanded by his people to his own consciousness, to articulation. The individual does not invent his own content; he is what he is by acting out the universal as his own content. This universal content everyone must activate within himself.
General Introduction to the Philosophy of History (1831)

In the course of history two factors are important. One is the preservation of a people, a state, of the well-ordered spheres of life. This is the activity of individuals participating in the common effort and helping to bring about its particular manifestations. The other important factor, however, is the decline of a state. The existence of a national spirit is broken when it has used up and exhausted itself. This development is connected with the degradation, destruction, annihilation of the preceding mode of actuality which the concept of the Spirit had evolved. This is the result, on the one hand, of the inner development of the Idea and, on the other, of the activity of individuals, who are its agents and bring about its actualization. It is at this point that appear those momentous collisions between existing, acknowledged duties, laws, and rights and those possibilities which are adverse to this system, violate it, and even destroy its foundations and existence.

General Introduction to the Philosophy of History (1831)


Even a child will NOT fall prey for the Hegelian Dialectic if he remembers the process involved.  

Imagine Nambi Narayanan of ISRO or our wannabe second Gandhi .  

Immediately think about who will gain or profit from it.   

Then remove yourself from the equation and take a step back to look at it from a third party perspective.    See the so-called “problem”, look at who is reacting, why and in what way.  Then look for who is offering up the solution.

AK-49 had offered lot of solutions.  Let the Magsaysay award winners and Nobel prize winners (like Amartya Sen ) decide about Jan Lok Pal.   Foreign funded NGOs must NOT be in the purview of Jan Lok Pal.

Below: The man who nearly became India's PM for life.

I learnt this very early by an ordinary event .

I used to frequent a foreign bank in Calicut. I would go first to a pretty girl who worked as an intern for my father –and she was the bank managers secretary  . The second was an old colleague of my father who joined the bank—and he was the senior most who knew the job . .

So one day I walked into the bank managers cabin ( a young Tamilian ) and told him that the young lady and the old man are both missing, so he has to attend to my work urgently .  Then I asked him in jest “ I hope your pretty secretary has NOT eloped with that old man !”

His first reaction was “ Who will gain from this ?”

And then we had a huge laugh.

The Hegelian Dialectic of  Problem – Reaction – Solution  is widely used by Big Brother controlled organizations and Trojan Horse NGOs all around the world.  

It killed the mighty Czar and his family and later at a suitable time broke up the mighty USSR.  It was proved both ways .  

So who are you ?   

Putin is wise now !  

He can handle the Hegelian Dialectic !! Baaye haath ka khel hai , uske liye !!!

A lot of information in the post below if first hand from my Russian Officers .

Punch into Google search-


Rothschild has funded and controlled both sides of every conflict created by Hegelian Dialectics since he grabbed Tipu Sultan’s gold ( Kerala temple gold in 1799 AD ). 

When people talk about 2 political parties -- say Labor/ Liberal, or Democrat / Republic  what they’re actually referring to,  without realising it, is the thesis and the antithesis based off the Hegelian Dialectic.

The only real debate that occurs is just the minor differences between those two parties. Nothing is said or done about the issues that neither left or right is discussing.

Every Capitalist club and every Labour union including the ITF has been controlled by Big Brother since 1799 AD .  Pity the Kerala and Bengal communists .  

They do NOT even know that their founder MN Roy was led by his nostrils into Communism by his Jewish honey pot wife Evelyn Trent .

What is a Capitalist club?

Ever heard of Bilderberg ?

Below: Dont get too impressed with the bravery of the young TV journalist -- he sh#t in his pants with the cold R stare --  and R is well protected by hidden forces !

Punch into Google search-


Georg Hegel had read in our ancient Sanskrit texts that all energy is a spiral , rather a vortex--there is nothing called a wave , you see in Modern physics books.

In real nature, in the proverbial real “real world”, there is no such thing as a circle.  

Nature is in constant evolution, it can never ever be a circle,  rather it is a SPIRAL which swings on and on, upwards, higher and higher still, ever changing, where not a single thing remains the same from one loop to the next, forever and ad infinitum. 

Even magnetism is a spiral.  Our  enchanted world is in full forward flow. It must. It was never designed to stand still and sink into chaos and atrophy.

From the ancient Maharishis the western philosophers learnt that the mysterious spiral is a uniting symbol for all the subjects ,cosmology, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, ancient civilisations, megalithic cultures and all occult belief systems.

So, so our man Hagel was ready with his own ridiculous THESIS - ANTI THESIS - SYNTHESIS spiral  .  

Below: BAAP RE !

He knew how to baffle with bull when he could NOT dazzle with brilliance.

Almost all major events in history employ the Hegelian Dialectic of:-
Problem-  manufacture a crisis or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired --Reaction of public outcry whereby the public demands a --Solution which as been predetermined from the beginning.

Only when you break the left/right paradigm and come to the realisation that the invasion of Iraq ( WMD ) and Afghanistan ( Osama Bin Laden ) .  In Rambo 3 after pulverizing the Russinas in Afghanistan , Rambo rides away into the sunset towards the Land of Freedom ( Pakistan TEE HEEEE !)  with Osama Bin Laden JI  SAHEB and the Taliban behind him.  

They in fact stated in their own white papers the need for another catastrophic and catalysing event like a “new Pearl Harbour”.

Pearl Harbour drew America into the Second World War so that R could have his state of Israel.

Punch into Google search-

Big Brother has funded very side in a conflict since 1799 AD.

War changes lives ..  It is a question of survival  .

War is the ultimate discipline to any government.  If it can successfully meet the challenge of war, it will survive.  If it cannot, it will perish.   Everything else is secondary.  

The sanctity of its laws, the prosperity of its citizens, and the solvency of its treasury will be quickly sacrificed by any government in its primal act of self-survival.    When war happens fulled from both sides by Big Brother, there are huge fortunes to be made.

All that is necessary, to insure that a government will maintain or expand its debt is to involve it in war or the threat of war.   The greater the threat and the more destructive the war, the greater the need for debt.

To involve a country in war or be rattled by imminent threat of war, it will be necessary for it to have enemies with credible military might.   If such strong enemies already exist, well and good . If they exist but lack military strength,  it will be necessary to provide them the money to build their war machine.  

If an enemy does not exist at all, then it will be necessary to create one by financing the rise of a hostile regime.

Now that you know something about Hegelian Dialectic, figure out who sank the RMS Lusitania,the sister ship of Titanic . Watch the video

Sinking of RMS Lusitania on orders of Winston Churchill who took orders from R, drew America into the First World war.

Punch into Google search

The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Jew Baron Walter Rothschild .

In 1991, at the end of the Gulf War, George H.W. Bush declared, "By God, we've kicked the Vietnam syndrome once and for all!— by killing millions from the air . 

The Pentagon is planning to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War by launching a $30 million program to rewrite and sanitize its history.

The war claimed the lives of 58,000 Americans.  Untold numbers were wounded and returned with post-traumatic stress disorder. In an astounding statistic, more Vietnam veterans have committed suicide than were killed in the war.

More than  3.5  million Indochinese - in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - were killed.   In 1968, US soldiers slaughtered 500 unarmed old men, women and children in the Vietnamese village of My Lai. Yet the Pentagon website refers only to the "My Lai Incident".

Punch into Google search-

One of the most shameful legacies of the Vietnam War is the US military's use of the deadly defoliant Agent Orange/Dioxin. 

The military sprayed it to kill people like cockroaches , unsparingly over much of Vietnam's land.   

More than 3.3 million Vietnamese still suffer the effects of those deadly chemical defoliants.  

In the Paris Peace Accords signed in 1973, the Nixon administration pledged to contribute $3 billion toward healing the wounds of war and the post-war reconstruction of Vietnam. 

That promise remains unfulfilled.

Punch into Google search-

The ultimate obstacle to Big Brother is a patriot government which declines to finance its wars through debt.   Although this seldom happens, when it does, it will be necessary to encourage internal political opposition, insurrection, or revolution to replace that “not playing ball”  government with one that is more compliant to R’ will.   

Many such heads of state suddenly died mysteriously or were assassinated.

Below: Sikhs were mere pawns in the assassination of Indira Gandhi-- her fate was sealed as soon as she nationalised the banks .   BBC was there to watch it LIVE .

Big Brother will keep using his R media to talk about the virtues of peace. But the unspoken objective is perpetual war . In any conflict which leads to war, unless one of the combatants is very hostile to R interests and, therefore, must be destroyed, neither side should be allowed a decisive victory or defeat.  

Both sides ( say Iraq and Kuwait ) have to be milked after the war . 

Kuwait was encouraged by Zionists to do slant drilling and steal Iraqi oil, which pissed off Saddam Hussain, as a rich man is NOT supposed to steal in his culture.

Once Wars became easy to finance through central banking and fiat money they became virtually perpetual.

"As long as the mechanism of central banking exists, it will be to such men an irresistible temptation to convert debt into Perpetual war and war into perpetual debt” -Edward Griffin.

Hegel's different way of thinking has become known as dialectical thinking.   When thinkers ask, what type of nonsense dialectical  philosophy is this , they are told by the master con-man’s agents , that it can be can only be seen in practice. 

They will explain, it is NOT a  "method" or a set of principles, which can be simply stated and then applied to whatever subject-matter one chooses. 

They will give bull from the Vedas –  for Hegel, only PURNAM , the whole is true. Every stage or phase or moment is partial, and therefore partially untrue.

Hegel dissolves classical static view in a dynamic movement towards the whole. 

Nothing is lost or destroyed but raised up and preserved as in a spiral.  Think of the opening of a fern or a shell.  Mindless lifting from spirituality and applied on materialism.

Hegel even has a name for it—hold your breath--"sublation"- a translation of the German term aufheben.

Now in German Aufheben has several contradictory meanings, including "to lift up", "to abolish", "cancel" or "suspend".   In contrast Sanskrit has NIL ambiguity.

Hegel has taken pains to explain that in his brand of philosophy,  aufheben is what what happens when a thesis and antithesis interact .   

The term Aufhebung thus has the apparently contradictory implications of both preserving and changing, and eventually advancement.

So, so ,  Sublation is the motor by which the dialectic functions. May be now it has frog jumped to “mediate” ,  "preserve", and "transcend” – like what Lord Vishnu does ? 

Sublation exists at the most basic level of Hegel's system of logic.   The two concepts Being and Nothing are each both preserved and changed through sublation in the concept Becoming.   Quality, and quantity, are each both preserved and sublated in the concept measure.

Hegel's philosophy of history stresses the importance of negative (the antithesis) in history—negative includes wars, etc.  

Without created conflict Hegel cannot take off.  Why has this planet given any importance to this man ? 

His conception of historical progress follows a dialectic spiral, in which the thesis is opposed by the antithesis, itself sublated by the synthesis.



Hey, do NOT condemn him –his supporters say.  For in Hegel's logic, self-contradiction is legitimate and necessary.   For anything to happen, everything has to be in place.

Hegel, history (like logic) proceeds in every small way through sublation .   For Hegel, reflective thought is to be avoided due to its circularity—hey, what about his mangy spiral?

 So war is peace !  

This is genius, right!


Hegel calls on speculative thought: two contradictory elements are held together, uplifted and sublated without completely destroying one another.   Copied from ancient  Indian philosophy without understanding.

Hegel calls this dynamic aspect of his thinking the power of "negation". If negation is the inner life-force of the dialectic, then triadic structure is its organic, fractal form.  Oh boy he even introduced FRACTAL geometry into this amalgam.

So this means Hegel never used the terms thesis, antithesis and synthesis—and somebody has been putting translation lies in his books?.

Not at all!

The dialectical method of  Hegel  consists of two main DIABOLICAL steps:  the invention of artificial extremes (``thesis'' and ``antithesis'') which superficially conflict with each other, and the synthesis from that conflict of a goal, which is made to appear to be the product of consensus.

The artificial extremes are chosen and propagandized (marginalizing the population) by the PRESSTITUTE media in such a way that the goal is naturally synthesized from them. 

 It is, essentially, a gargantuan punishable fraud.  It is a strategy of ideological divide-and-conquer. 

The dialectic ruse dissipates the energy and coherency of its targets - unless they recognize the ruse as such.

A central precept of the Hegelian ethic is that people are principally motivated by the desire to receive the approval and recognition of others, and to avoid their disapproval.   Hegelianism works directly to subvert the individual.

How was Hegel catapulted to fame?

Illuminati was a secret sect invented by German Jew Rothschild using a fellow German Jew Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt to infiltrate Freemasonry, in 1776 .  

This was to take advantage of the Grand Orient Freemason Lodges to cloak the true nature of their FUTURE evil drug running and slave running work in philanthropy and to spread their atheistic-materialistic ideology.

Adam Weishaupt recruited more than 2100 agents.  He chose the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, Math, science, finance, and industry. 

Weishaupt was given a unlimited expense account by Rothschild, to mentor and tutor these chosen mercenaries, who were well paid on the best methods of bribing, manipulating and controlling people, public opinion and the press.

Weishaupt used the methods employed by Voltaire, to achieve such brainwashing mind control. Once in there was no way out-- only death.

Weishaupt reorganized the Illuminati by May 1, 1776.  This is the famous May Day which the whole world celebrates.  In Germany, Walpurgisnacht,  the night from 30 April to 1 May,  is the night when witches are reputed to hold a large celebration on the Brocken and await the arrival of spring. The new order was  called  “the Bavarian Illuminati”.     

Adam adopted the code name “Spartacus”, as he considered himself a liberator of the human consciousness and of the dogmas and religions that enslaved men.  The mission of the Illuminati order was the abolition of all monarchical governments and state religions in Europe and its colonies.

The order formed an elaborate network of spies and counter-spies throughout Europe. Adam Weishaupt himself was initiated into the Masonic Lodge "Theodor zum guten Rath", at Munich in 1777.

The term Illuminati, is derived from Lucifer, meaning “holder of the light.”  The plan deceptively uses the phrase “peace on earth” and necessitates the destruction of all existing governments and religions through a process of dividing the masses into opposing warring camps in ever increasing numbers on political, social, economic, and other issues.

People would fight and weaken themselves and gradually destroy national governments and religious institutions.  On the 22 of June 1784, the Bavarian authorities on some inside information raided Adam Weishaupt’s home on how to control all facets of Freemasonry,  overthrown all European Monarchies and put an end to the Catholic Church using the same methods that the Jesuits used to protect it from Protestantism.

Writings that were intercepted in 1784 were interpreted as seditious, and the Illuminati Society was banned by the government of Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria, in 1784.  Weishaupt was sacked from the University of Ingolstadt and he promptly went underground. The shocked Bavarian authorities ordered the prosecution of all members of Freemasonry and the Illuminati. 

However, Weishaupt and his family was rescued by Rothschild with the helped of Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg ( also a member of the Illuminati ). He lived in Gotha under the Duke's protection until his death on the 18th of November 1830.

 Owner of British East India Company Rothschild, (Mayer) died on September 19, 1812. Through his will, he left an enormous amount of gold ( Tipu Sultan’s gold in 1799 , which Tipu stole from Kerala temples ) to his five sons and “business” instructions pertaining to marriage, total family control and absolute secrecy.

Rothschild policies include “total ruthlessness in all business dealings.”  Everything is shrouded in secrecy, a characteristic they subtly impose on their multitudes of minions who, through careful observation, have discovered that discreetness is much more conducive to their general well-being.

Every money-making opportunity is just business – war, terror, genocide, mass public plunder, opium drug running, black slave running,  – all disguised with the ‘right rhetoric’ for mass acceptability. The Rothschild family epitomized the phrase ‘international banker.

Now punch into Google search –

This will give you an idea who their US agents are. For gradually Rothschild withdrew from the limelight and altered their procedures for fleecing individuals and countries. They now operate through and behind a wide variety of fronts and agents.

You will not even find their name in Forbes Fortune 500, though they are worth hundreds of times more than all the 500 filthy rich put together. Nobody dares even to utter their name.Washington's portrait on the U.S. one-dollar bill is known to actually be Weishaupt's — it has more resemblance to Weishaupt than Washington.

The date of its foundation adorns the back of the one US dollar bill: 1776—1st May.  Most people falsely believe that the number 1776 refers to the date of America’s declaration of independence.  

Georg Hegel succeeded Weishaupt as Grand Master of the Illuminati in 1830.   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe succeeded Hegel.

Rather nobody in India knew about Kalidas till Rothschild's pet poet Goethe went to town praising his works.   All DASAS are fake back dated creations of R..

Hegel is arguably the most ambitious philosopher of all time, intent on explaining everything, including all previous philosophies and the whole of history in an all-embracing system of extraordinary power and grandeur.  

He set out to demonstrate nothing less than the awe-inspiring evolution of the cosmos and all of existence towards self-consciousness.  Towards, in fact, becoming God.   

All a hotch potch Hindu philosophy lifted from ancient Indian Sanskrit texts.  It was Goethe who first introduced Hegel to the Illuminati under the Grand Mastership of Adam Weishaupt.  

The Grand Master was quick to recognize Hegel’s genius and gave him a grand task: to express the ideas of Illumination in the most up-to-date philosophical language.

On 19th April 1882 when Charles Darwin died he was given a state funeral and buried in West minister Abbey nearby thief Isaac Newton, who stole Calculus from the Kerala school of Math.

Darwinism  created the HYPE of  "survival of the fittest" and removed God from the equation.  It provided support for the ruthlessness of the Old World Order.   They claimed they were the fittest and the weak deserved to perish.   It was natural and good, they said, that they should dominate and exploit the weak, the inevitable outcome of the struggle for survival.

It is absurd that in the quantum DNA age , all NCERT text books  still teach Darwin's theory in school science books.   Funny amazing diagrams of make believe missing link creatures--with NOT a single fossil among millions excavated to prove it. 

Mind you R tried to make missing link skull by using rotary grinder and Loctite glue , and got caught .
 Even a moron knows that survival is NOT of the "fittest" -- but of the most "adaptable to change".

Punch into Google search-

Then Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God.  German Jew Rothschild introduced India to this German Jew’s  morbid theory.   EVR Periyar converted lot of Tamils to atheists .  At that time Tamils were the most god fearing people in India.  

EVR Periyar’s constant cry “God is dead” is actually the  cry of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (above)

The idea behind Rothschild’s  scheme is that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger factions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other, and particularly, in destroying all political and religious institutions. 

This is essentially the same plan put forward by Georg Hegel and Johann Adam Weishaupt.
Both BR Ambedkar and EVR Periyar had written in their books and magazines dozens of times of various occasions that the British rule is better than self rule. 

Both of them did NOT spend a minute fighting for India’s freedom-- everybody knows this .  

Yet we worship their statues. 

Translation of excerpts from Periyar’s editor’s note in Viduthalai  magazine,15.8.1972( Independence  day )

QUOTE:  It has been decided by the state that the 15th of August this year will be celebrated as the Silver Jubilee year of ‘independence day’.
That is to say that the country was freed from foreign rule after many centuries and ‘we’ ruled our own ‘nation’.  Or so they say.
According to me this is not the day when we ‘got independence’.  On the contrary it’s the day when suitable conditions were created for slavery, idiosyncrasy, unethical behaviour and dishonesty to thrive. It is that day of sorrow.  It is 25 years since that ‘day of sorrow’ began.
I am not saying this now.  I said it the day ‘indian independence’ was announced. The day the declaration of ‘independence’ was made public I said very clearly in the editorial in Kudiarasu that ‘this is a day of sorrow. It is a day of shame for the nation and all of mankind’.-- UNQUOTE

Erode Venkata Ramasami Periyar started each of his public by categorically asserting the non-existence of god.  He did not believe in the existence of soul.

EVR Periyar a born Hindu was vehemently opposed to Hinduism and Islam.  He never ever criticized Christianity, the  reason why there are so many Tamil Christian converts.

Periyar dead against Sanskrit and Hindi as a national bonding language.  He favored Tamil language and a separate nation for Tamils.   

We all remember how Tamils objected to Teacher’s day being renamed as Guru Divas. And how they clamoured for EVR Periyar to be given Bharat Ratna like BR Ambedkar.

You can do some research yourself and check out how the British East India Company bore the expenses for EVR Periyar to visit all foreign countries like Malaysia, Singapore , Sri Lanka etc with a  Tamil diaspora , to brainwash them against Hinduism.

EVR Periyar called for 15 August 1947, the day of Indian independence, to be a day of mourning. In 1953 in order to discourage idol-worship, Periyar led a statewide campaign to break the idols of Lord  Ganesh at public places . 

EV Ramasamy Periyar was buried and NOT cremated at Periyar Thidal on 25 December in a  wooden coffin , with plenty of Christians in attendance .

He was NOT a Muslim, to be buried-- all know that. EVR Periyar had told his people several times to convert to Christianity.
EVR Periyar got a Rothschild sponsored citation awarded by the UNESCO described Periyar as "the prophet of the new age, the Socrates of South East Asia, father of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners. 

This was as a reward for using violent and vulgar language in his writings against Hindu gods, the Vedas and past Indian culture and advising Hindus to convert to Christianity.

After Periyar died in 1974, his wife Maniyammai, the new head of the Dravidar Kazhagam, set fire to the effigies of 'Rama', 'Sita' and 'Lakshmana' at Periyar Thidal, Madras.

Punch into Google search ( make sure you read all the comments )-

Marxism, is based on Hegel's teachings, presents a highly distorted vision of the Illuminati's commitment to community.    

Yet today NOT a single Marxist or Naxal knows who Hegel is— but mind you, they all can correctly pronounce the word BOURGEOIS  . 

Hegel's work is an elaborate code and only those who know the code or have great perception can follow it correctly.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the leading academic philosophers, both in America and Great Britain, were largely Hegelians..  

German Jew Karl Marx ( blood relative of German Jew Rothschild) ,  was a disciple of Georg Hegel in his youth, and retained in his own finished Marxist system some important Hegelian features.

Hegel identifies himself as a rationalist and a moralist.  Yet he has lifted wholesale from Hindu spirituality.

Let me give out a secret which the West will NOT like.

Hegel sympathized with pagans ( Hindus ) .  

He praised their relative tolerance of foreign religions. He sympathized with their pain when Hebrews and Christians mocked their ancient religion.  

He admired their fierce patriotism, their blunt honesty, their rugged fearlessness and especially their love of freedom for those willing to fight for it. 

Hegel admired how the holidays of pagans were emotional events, celebrated with great abandon and uncommon revelry. 

He wrote -Pagans knew how to have a rip-roaring good time. 

They celebrated their religion in all aspects of their home and state. Hinduism was a happy religion. For this I will give Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel full marks.  

Nowhere in the world can people match the happiness  of a Hindu while celebrating his festivals , rituals and pilgrimages. All this is part of our DNA programming. 

The world is coming back to Hindusim.   

Before 3000 BC the whole world were Hindus . Before 7000 BC ,India ruled the whole world. 

Hegel knew that every philosophy on this planet , including Greek philosophy was lifted from ancient Sanskrit texts. 

Hegel appreciated in writing that that pagans ( Hindus ) didn't demand that their gods be perfect moral examples.  Morality was just freedom, and freedom was everywhere. They even enjoyed comedies about the gods. What they wanted from the gods was Beauty, Drama, Art and Fate.  

Hegel wrote that the pagan ( Hindus)was neither passive nor zealous, neither pious nor sinner.  The pagan ( leave aside Capt Ajit Vadakayil born for this purpose ) didn't use history to prove his religion.  The final authority of religious truth, for pagans, was the human heart.

Georg Hegel has written that every aspect of the life of Greece and Rome interweaved Pagan mythology in its bosom.  It was at home, at school, in the theater, in the Senate, in the battlefield and in the public square.  

He often wondered how a superior spiritual religion of paganism ( Sanatana Dharma )  fell to Christianity?

Let Capt Ajit Vadakayil tell Hegel this.  

Judaism was created by disgraced Namboodiris. Jesus Christ studied in Kerala, before he suddenly burst upon the scene at Jerusalem . Koran was edited at Kodungallur Cheraman Perumal mosque of Kerala.

Hegel asked -- could Christianity have overwhelmed the Roman Empire if it was not psychologically superior to paganism ( Hinduism ) ?  Was this not a proof of Divine forces behind Christianity as the white man cried ?

Hegel believes otherwise.  

In his view, Rome fell to Christianity by way of the Emperor's bureaucracy. The pagan gods only ruled nature. Now, with the doctrines of individual worthlessness, anti-heroism and human corruption, the god which fit the spirit of this time would demand to rule the individual will as well. 

The right theology appeared at the right time. Christianity began to spread.

Punch into Google search-




Rothschild used his two stooges  Adam Smith and Georg Hegel, to “develop on the epistemological issues concerning our understanding of the self-reflective nature of our participation in economic activities”


Adam Smith and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel laid down the conception of the constitution of the economic processes.


If Adam Smith  focused on the economic mechanism of the market based exchange process, Georg  Hegel wass concerned with how economic interactions also entail a larger social and political system within which it they are embedded.


For both Hegel and Smith, there is a moral element entailed in explaining the market economy, wherein individuals interact within an intersubjective  space.  Yes, anything to baffle you with bullsh#t , sincethey cant dazzle you with economic brilliance !

Hegel recognises  the antinomies involved in the expansion of the market economy, which can also internalise life  processes outside of it into its own logic. Hegel agrees with Smith that the commercial society is a self-regulating mechanism. Hegel is concerned by ‘historically effected consciousness’ (wirkungsgeschichtliches Bewusstsein).

Probably you need an Amartya Sen ( with a Rothschild wife ) to understand this. 

Capt Ajit Vadakayil has fallen by the way side of perception.



Punch into Google search-

In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) used Hegel's theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism.   Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure.

The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution.  

If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

Hegel's dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action.

We can see Hegel’s  influence on all of our destinies worldwide. ... Hegelian conflicts steer every political arena on the planet, from the R controlled United Nations to the major American political parties, all the way down to local school boards and community councils.  

Dialogues and consensus-building are primary tools of the dialectic, and terror and intimidation are also acceptable formats for obtaining the goal. The ultimate Third Way agenda is world government of the NEW WORLD ORDER .


Aadhar card was meant to be a tool of the new world order.

When it kicks in fully, you cannot travel,  withdraw your own money,  get medicare,  buy food, buy fuel,  cook,  stay in a hotel,  communicate , get electricity, so shopping  –whatever—unless Big Brother baptizes .  

If you do NOT toe his line he will switch off your life with a remote control button .  Big Brother will know your position on this planet within a few centimeters.  He knows your blood group and all your biomarkers in case he wants a kidney .

Hegel's dialectic was used in the Chinese revolution which killed millions. 

It often appears broken up for convenience into three moments called "thesis" ( the revolution), "antithesis" (the terror which follows), and "synthesis" (the constitutional state of citizens).

Punch into Google search-

Hegel remarks that "the Greek love of boys is still little understood," though he adds that its basis is "a noble disdain for women."   In The Philosophy of History he makes mention of the "amatory bonds" between soldiers of the Theban Sacred Legion.

The Hegelian Dialectic is being used in India to create divisons on the subject of Homosexuality. The BENAMI main stream media printed that 80% of Indians favour homosexuality—though we do NOT have this problem in India due to over well programmed DNA.

They got people polarized between a divide between both sides, but are really taking them ALL to the same place. They create false divisions, while leading the people closer and closer to where they want them.  There is a concerted attempt by R controlled media to get Indians desensitized to homosexuality. 

Every BIGG BOSS TV program will have a homosexual in it .  

They try to brainwash us saying that homosexuality is almost as simple as being right or left handed . There are prizes to be won in India if you support homosexuality.  

Below: Promoting gay marriages in India.--it will NOT work !

Bollywood stars and celebrities who supported homosexuality get FREE prime time appearances on TV.

Below: This poster says it all !

Almost all homosexuals were initiated at a very young age.   And in turn they too preyed on young children . Such people are psychopath criminals.  

Any homosexual who claims that he was NOT initiated at a young age by a pedophile or he did NOT have sexual trysts with young children when he matured –must submit to a NARCO test.

Punch into Google search-

Below: Hegel dialectic at work-- How about freedomof choice with animals ?  After all the perverted west has animal brothels, full of traumatised animals assaulted anally hour after hour - and made to lick perverted women..

Hegel's dialectic has allowed Big Brother and his agents  to lead simple, capable, freeborn men and women back into the superstitious, racist and unreasonable age of imperial global dominance.

Twisted logic is why cons are so successful, and Hegel twisted it in such a way as to be "impenetrable" till today.  

Today he is being stripped NAKED.

Like Hegel  the best street con knows his spiel has to use logic to bend and distort the story, and good cons weave their lies on logical mathematical progression.

Hegel's theory is basically that mankind is merely a series of constant philosophical conflicts.  Hegel was an idealist who believed that the highest state of mankind can only be attained through constant ideological conflict and resolution.  

Conflict maangtha hai bhaiyya !

Hegel's dialectic taught all conflict takes man to the next spiritual level—the white man may believe that bull, the Indian will not.

But in the final analysis, this ideology simply justifies conflict and promotes endless and mindless wars. It is also the reasoning behind using military power to export an illogical version of freedom and false democratic ideals.

The Hegelian dialectic is the ridiculous idea that constant conflict and continual merging of opposite ideologies, as established by extreme right or left belief systems, will lead spiritual mankind into final perfection.  

Shove that perfection—we don’t want it .

Hilly Billy Yanks  most affected by "impenetrable" Hegelian laws have never once heard the term used. They have all been duped by global elitists who plan to take totalitarian control of all people, property, and produce.  

Yanks have always fallen to the dog eared  Hegelian Dialectic of Problem – Reaction – Solution In terms of controlling the masses, and society in general, it’s deployment has been an effective tool in keeping humanity in check.

Check out every single revolution or war on this planet since 1799 AD —you can see the deception tool of Hegelian Dialectic at the roots. First a problem is created and designed to elicit a certain reaction out of the public. Then the people demand something be done about the problem and willingly accept the pre-planned New World Order solution; a solution that always involves actions or legislation that never ever would have passed under normal circumstances.

Today all Yanks know what is Homeland Security.

The BENAMI Indian media works hand in hand with TROJAN HORSE NGOs funded by big brother.

Big Brother and his agents covertly creates a problem and then directs his monopolized  media to incessantly focus on it without recourse.  TV Footers flash at the frequency of one second –all with question marks and NOT full stop. This is NOT news—this is perception management.

The problem could be anything – hyped up RAPE, gender divides, creating pockets of “protected species penquins”, riots, a financial collapse, terrorist attack-whatever . The power of the media can create the false perception that a big problem exists, when none exists.

Once you have created this imaginary  problem you make sure that an individual, a group or an aspect of society is blamed.  Today Hindus are called right wing NON secular communal people in their own country.  The rest are all SECULAR. 

 This then rallies the wronged (sic) population behind the desperate lunge for a solution to the problem.  ‘Something must be done!’ they cry in unison. At least this is the perception trigger on TV and media.

The DESH DROHIS who created the non-existent problem in the first place then come back in and offer the solution that the people demand.  Remember – the people screaming for a solution do not know that the problem was artificially created in the first place.  And most of the time people never screamed for a solution.

The presstitutes held FAKE polls and manipulated the results.  The solution to the problem is always a further curtailment of freedom and an advancement of one or more aspects of the New World Order agenda – whether that is geopolitical expansion, new laws or the implantation of new societal worldviews.”

Wanna know of a FAKE poll held in India recently ?

Punch into Google search-


Ever heard of embedded PRESSTITUTES ?

Punch into Google search-


Today big brother knows that people have stopped trusting his monopolized Main stream media and Hollywood.

So he has invaded the social media and Internet .

Punch into Google search-


Trojan horse NGOs are now primed up and ready in India to create mass protests and revolutions by mass SMS.  This is the reason why 100% FDI cannot be given in communications.

Punch into Google search-


When big brother or the government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others, it is called a false flag attack.   

The people get outraged  and react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights. Most of the time the outrage was created by presstitutes.   The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis.

Sometimes great heroes ( FAKE COWARDS ) are groomed by false flag attacks—and they have gone onto become Presidents and Kings .  Jew Winston Churchill was groomed by R that way. 

Many people have married beautiful girls by saving their lives and honour.  These na├»ve girls will never know that the attack was paid and perpetrated by the man who saved her.

Punch into Google search-


Adolf Hitler was made out to be a great villain , who burned his own Reichstag building in 1933 to blame on his political enemies. 

Wanna know some secrets about Adolf Hilter?

He tried his best to avert the second world war, triggered just to carve out the state of Israel by R.
Punchinto Google search-


Make sure you read the various sub posts in the post above .  

Read about how Hilter air dropped his second in command Hess in England.  

Read about how Jew Eisenhower killed more people than Hitler , after the war. 

 Read about how Gen Patton , a great hero was assassinated. 

The history of the economic crises experienced in America can only be understood within a framework of the Hegelian dialectic process.  : Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Punch into Google search-


Why does it take a blogger to tell India,  that our most valuable Nuclear scientist Homi Bhabha was missiled out of the sky,   nearly half  century after it happened ?

Don’t we have any intelligence agencies ?

Punch into Google search-

Every major financial crisis America has experienced in her history has followed this same Hegelian dialectic pattern with the outcome being another incremental step toward world financial domination by an elite few.    

The International bankers create the Problem in the first place... the Reaction is the economic crisis... and the Solution is provided by the same bankers and bureaucrats that created the problem in the first place.

Punch into Google search-

Hegelian dialectical theory is simply a philosophy, a way of thinking–a thought process.  But when taken to its diabolical extreme,  and applied by unscrupulous characters,  it is a very dangerous and lethal strategy.

For it is not a new strategy or idea, but an very spiritual ancient one.   And it takes many forms.  Indeed, it can be difficult to expose the strategy, even by those deeply familiar with it, because the agenda is hidden, and the predetermined ends are kept secret by the evil people employing the strategy.

The Hegelian dialectic is not only a strategy of outcomes, but also a strategy of psychological projection.

Dialectics has its origins in ancient Vedic society 30,000 years ago, penned down 7000 year ago in Sanskrit,  lifted by Greeks 2400 years ago.

Noble Maharishis sought to understand Nature as a whole, and saw that everything is fluid, constantly changing, coming into being and passing away.  

These ancient Sanskrit texts were translated by the white invaders. 

The best of western philosophers could NOT understand the deep wisdom contained in the verses of these ancient texts.

So they developed this ridiculous piecemeal method of observing nature in bits and pieces. These white men accumulated enough half baked  knowledge for the interconnections, the transitions, the genesis of things to become comprehensible ( sic) , that conditions became ripe for modern dialectics to make its appearance.   

Hegel with his limited intelligence tried his best  to sum up this picture of universal interconnection and mutability of things in a system of Logic which is the foundation of what we today call Dialectics.

Dialectics provides the foundation for Marx’s theory of dialectical materialism–an outgrowth of Hegelian dialectics.   This is an important distinction to make–meaning, not to confuse Hegel’s dialectics with Marx’s materialistic philosophy of dialectical materialism.    

Russian students attending university in the former Soviet Union were required to take three years of materialistic philosophy. Leftist political strategy centers around the concept of dialectical change.

The dialectic is analogous to the argument that “everything is just shades of gray.”  Hegel’s dialectical process proposes there are only shades of gray–no black or white.


Hegel bhaiyya , this truth has been penned down in our Upanishads  7000 years ago . 

Tum kaayikko chori kiya re ?


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

October 13, 2014 at 6:52 PM



Being silent does NOT help!

Let me lay down the ground rules:-

What really transpired ?

QUOTE : "In the first part, a malicious blog was written through which negative publicity of the show was done. In that case, we traced the suspect Ajit Vadakayil, 58, a retired captain of the merchant navy from Kerala. Vadakayil admitted to have written the alleged post in 2010-11. He also claimed that he had done some research on the issue before posting it on social media. However, he later realised that his research was wrong and regretted having written the post. Vadakayil was arrested in April and a chargesheet was filed against him.": UNQUOTE

above is not true !

It is our family custom that our PITRU PAKSHA and SHRADDH we donate free breakfast/ lunch / dinner to any LARGE orphanage / govt hospital / mental home .

So this time we decided to donate to HUMANITY TRUST of SATYAMEVA JAYATE – the TV show run by Aamir Khan.

On searching for the Internet donation site , we found HUMANITY TRUST DOT COM.

On checking out what this trust does it was found that this Islamic organization builds Madrassas / Mosques etc.

I checked out the first FIVE pages of google search—and did NOT find any other organization with the same name , as FAKE sites swindle money on the Internet .

Later SMJ clarified that their donation trust is HUMANITY TRUST DOT ORG.( not dot COM )

Now if I or any other man on this planet , were in the shoes of AAMIR KHAN we would be happy , right?


What is the catch?

If anybody does NOT agree with me the time to tell is now !


Yes, I called him NAUTANKIWALLAH ( for crying in every episode ).

But then in PURE Hindi this word alludes to ACTOR.

During the Narmada Andolan , Aamir Khan’s movie FANAA was stuck, and almost every politician in India came on TV and called Aamir Khan a NAUTANKIWALLAH –and declared they do NOT want a Nautankiwallajh to save India. Aamir Khan did NOT get angry , probably the politicians were hard targets.

I had said a few unsavory truths about KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR selling coke one year and pepsi the next year .

All my posts have SAILOR LANGUAGE – as I have been a sailor for 4 decades and in command of ships for 30 years –in fact I hold the world record as a ship captain.

My blogsite is:--

My blogsite does NOT make any money— I do NOT allow advertisements, though I can make a fortune by doing so. .

There are many other sites using variants like ajitvadakayil1 / ajitvadakayil2/ ajitvadakayilmyson etc .

Some of them make money using my name , by allowing advertisements.

I knew of all this through my readers .


Why should I be furious when some one tells me that a DUPLICATE site is making money on my FAIR NAME ?



I ask my readers?

Is the police force allowed to be a BOUNCER for a TV programme ?

By NO means is a person who files an FIR , FIIRRRRSSSSTTTTT the winner in a court case.

Are we Indians still slaves ?

And in my blog post, I have clearly mentioned that I am a fan of Aamir Khan , and I even put a full GHAJINI song .

I still enjoy this song, maybe my mind is FREE without MALICE .

Capt ajit vadakayil